Love Ritual Service Singapore : How to Differentiate between REAL or FAKE

Love Ritual Service Singapore : How to Differentiate between REAL or FAKE

GENUINE vs FAKE Love Ritual Services

In this Blog Post, We will share how to spot a Fake / SCAM Ritual Service Provider that is running rampant in Singapore Online Marketplace.


We will not shy away from posting examples like the ones below, as these scammers have been harassing us and trying to tarnish our reputation whilst trying to promote their scams.

In the digital age, the allure of love spells and rituals has led to a surge in online spiritual services promising to mend broken relationships. However, with the popularity of genuine services from real practitioners, there has also been an influx of scammers preying on vulnerable individuals who are desperate.

In this blog post, we will explore the key indicators to help you distinguish between legitimate and fake love spell services that are commonly advertised on online commerce platforms such as Carousell, and Facebook.

One particular example that we will be using today is a particular Shop / Seller called Divine Era.

The reason why we are using this example because this shop is a known scammer in the spiritual community, with many victims that have been cheated. The owner of the shop, have a history of scamming customers, selling fake amulets and creating multiple accounts on Carousell and Facebook Pages every time it gets banned.

Hence, we will be taking reference from his page to use as examples on how to spot a scam.


How to Identify Genuine Love Ritual Services vs FAKE

1. A Fake Love Ritual Service is often done by a person who has little to no spiritual knowledge or expertise. These charlatans would often portray themselves as "Bomohs" or "Arjahns" by dressing like one, and then get someone to take pictures of them performing a ritual with candles, photos and random objects.


In the example above from a well known scammer, are ritual advertised of Unknown masters. Ajarns nobody have ever heard off. These charlatans often advertise their scam services on WeChat and LINE, targeting clients and also sellers like this who would promote them. Do note that this is the same seller who got exposed for selling fake AJ Sub amulets recently.

The Videos and Photos advertised by such sellers, are just mere performance which has no spiritual significance or power, not rituals.

Most fraudulent sellers would often promise their clients that they would send Video or Photo proof of the ritual being performed, hence the purpose of the performance. Basically, all you are paying for is a performance, not an actual ritual.

A Genuine Love Ritual often require plenty of time, resources, energy and expertise of the Master performing it. Resources such as materials that are used, as each materials has a spiritual significant and specific purpose. Energy from performing the ritual and reciting mantras, which takes a lot of energy from the master, and lastly, the expertise and experience of the master themself.


Fake Testimonials

2. Fake Testimonials. In the example below, you can see plenty of Conversation used as "Testimonials" by the scammer ("DivineEra).

One of the biggest give away is the way that both the so called "customer" and the seller is texting each other. Both share very similar resemblance from the way they text. Furthermore, none of the so called "Testimonials" shows any proof of any rituals being conducted (ie. video proof that we sent to the client prior to the testimonial)

This is one of the most common and easiest way that the seller can deceive a buyer, simply by using multiple phones and texting themselves "Testimonials" in order to convince unsuspecting victims.


Another most classic example of a scammer, is usually they will operate multiple accounts that are promoting the same or somewhat very similar service, with the same style of advertising.


Below are examples of DivineEra Singapore, along with his multiple clone accounts on Carousell advertising similar services in order to cheat his clients, by pretending to be a different person to avoid detection. Take a look at the listings, they share almost the same style of advertising.



Just like the examples above, FAKE Love Ritual services advertised on Carousell and Facebook, are often very cheap ($200-$300), but do not be surprised, some of these fraudulent sellers are also selling them at much higher price. While price is definitely not a factor of determining its authenticity, it does raise the question of the master's credibility and expertise.

This is because most charlatans from Thailand, often advertise their "performance" for $50-100, and fraudulent sellers would promote their performance as "Love Rituals" for $200-$300 or more, to make a profit.

A real Genuine master who is an expert in this field, will not short change himself. Most would easily charge upwards of $500-$600, or maybe more as not only it requires plenty of their rest time (as these rituals are usually performed late at night), but many of the materials used do cost money too. It is widely agreed upon that professionals in all fields charges based on their time and experience. That is why we have Poly Clinic and also Private Specialist at Mt. Elizabeth that cost 10x more.



When engaging a love ritual service, it's crucial to find a reputable Ajarn, one who is well-known and respected within the Thai amulet community. The Amulet circle is quite niche, and most genuine Ajarns or Masters will already have an established reputation.

Most "Ajarns" or masters being advertised to for Love Ritual Services by scammers, are unknown individuals in the Amulet Community who calls themself Arjahns.

A reputable Arjahn in the Amulet Community and in Thailand are typically known for making Amulets and Charms, that are widely sold by Dealers in SG. These Ajarns have a reputation for being genuine as many devotees and followers have personally visited their Samnak, or they have visited Singapore (or other SEA Country) hosted by local dealers. Their Amulets are often known for being very powerful and those who seek blessings from them will usually have positive feedback.


Many Thai Arjahns that are being advertised for their Love Ritual now days are unknown. Even if you Google them, you cannot find any history about them such as the Amulets they make or blessings that they perform. This is one of the biggest red flag of a charlatan.


