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3. 3in1 WEALTH + ATTRACTION + PROTECTION ( Phra Pirab Kavach + KUBERAN KAVACH + KAMDEVA KAVACHI ) TAKRUT with Special Powerful Oil & Holy Ingredients

3. 3in1 WEALTH + ATTRACTION + PROTECTION ( Phra Pirab Kavach + KUBERAN KAVACH + KAMDEVA KAVACHI ) TAKRUT with Special Powerful Oil & Holy Ingredients

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Powerful Maha Kavacham Takrut

Introducing a remarkable TAKRUT designed to draw wealth, prosperity, and fortune. It also offers protection against bad luck, while enhancing the wearer's attraction and charm.

The potent Kavach Takrut features three main deities/powers: Kaal Bhairav, Kuberan, and Kamadeva. "Kavach" translates to "armor." It incorporates the expertise of AJ Ruang in crafting the YANTRA, while the empowering ceremony involved AJ Ruang and Gurukal, a renowned Hindu priest from Supanburi Province. The Vedic Method and additional sacred elements from Gurukal enhance its power.

What makes it very powerful?
A unique Yantra, crafted from genuine copper and blessed by AJ Ruang, features the powerful Yantras of PHRA PIRAB (Kaal Bhairav), KUBERA (Taowesuan), and KAMADEVA, the God of Love. Enriching its potency, special Vibuthi Holy Powder from Kaal Bhairav Mandir and holy elements like ashes from Kaal Bhairav Feet Idol and Temple Soil, aged and blessed for over 5 years, are incorporated.

The Special Mystik Hitam Empowerment Oil, obtained from the Indonesian Guru, has been preserved for over two decades. This oil is utilized in empowerment rituals to invoke specific energies, prayers, and empower various mystical items, such as Mustika, Pusaka, Spirits, and Barang. It's renowned for swiftly attracting desired outcomes, including wealth and fortune.

We can confidently say that this particular takrut is the first of its kind ever being sold here. We can safely vouch that you can never find this same takrut elsewhere on the internet as it is made by 3 different guru who coordinated and worked together over a period of 2 years.

Kavach meaning Holy Shield. We will explain the meaning and significance of why the term “Kavach” is used.


The Kaal Bhairav Kavach offers significant protection to the wearer. Representing the fearsome form of Lord Shiva, Kaal Bhairav is associated with time and death. People turn to Lord Bhairav during difficult times and challenges in their lives. His worship is believed to shield individuals from astrological influences, karma, and bad luck. As the most powerful manifestation of Lord Shiva, Kaal Bhairav surpasses all other entities, even the most powerful Jinns, Khodam, or Asuras. Wearing this takrut is thought to grant immunity against black magic, spiritual harm, and negative forces.

This is also believed to turn one’s luck from bad to good, erase bad karmic debts to smoothen ones life and remove suffering/obstacles in ones life due to bad karma and make the wearer’s luck from bad to good if time is bad.



The Kavach of Lord Kuberan or Taowesuan represents the Hindu God of Wealth and Riches. He manages the immense fortune of Maha Lakshmi and has the ability to bestow wealth upon those he chooses. This protective amulet safeguards wealth, luck, fortune, and life's position. It prevents unnecessary expenses and losses during periods of bad luck. Additionally, it safeguards against negative energy, evil eye, and jealousy that could harm one's prosperity. The Kavach is believed to attract wealth from all directions through various means such as windfall, investments, business, and opportunities. It also shields against malicious individuals who might attempt to harm one's career and business, ensuring their efforts backfire due to Lord Kuberan's offense.



Kamadeva, also known as the God of Affection & Love. In Thai culture, he is similar to the deity Paetch Payatorn. Wearing an amulet associated with Kamadeva is believed to grant various benefits, including increased attraction, popularity, loving kindness, a powerful and enchanting presence, strong opposite-sex attraction, magnetism, the ability to create lasting and memorable impressions on others, possessing a charismatic aura, and being well-liked by everyone. This charm can lead to heightened popularity, the ability to easily gain favor and sympathy from others, and even turn enemies into allies. The amulet, called a Takrut, is considered protective, guarding the wearer against enemies, ill intentions, jealousy, and negative influences ("xiao rens"). It's also said to safeguard the wearer's love life, fame, and popularity from being sabotaged, framed, or disrupted. In instances of black magic, which might aim to harm the target's love life and charm, the Takrut ensures the wearer remains unaffected by such attempts.


Aside from simply wearing it, Maha Kavacham Takrut have few unique usage.

1) This unique Takrut has versatile applications. When positioned in proximity to amulets, spiritual items, crystals, or other artifacts, it automatically enhances and revitalizes them to their maximum potential.

2) The Takrut can be soaked in water and utilized to cleanse and eliminate negative energies from jewelry, including items made of gold, silver, and gemstones, by washing them with the infused water.

3) The Takrut can be soaked in a pail of water containing flowers and salt to empower and charge the water. Showering with this water can remove negative energies from the body, promoting the flow of chi energy and revitalizing by generating positive energy from all directions.

4) The Takrut can be put in a glass of water while reciting a specific mantra. Using this water to wash the face is beneficial before significant events or when meeting loved ones. Similarly, the water can be consumed when feeling unwell, emotionally low, or disturbed.

More can be said. But one should try it yourself. We can guarantee you will feel the energy.

Our reviews, testimonials and reputation have never left any room for doubt especially when it comes to the power and authenticity of the item we sell.

If you are into spiritual practice, spiritual cultivation, meditation, controlling/summoning/exorcise spirits or entities, this is a MUST HAVE as it is said to increase your spiritual cultivation and capabilities.

3 Years Ago we was selling this and we stopped for very long because someone bought it from us and went around performing exorcism with it. He told me that its extremely powerful for chasing away negative entities. I told this to AJ Ruang and the Hindu master, they were so pissed off immediately told me to stop selling it that time. This is because they are misusing the takrut to make profit while helping those who are in trouble. After a period of time, i finally convinced them that such thing will not happen again. Therefor, PLEASE USE IT FOR YOUR OWN PURPOSE TO IMPROVE YOUR LIFE ONLY. DO NOT USE IT TO DO THINGS AND MAKE MONEY OUT OF IT, UNLESS SOMEONE VERY CLOSE TO YOU IN SPIRITUAL TROUBLE. As funny as this story sound, it is indeed true.



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Excellent item

Excellent item, definitely met and even exceeded my expectations