🚨Dear Followers, BEWARE of Fake News & Defamation done by our Competitor.

Background Summary

It has come to our attention that one particular occult shop and competitor, have been actively making defamation post against our business online. This same shop have been harassing us and desperately trying to tarnish our reputation for many years already.

We have already reported this matter to authorities and are currently taking POHA (Protection Order Against Harassment Act) action against them. Many sellers and buyers here have also fall victim to their online defamation but we have decided to address this matter.

Their recent online bashing conveniently happened the same day after we received the “Recommend Seller” badge on our profile. It is no coincidence that it happened just at the right time because the same pattern of attacks has been going on for years. For example whenever we receive a new buyer review or release a new product that is somewhat similar to theirs, they would try to smear us.

They always have the same Modus Operandi. Whenever we make any sort of progress, they will immediately try their very best to disrupt it. They can’t stand seeing other competitors prosper.

Many sellers including ourselves have been victim of their online defamation and unethical ways of competing in business.

Customers Feedbacks
Some of our customers who visited their store feedback to us that they would always bad mouth us and other sellers. More often than not, the same customers would get turned off by their unethical behaviour and end up buying from us or someone else instead.

We also noticed that this extremely envious competitor have been actively stalking our reviews and listings everyday and whenever we receive a new review or if we advertise something similar, another defamatory post would magically appear again or we would get trolled by some fake accounts.

Over the years we have ignored them and minded our own business but many of our customers, as well as their own customers have complained to us about their unethical behaviour.

In their recent smear campaign, they made many false and baseless accusations towards our company. They even claimed that Element Mustika is owned by someone else whom they dislike. They have never contacted us to find out who we are. They conveniently tailor their accusations to suit their agenda, to tarnish our reputation.

Why? Because we are their competitor and they are unhappy.

They even spread fake news claiming that Element Mustika used to work for them when in reality we have been operating for many years and have been selling way before them. This is simply to clout chase our reputation while trying to mislead buyers into believing that their products are same as ours with same efficacy.

We also receive heads up from some customers that sometimes they even claim that the products we sell, are made by their own master. This is a complete lie to deceive our customers into thinking that they are getting OUR product.


They would also say things like our products are “fake” and only theirs are authentic. That’s literally their only way of convincing buyers. They have been saying the same thing for so many years yet people still choose to buy from us.

It is not our fault that most people choose to purchase from us after seeing our reviews. We cannot stop people from wanting to buy our items if they are impressed by our testimonials. It is beyond our control that our customers are seeing great results and our products are known to work wonders for them. We don’t have to come up with fairy tale stories, gimmicks or resort to bad-mouthing other sellers to convince our customers.

We are also aware that there were many articles and posts made by OTHER SHOPS regarding them. The occult shop conveniently accused us of being those shop/page when we are not.

Element Mustika is our only business. We manage our own social media. We have never posted anything about them or other sellers. What is posted on some other page by someone we don’t even know is none of our business and beyond our control.

Yet things that were not even related to us were conveniently attributed and linked to us as it fits their motive to tarnish our reputation.

They even made the most ridiculous claim that we used to work for them. This is by far the most unbelievable accusation ever and goes to show how creative and deceitful someone can be when they are truly desperate.

I is a known fact that I have multiple individuals who helps me with my business. We have websites, social media, overseas customers, local Buyers and many suppliers. Some of our staff have probably worked with many other shops including theirs. but yet they conveniently linked an individual whom they have a vendetta for, to us as a whole brand and claim that person is the “owner” because it’s easy and convenient for them to capitalise on it to tarnish our reputation yet again simply because we are their competitor.


We have also received feedbacks from customers that the same competitor have been copying our products, copy writing and style of selling, even copying our mantras to teach customers. We honestly cannot be bothered because even if you copy our product, the efficacy will never be the same.

That being said,

Such Haters can try to tarnish our name and talk bad about our products but we believe that every buyer have their own intelligence to judge a seller.

They may even try to copy our products and style or selling but the only thing they cannot replicate is our review because it speaks for itself and it’s earned throughout the years with good products and good service.

We have hundreds of returning customers who repeatedly purchase our product because it has helped them in many ways. Reviews can be seen on our profile openly.

We certainly do not need to resort to online bashing, shaming, and unethical hard-selling behaviours just to survive. There is a saying, “resentment and jealousy is like drinking poison but expecting another person to die”

We believe in positive vibes. We are spiritual sellers and we want our customers to experience good luck and prosper 🙏

You can’t be buying an amulet that is supposedly for luck, from someone who is full of negative and unlucky vibes. The Same way you don’t hire a fitness trainer who don’t even look like he goes to the gym. It’s common sense.  

The same competitor shop that has been harassing us, has been known to also harass plenty of other sellers and businesses as well over the years. Many have saw and witness. Yet We only choose to mind our own business and focus on making our customers happy.

The competitor have been defaming our business since 2018 and yet many of their own customer became our regulars and many of our buyers who didn’t even heard of us, came across their defamation post, search our store and ended up becoming our customers. Actually we should thank them 🙏

We thank all our friends and customers for your generous support.

If In doubt or if you witness such defamation, feel free to contact us

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