Mustika Stones & Objects

What does the term "Mustika" Mean?

The term "mustika" derived from the Javanese word "Mystical", typically refers to a type of mystical or magical stone or object that is believed to possess supernatural powers or spiritual significance in certain cultures, particularly in Southeast Asia, including Indonesia and Malaysia. These objects are often highly valued for their supposed ability to bring luck, protection, and various other benefits to their owners.

What are mustika stones?

Mustika stones are believed to be natural or supernatural objects that possess metaphysical properties and are often associated with spiritual or mystical beliefs. They are highly valued in certain cultures and are thought to possess various magical properties. Mustika stones can vary in appearance, but they are often naturally occurring stones or objects that are thought to resemble certain animals, plants, or other symbolic forms. They are believed to be imbued with spiritual or supernatural qualities and are often used as amulets, talismans, or ritual objects in various religious or spiritual practices, energies and powers.

How are Mustika Stones & Objects Obtained?

Mustika stones are believed to be found in natural, undisturbed places or are thought to come into existence through supernatural means like rituals. Obtaining them typically involves complex rituals or prayers, along with special offerings, to gain permission from their guardian spirits or Khodam. These rituals are often performed by a shaman, often working closely with the orang asli community. The shaman may be guided to the places where mustika pearls can be found through meditation. However, some mustika pearls can be acquired through luck and do not require elaborate rituals.

How are mustika stones different from regular gemstones?

Mustika stones are different from regular gemstones in the sense that they are often said to derived from animals, plants, or even natural formations that possess unique shapes, patterns, or markings. They are believed to hold spiritual energy and can be used for different purposes depending on their characteristics.

What are some common metaphysical properties associated with mustika stones?

Common metaphysical properties associated with mustika stones include attracting wealth, increasing one's luck, protection, healing, abundance, intuition, manifestation, spiritual awakening, and connection to higher consciousness. Each stone may have its own specific energy and purpose.

How are mustika stones used in spiritual practices?

Mustika stones are used in spiritual practices for various purposes such as meditation, energy work, or rituals. For an ordinary laymen, They are often worn as jewelry or amulet and carried around daily to achieve its benefits, placed in sacred spaces, or used in divination or healing practices.

How do we know if the items are Genuine?

All our products are taken from trusted and reliable sources that we have worked with for many years. We have thousands of positive testimonials, therefor we are confident to say that our products are genuine. However for an layman who has no knowledge in this field, determining the authenticity of mustika stones can be challenging due to its lack of expert institutions specializing in their evaluation. While sellers may claim authenticity based on their source, without third-party expert validation, guarantees cannot be considered definitive. Gemologist testing, which primarily focuses on precious stones like diamonds and sapphires, may not provide conclusive results for mustika stones due to their distinct nature. Consequently, sellers often refrain from providing explicit warranties or guarantees. Some may offer certificates or tests, but these lack credibility without strong institutional backing. Genuine mustika pearls typically possess unique features that distinguish them from synthetic materials, and there are traditional methods of testing their authenticity. Additionally, some have been verified by shamans and spiritually developed collectors, or individuals with spiritual sensitivity can test them independently.

Does your items work? Do you guarantee results?

Based on our knowledge and experience in this field dealing with spiritual and metaphysical items, yes they work. However, to what extent it could work, one should also be realistic and understand that nothing in life (including spiritual items, amulets, rituals or even faith in worshiping god/deities) can guarantee any specific outcome or results that the user is expecting. There are plenty of determining factors that could affect any outcome such as the person's faith, circumstances, intentions and actions as well as individual's patience, merits and karma. Therefore no seller including us can or should guarantee specific results, those who do, please stay away from them.

Does wearing a mustika stone / wealth object guarantees that I can win the lottery or become rich and successful overnight?

No. One should always be realistic and we only advise that you stay away from any sellers offering guarantees. While we do have plenty of customers who share testimonials of lottery and casino winnings after inviting our products which can be seen openly on our page, we personally do not condone gambling nor do we encourage the idea that one could instantly become rich after buying our products. It is universally accepted that how much luck or wealth we can materialize also depends on our karma and amounts of merits we possess. Secondly, wealth is subjective and different people have different definition of being "rich". For some, $1000 is rich. For others, anything below $1 Million is poor. Being successful and wealthy requires hard work and plenty of self development. We only advise that one should always be contented, grateful and be realistic. True wealth is good health.

