About Us

Welcome to Element Mustika! With over 10 years in the Spiritual Industry, we're immersed in Southeast Asia's mystical beliefs. Our cultural roots, especially in South East Asia, tie us to metaphysical and spiritual concepts. In Thailand, amulets and blessings are commonplace, while the Malay Peninsula embraces Bomohs and charms. We began as amulet collectors, sourcing rare items from Thailand's revered temples and Indonesia's mystical gems.


We focus on Mustika Items, referring to mystical gemstones or objects with spiritual powers. Mustika Pearls, particularly from creatures like Centipedes and Snakes, are rare. Our trusted source has garnered numerous positive testimonials for these items. Additionally, we create, bless, and empower traditional Javanese and Islamic Occult talismans for enhancing luck, protection, and love attraction.


While still offering Thai Amulets and Charms, our selection is meticulously curated. We prioritize traditional methods over commercialization, unlike many modern Thai "Ajarns." Our amulets and charms are handcrafted, blessed, and empowered by the master, adhering to time-tested practices that have proven their power for centuries.


We mainly operate on Carousell, Singapore's No.1 Buyer-to-Buyer Platform, with more than 1600 positive 5 star reviews on the platform itself, this is not inclusive of the hundreds of Testimonials shared by our customers via text messages, lottery winnings etc that are shared openly in our website.


Our primary platform is Carousell, Singapore's leading Buyer-to-Buyer Platform. Our profile boasts over 1600 positive 5-star reviews. Additionally, our website displays numerous customer testimonials, including text messages and lottery winnings. Through our reliable source, we aim to spread our expertise in Javanese Occult and Thai Spiritual beliefs, offering top-quality products to the world.


We hope to share our mystical knowledge of the realm of Javanese Occult and Thai Spiritual beliefs to the world and with our trusted and reliable source, be able to offer the best products.