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Element Mustika Spiritual

57. 3 in 1 Wealth Attraction Protection | Menarik Rezeki, Pengasih Pelet, Peninding Holy Shield

57. 3 in 1 Wealth Attraction Protection | Menarik Rezeki, Pengasih Pelet, Peninding Holy Shield

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Latest batch!!! 3 Special Azimat/Wafaq rolled into TAKRUT, hand-written mantras by our Guru and has been infused with DOA (Holy Prayers), to help the wearer with 3 of the most important thing. This takrut can either be worn or kept at home.

As many of our followers know and can vouch, we do not make profits when it comes to one's safety, well being or health. We have many customers who approached us for serious matters such as spiritual disturbance (seeing ghost, getting disturbed) black magic, negative energies that are affecting their wealth, health and overall well being. For such customers, we normally give them something similar like this from our guru to help them and we do not ask anything in return. For most clients, god willing they can see changes and resolve their issues. Of course when it comes to Love, Wealth etc (for one's personal gain), it is business for us. But when it comes to spiritual problems, safety or well being, we try to help as much as we can.

Hence we would like to emphasise on the First Azimat/Takrut (BLACK)

The sole purpose of this Azimat, is to serve as a Holy Protective Shield or Peninding/Pagar for the user. This protects the outer layer and the most important line of defence of the wearer, which is the AURA. Our AURA is the first line of defence when it comes to energies. It is said that our AURA is a subtle version of you. It cannot be seen, but it can be felt. It cannot be physically touched, but it is there. The seed that determines whether our AURA is strong, vibrant and positive as opposed to weak and negative is mainly our MIND, our CHARACTER, our ACTIONS, THOUGHTS and SURROUNDING.

It is an undeniable fact that a POSITIVE Aura brings happiness, harmony and contentment in one's life. A Positive AURA will make one's luck to be fantastic. A Powerful AURA is said to attract good opportunities, good people and wealth into one's life. There's a saying, Happy go Lucky.

A NEGATIVE Aura, causes mental imbalance, jealousy, envy, negative thoughts and negative energies. Because of NEGATIVE AURA, one's luck can be greatly affected. Negative Aura blocks one's wealth income (Rezeki), Block one's ability to be well liked by others, Block one's ability to receive help from good people etc and a negative aura over time when not taken care off, will lead to one's downfall.

Hence the reason why when someone wants to "SANTAU" or "CURSE" a person, the first thing shamans/bomohs will do is to break the victim's AURA which is the first line of defence. If the person's aura is strong enough, it is not possible to penetrate no matter how powerful the Bomoh/Dukun is.

However, more often then not, it is not the Dukun's doing that breaks a person's aura to do black magic onto a person. 90% of the time, it is the person themselves who weakens his own aura through negative thoughts, negative actions, envy, jealousy towards others etc, which makes the job easier for the bomoh/shaman who wants to harm them.

One does not necessarily needs to be religious/pious or spiritual. My guru told me, even if you don't believe in anything but if you live life with a happy, positive and contented mindset, your aura will be so positive that no negative energies can affect you, without needing any protection. Easier said then done because who doesn't have problems?

One could also have their luck affected from others who are JEALOUS or ENVY of them. Indians call it "EVIL EYE". When you are doing well, being happy and prosperous at your own means, there will always be people who has a strong sensation of envy and jealousy towards you. Such energies cast by their "eyes" could also affect your aura and your luck.

Therefor, this takrut (BLACK) is meant to create a protective shield around the user, protecting the wearer's aura. This is an extra layer of protection. Instead of solely depending on your own aura which can fluctuate, this takrut ensures that your AURA is always protected regardless whether you are positive or negative. It is extra protection ontop of your natural protection.
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