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2. 3in1 Love Candles Spell (Done for you by AJ James)

2. 3in1 Love Candles Spell (Done for you by AJ James)

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Dear Brothers & Sisters.

Re-introducing one of our best-selling item finally back in stock but EVEN BETTER THAN BEFORE. Previously we have been selling a pair of Love Candle (Male + Female) and have shown to be very powerful and Jalan for a lot of our clients who bought it.

However, the previous candles we were selling are meant to DIY , meaning you have to do it yourself, and it is only a single pair of Candle.

This time round, we have worked with AJ James who makes this candle and AJ will be offering the service of actually performing the candle ritual for you. Pictures/Video will be sent to you.

Previously we were selling our Love Candles for $158. This time round for the same price, you are getting a set of 3 Love Candles for different purposes + AJ will do it for you.

Meaning when you purchase the Candle set, AJ James will do the ritual for you. You don't have to do it yourself and risk doing it wrongly and for convenience sake, for the same price as before.

Tian In Koo Mai Ruk Love Binding Candle is strongly recommended for those who have just lost their partner and loved ones or simply to improve their existing relationship as it is solely believed to call back an ex-lover who just left you or stopped loving you or to make your partner more faithful and receptive towards you.

For those who are seeking to attract someone they admire, this Candle Ritual is also believed to attract the other party, making him/her reciprocate to your advancements and courtship.

This Candle Ritual is known as Serm Duang, an ancient and very powerful form of Love Magic in Lanna Wiccha (Northen Magic) and it is also one of the most simplest way of casing spells.

Unlike ordinary Love Ritual that requires a lot of offerings, materials and many elaborate steps, this is more straight forward and many of our customers actually do it on a monthly basis just to "maintain" their relationship or make it better.

Of course, the efficacy of this cannot be compared to actual Rituals, but for its price and simplicity, it has shown to be pretty effective.

The Candle itself is made using sacred Beeswax mixed with different types of love herbs.

The method of doing this DIY ritual is fairly easy. Ajarn will write down your name and partner's name as well as DOB on the respective candles and perform the ritual.

The Candle is known to have a powerful influence over the mind and heart of your lover which is very similar to the hypnosis effect. It works in a natural way without showing any sign and is also known to affect the targeted person to spontaneously fall in love with the user.

This works very well for long distances, to keep your partner in love, loyal, and faithful to you or in situations where you are working to get your strayed lover to return to you.

This Candle is recommended for those who seek to win the heart of someone and reconcile with a lost lover or hope to renew the spark in a current relationship.

Note that this Candle Spell is known to be more effective for individuals who are seeking to improve their existing relationship or fix a failing relationship. For "Reconciliation" or Calling back ex-lover, a better option would be an actual Ritual.
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