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Given the nature of our Products/Services which are related to Religious, Mysticism, Metaphysical & Spiritual, please take your time to read and understand.


1. Products are available In-Stock & Ready To Ship unless specified otherwise. Pre-orders require full payment to avoid inconvenience and disappointment.

2. We offer exclusively Genuine & Authentic items, sourced from trusted partners. With over a decade of experience, we hold a strong reputation as an established seller, backed by more than 1600 authentic and positive reviews on Carousell, Singapore No.1 Selling Platform. Trust our products with confidence, as the platform strictly enforces genuine reviews.

3. Service pricing is determined by the resources and effort needed for completion, not by the anticipated outcome or results.

4. Information connected to our items is rooted in religious, spiritual, and cultural beliefs. Since these items pertain to metaphysics and mysticism, consider the information provided with your own judgment

5. Results from these items are influenced by factors like thoughts, actions, intentions, karma, and circumstances. No absolute "100% Guarantee" exists. Beware of sellers making such claims.

6. Testimonials & Reviews are for sharing only. They are merely to show that our items are genuine, effective, and our customers are happy and to compliment our service.

7, If you're skeptical, lack belief, confidence, or doubt in amulets/spiritual matters, refrain from inquiries or purchases. Respect differing opinions without imposing your beliefs on others; no one is compelling you to do so

8. Refunds are not provided under any circumstances. If you purchase impulsively, conflict with your beliefs, or face objections from your spouse, partner or family, think thoroughly before buying. Numerous sellers exist, and we neither persuade nor engage in aggressive sales tactics. This pursuit is suitable for individuals who embrace metaphysics, religious beliefs, spirituality, and mysticism.

9. However, We do allow EXCHANGE if there is any defects/damage or in some rare instances if you feel that the item doesn't suit you.

10. We will not entertain funny requests or irrelevant questions not relating to our products or services. If you spam or ask irrelevant or funny/offensive questions, you will be politely blocked without any replies.

11. We have zero tolerance for rude, troll, offensive behavior, or discrimination towards any culture, religion, or belief.  You will be blocked immediately. Any form of harassment will be reported and we will not hesitate to peruse legal actions.

12. We as sellers, reserve the right to choose who we want to deal with. We have every right to reject any sales, business, or requests.

13. All DMs are handled by myself (James). We do have staff handling other aspect of our account at all times, so we may appear online although I am away. If you do not receive a reply straight away, rest assured I will get back to you the soonest. We appreciate your patience. To reach out to me directly, you may Whatsapp 88896118

14. All our information, images, brand, sources, etc are copyright protected. Our brand ©Element Mustika, Phra Inc™ is a trademark protected under the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS).

We truly appreciate all our customer's support and for choosing us despite plenty of other options. We work hard to provide the best product and services.

If you choose to come to us, we take it that you understand and agree to our Terms & Condition above


We should always bear in mind that various factors shape our lives' quality. Personal beliefs play a role, along with factors like karma and pre-destiny. The influence of even powerful amulets can't surpass one's karma or the effects of positive/negative thoughts, intentions, and actions. Our behavior's consequences also hold significance. While amulets/spiritual elements can help, they have limits. Miracles can't be expected without putting effort into our goals. In essence, one's actions are central to determining outcomes

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