How effective will it be? How fast can i see results?

The effectiveness and benefits of spiritual items depend on the individual using them, not the objects themselves. These items work differently for each person due to individual circumstances. Promising results based solely on others' experiences is not accurate, as everyone's life is unique, and the law of Cause and Effect is always in play. Spiritual items can only assist to the extent that a person allows through their actions, and results depend on the person's readiness. None of the products offer instant magical powers, and unrealistic expectations of overnight wealth or superhuman transformation usually lead to disappointment. It is important that the seller is honest and upfront rather than making exaggerated promises, and positive reviews and testimonials should not be used as the sole measure of effectiveness.

What if the product does does not work?

This advice pertains not only to your product but also to all things related to spirituality and amulets in general. If you feel that your amulet, ritual, worship, or any spiritual practice or faith you are into isn't yielding the expected results, it's essential to introspect and examine your own perspective. Often, the problem may stem from negative thoughts and actions, creating barriers that prevent positive changes or experiences. It's crucial to approach issues with a practical and logical viewpoint, considering the circumstances before delving into the spiritual aspects.
When using spiritual items, it's advised not to fixate on immediate results or hope for miracles. Instead, the focus should be on personal growth and hard work towards achieving one's goals, allowing changes to occur at their own pace.

Are your product descriptions deem to be true and 100% accurate with reguards to the benefit that it is said to bring?

Truth is subjective and can vary from person to person based on their beliefs and opinions. Information provided about products is often rooted in religious, cultural beliefs, or the perspectives of the master, maker, or shaman. It's important to recognize that this information is readily available, and individuals should conduct their own research rather than blindly accepting everything they hear. The provider of this information holds no responsibility for any claims that may arise from its use.

Are your testimonials and customers feedbacks real?

Yes of course. We have received over more than 1500+ positive reviews on Carousell, a well-known selling app in Singapore. Carousell has strict policies against fake reviews. Element Mustika is also identified as a Recommended seller on Carousell, denoted by a red thumbs-up badge on our profile, signifying trustworthiness. There are millions of users on the App and only a selected few are given that badge. Testimonials on our website are provided by clients and are intended to showcase their experiences, not serve as a guideline for others' expectations.

What should I do if I no longer need an item?

How should I dispose of it? A: If you no longer need an item, you can simply return it to nature by burying it under a tree. There are no specific restrictions on how it should be disposed of.

Your items come in different price ranges. How do I determine which one is better?

The prices of our items are based on their rarity, the effort required to source them, and their craftsmanship. Price does not necessarily correlate with metaphysical energies or magical beliefs. To determine which amulet is better among items with varying prices, consider your personal preferences, intended use, and reputable sources of information. Researching and gathering information can help you make an informed decision.

Do your items require special care, mantras, prayers, offerings, or restrictions?

Our products do not require special care, mantras, or offerings. While mantras and rituals are common in some spiritual practices to invoke specific energies, our items are designed to be user-friendly. Simply keep them with respect and carry them daily as desired.

Love Oils & Love Rituals

What is love attraction oil and how is it used?

Love attraction oil is a specially created oil blend infused with herbs, essential oils, and other substances believed to carry love-drawing energies. It is typically used in rituals, or applying directly to the body to attract love and enhance romantic and attraction energies.

Can love attraction oil help to strengthen existing relationships?

Love attraction oil can potentially help strengthen existing relationships by fostering a feeling of attachment and fondness towards the user, which could help open communication, increasing passion, and creating a harmonious environment. However, it's important to remember that true love and relationship growth require genuine effort, compatibility, and mutual respect.

Are there specific ingredients commonly found in love attraction oils?

Our Love attraction oils may contain ingredients like Bulu Perindu (Love Root of Longing) and many more that are associated with love and romance. Different oils may have varying recipes and formulations, depending on cultural or personal preferences of the maker.