These so-called "Ajarns" may use candles, photos, and random objects to create a convincing facade in their Rituals, but many of them lack true knowledge of Thai Wiccha. It's easy for anyone to dress as a shaman and record a video of themselves chanting mantras with spiritual objects,but this does not make them a genuine practitioner.


Fake rituals are often advertised at very cheap prices because they are selling a performance rather than genuine expertise, time, and knowledge. It's challenging for the average person to distinguish between a real Ajarn and a fraud, especially if they are not familiar with the amulet community.


Scammers exploit this lack of knowledge, promoting themselves as legitimate practitioners to unsuspecting clients.


Verify Authenticity with Personalized Proof

Many scammers do not provide evidence of the Ritual being performed, or worse, they send generic videos and photos of a person randomly chanting mantras with some candles, where no real ritual is being performed—just a mere performance.

Often, sellers are unaware that the Ajarns they promote are charlatans.

We are confident to say that we are the FIRST in Singapore to offer extensive photos and video proof of the ritual being performed to our clients. This have build trust among our clients and popularity among our services. Naturally, many fraudulent sellers who have never provided proof to their clients, started noticing and finding a way to exploit this. So naturally, they requested for the same service from their provider.

Some sellers do provide videos and photos, however, it does not show the client's photograph and their partner/target in the ritual. This type of generic videos/photos are often recycled to be resent to multiple clients to deceive them into believing that their ritual have been performed.

However, some charlatans do offer videos/photos of the clients inside, but then again, whether it is just a performance or an actual ritual is difficult for the average client to know because they do not understand what is going on or what is being chanted.


Avoid 7 Day Ritual, Multiple Day Ritual Scams.

Another most common scam that many customers have feedback to us, are sellers who are falsely promoting their ritual services to be performed for multiple days, most commonly 7 days. This is to give a false impression to unsuspecting clients that the more days it is performed, the cheaper it is. These rituals are also often advertised at a very cheap price, to lure gullible clients.

More often then not, the "performance" is only recorded once in many take, and the seller would break up the videos/photos into 7 different days to their clients, giving the impression that the ritual was actually performed over the course of 7 days, when it was actually only performed once.


Avoid Repeated Payment Scams

This is the most common scam and unethical practice that many fraudulent sellers do to desperate clients. They would pressure you into paying for additional rituals and ask for repeated payments to "redo" or to "add more power" to the ritual if it doesn't yield results.

We have also receive feedback from some customers, then some "sellers" even threaten them and try to intimidate them into making additional payments by saying things like they would reverse the ritual and make it worst, or their ajarn will put a curse on them etc.


Please note that if a seller is promoting a ritual on behalf of a master (like we do), we are simply acting as a facilitator, providing convenience for those who cannot travel to Thailand or Indonesia to source for a master themself.

Once a seller starts making threats or asking for repeated payments, it is an immediate RED FLAG and one should strictly avoid any further contact.


How to Identify Fraudulent Sellers

In the above post, we mainly emphasize on how to watch out for Charlatan masters. Now we will name a few red flags for identifying the fraudulent sellers who often promote these fake masters. 


1. These sellers are often extremely persuasive and will try their best to hard-sell you to engage the Ritual Service. This is simply because such ritual services does not require any initial investments, unlike stocking up on inventories like any ordinary business. Many of these scammers are often ONLY and SOLELY advertising and selling Ritual Services with little to no actual physical Amulets or Charms on their store.

2. Based on customer feedback and our observations, many of these sellers promoting scam rituals on local platforms are not even Singaporeans. One of the most obvious tell-tale signs is the way they advertise their Rituals. They will often contain Chinese Texts in the photos and description. I am sure any Singaporean who have used Carousell or FB for many years can agree that no Singaporean Seller would advertise their product for sale with Chinese written language, only english. 


3. Scammers often use voice messages instead of text to communicate. This is to prevent clients from having any written evidence against them. Insist on written communication to have a record of your interactions.


4. When you inform them that the ritual is not yielding any results, they often become defensive, ignore or block you, or even become aggressive. In many cases, they give excuses and convince you to pay more for additional rituals. Remember, a ritual should be a one-time process; if it doesn't work, it doesn't work. There should be no excuse for extracting more money from clients.


5. Ask the seller if they personally know the master (Ajarn) they are promoting, have visited the Ajarn's Samnak in Thailand, and have photographs with the Ajarn. Additionally, research the Ajarn online to see if they have a reputable history in the amulet community. If the seller cannot provide this information, stay away.


6. Look at the seller's reviews on their store to gauge their credibility. Be cautious of text conversation "testimonials" as these can easily be faked. Fraudulent sellers often have profiles with very few or no reviews from actual users of the platform they are selling on. Authentic reviews from real users can help you make a more informed decision.


7. These fraudulent sellers often work in groups. Sometimes you may find several very similar posts and service advertised by different accounts or sellers at very similar price range. They are mostly operated by the same group of people/scammers.


Note that while Online Scams are running rampant now days, there are many very low-profile scams like this which many are not aware of and just like most scams, they only prey on the gullible and desperate.


While no sellers can offer any guarantees of outcomes or results, it is very important to at least be getting what you pay for, which is a REAL RITUAL by a REAL MASTER, not some charlatan.


When you engage a real professional, there is a chance of it yielding results. When you engage a charlatan, obviously the chances are zero.









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