How can someone find a genuine love attraction oil?

Finding reputable love attraction oil sellers can be based on recommendations, reviews, and testimonials from trusted sources. A genuine Attraction Oil is often made by a spiritual person who is highly cultivated, knowledgable and adept in the science of the occult and metaphysical. In today's day and age, it is very common for sellers to simply produce a bottle of oil with a few random herbs inside claiming its an "Attraction Oil", thus it is very important to get it only from a reliable source with proven track records. Without proper empowerment and steps, it would not work or could potentially backfire.

How do you determine the Authenticity of Love Oils?

The authenticity of Love Oils is determined by the ingredients it contains and whether it is properly made and empowered by a real spiritual master and not a charlatan. In this field, there are many charlatans who simply advertise oil claiming to have magical powers. Creating Minyak Pengasih is not as easy as adding ingredients and selling. Complex rituals and steps are required which only a spiritually developed and knowledgeable pawang can do. The effectiveness and power of our Attraction Oils can be seen on the many positive testimonials and reviews we have received over the years.

How do you determine the authenticity of a Love Ritual?

Similar to Love Oils, a Love Ritual has to be performed by a knowledgeable and spiritually cultivated Shaman. Love Rituals requires plenty of elaborate steps, which each step signifying a spiritual purpose, as well as the mantras that are recited. Anyone could simply wear a rope, pretend to be a shaman and use candles and smoke to perform "love rituals". Thus, it is important to engage from a reputable source or master who is well known.

Can love rituals and using love attraction oil interfere with someone's free will or be considered manipulative?

It is essential to approach love rituals and the use of love attraction oil with ethical considerations. Respecting the free will and consent of others is crucial, and it's important to use these practices with positive intentions and integrity.

Will there be any re-precaution if I intentionally or unintentionally use Love Attraction Oils or Rituals for any ill purposes or unknowingly hurt a person's feelings?

The concept of cause and effect, often referred to as the law of karma, suggests that all our actions, whether mundane or spiritual, have consequences. Rituals and charms, in particular, are believed to have no inherent negative repercussions but are subject to the individual's karma or the consequences of their actions. In other words, the effects of rituals and charms are seen as a reflection of one's own actions and intentions.

Are there ethical considerations to keep in mind when using Love Oils or Love attraction rituals?

Ethical considerations include not using love attraction practices to manipulate or harm others, being mindful of consent, and focusing on personal growth and self-love as the foundation for attracting love in one's life. Always approach these practices with respect for yourself and others.

Can using a Love Oil or Love Charm attract love into one's life?

Using a spiritual charm is believed to amplify your intentions and attract love into your life by aligning your energy with the vibration of love and romance. However, it's important to remember that love attraction also requires personal growth, self-love, and genuine connection with others.

How long does it typically take to see results when using Love Oils or love attraction rituals?

The timeline for seeing results can vary greatly depending on individual circumstances, intentions, and energy involved such as emotional connections or attachments that both parties have or had towards each other. As a seller, we are unable to give you any definitive answer. It's important to be patient and continue to work on oneself simultaneously.

Does your Love Oil & Love Rituals guarantee results?

No. Anyone who can give you a guarantee, best to stay away from them. As stated above.

Can I use love oils to attract wealth and boost my career?

While love oils are primarily designed to enhance personal relationships and attract love, many of our customers have found success using our Attraction Oils to improve other aspects of their lives, including wealth and career advancement. It's worth noting that the specific intentions and energetic properties of the oil should align with your desired outcomes.

You offer a variety of oils with different price points. How should I make my choice?

Our oils are priced based on the quality of materials used, the craftsmanship involved, and the time invested in their creation and empowerment. While price doesn't solely determine efficacy, generally, oils with more ingredients and higher pricing tend to be more potent in theory.

Is it necessary to chant mantras or perform rituals?

For our Love Oils, reciting mantras is not essential for regular use. We do teach a special remote attraction method, which involves a mantra, primarily used to attract someone you can't meet personally. However, for general use and application, no special rituals or mantras are required.

How does remote attraction work, and is it guaranteed?

Remote attraction with our oil involves harnessing the energy and intention infused into the oil during its creation to attract a specific goal or outcome from a distance. While it is believed to create a magnetic field, guaranteeing results is difficult due to individual beliefs, mental strength, willpower, and the alignment of energies, which can vary.

Does a higher payment increase my chances of success or power?

No, paying more does not guarantee a higher chance of success. The pricing of our Love Rituals is based on the expertise and effort of the master, ajarn, or shaman performing the ritual, as well as the necessary offerings and materials. A small additional fee covers the cost of capturing videos and photos for our clients as proof of the ritual. Success depends on various factors beyond the payment, such as your intentions and the alignment of energies.

Pusaka Items / Azimats / Talismans / Charms

What does Pusaka means?

In Indonesia, the term "pusaka" typically refers to a heritage or heirloom item such as Keris, Talismans, Charms or objects bearing spiritual significance. These items often have cultural, historical, or spiritual significance and are passed down through generations or empowered with certain energy, entities or genies inside to serve as a guardian to its owner. Pusaka can include various objects, such as traditional weapons, jewelry, clothing, or other valuable artifacts that hold importance within a particular community or family. These items are often treasured for their cultural and historical value.

How do you tell if a Pusaka Object is Authentic?

In the realm of pusaka items, there are no "fake" ones; the key factor is whether they have been empowered or consecrated through a process known as "isi." An empty pusaka item is essentially just an antique object, not a fake. However, there are dishonest sellers who market empty items as "isi" at inflated prices. To determine if a pusaka item is truly empowered, only a spiritually developed shaman can "scan" and verify its authenticity.

Does your Pusaka Item contains Khodams or Genies?

Some yes, but mostly no. Those that do, we are always open about it as it requires special care to own such items which we have to teach our customers. Most of our products are not driven by Jins or entities but rather its power comes from the natural elemental energies that it has or the prayers that are infused by the shaman during empowering. However, some of our Pusaka items do contain "Khodams"

What are Khodams?

In various spiritual and mystical traditions, particularly in Islamic mysticism (Sufism), "khodam" (also spelled as "khadam") refers to a type of spiritual entity or supernatural being. The word Khodam derived from the term "Guardian". Khodams are often considered to be benevolent and are sought after for their assistance in various aspects of a person's life, such as protection, guidance, or achieving spiritual goals. Practitioners may engage in rituals, prayers, or invocations to establish a connection with a khodam and seek their aid.

Are Khodams / Genies / Jinns Harmful?

Khodams, genies, or jinns are considered safe companions but should not be worshipped. Khodams or Jinns, just like human beings are said to posses their own free-will. When Jinns are invoked into Pusaka Objects through rituals, they have inherently agree to help their owner in return to gain good merits for themselves provided proper care and offerings are given to them. They can be harmful and malicious depending on the owner's intention and what the owner instruct them to do.

Can I Communicate with Khodams?

Communication with khodams or other spiritual entities is a complex and highly individualized practice, often associated with specific spiritual or mystical traditions. In some belief systems, individuals may attempt to communicate with khodams through meditation, prayers, rituals, or invocations.However, it's essential to approach such practices with caution and respect for the traditions and beliefs from which they originate. Not everyone can communicate with entities.

Who are the sources for your items?

We work directly with various pawangs and orang asli. Our contacts in Indonesia, Thailand, India etc have been dealing with us for many years and we have a strong relationship. We go direct to the first line of acquisition, hence the reason why our prices are reasonable.


To spot potential scammers in the spiritual field, consider the following advice from experienced practitioners:

Be cautious of individuals who offer 90% or 100% guarantees and make explicit promises. Nothing in life is guaranteed, and even the medical industry which are worth billion of dollars with unlimited resources to conduct studies, testing and research cannot guarantee cures, only treatments. The same principle applies to spiritual items.

Be wary of those who suggest purchasing a "more powerful" product after selling you something you believe hasn't worked. The value of spiritual items isn't determined by their power but often by their rarity or the effort required to obtain or create them.

Watch out for individuals who use fear tactics to pressure you into buying spiritual products or performing rituals by claiming that your luck or love life is doomed if you don't take action. This is a common strategy used by scammers.