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69. Cobra Pearl (NAGA MANI) - Amulet Takrut Khodam Spell Mustika Kuberan

69. Cobra Pearl (NAGA MANI) - Amulet Takrut Khodam Spell Mustika Kuberan

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Introducing one of the rarest and known to be the most powerful Mystic Pearl of all,

Naga Mani or "Geliga Ular Tudong"

🔥Cobra Pearl (NAGA MANI) Believed to bestow Immense Wealth, Fortune, Fame, Authority & Opportunity Luck & Windfall - Amulet Takrut Khodam Spell Mustika Kuberan

Known to bestow its owner with Immense Luck, Wealth Fetching, Opportunities, Fame, Protection and in some cases even Windfall Luck.

Below are some of our amazing testimonials shared by customers who invite our 5 in 1 Mustika "Wu Tu" Takrut that contains our Cobra Pearl as well, take a look

Note that our Cobra Pearls comes in a different tone, some are slightly greenish, some are slightly golden while some can be white.

Nagamani or Cobra Pearl is one of the most fascinating mystical gems that is widely believed to bestow many powerful attributes and blessings to its owner. For one, It is believed that whoever owns the pearl would be blessed with immense luck, financial & material success as well as an influential power.

Naga Mani is very popular in Indonesia and India, especially among people who are in the position of Authority in their corporate ranks, politics, and businessman as it is said to carry its owner up higher in their line of job and attract plenty of opportunities.

According to Legends, Nagamni is a mystical gemstone believed to be from the Nagaloka or Naga Realm in Hindu/Buddhist text. It is said that in before humans came about, the Naga Race known as "Vasuki" used to roam the earth. The Vasuki is said to still exist but in a different dimension or realm. According to religious text, the Naga realm is said to possess all hidden treasures and wealth of the world and are protected by the powerful Naga Race.

Thus is is strongly believed that whoever possesses Nagamani is known to be blessed with the hidden wealth and treasures of the Nagaloka, which are said to slowly materialize in one's life when the time and circumstances is right based on individual merit and karma. This materialization may come through new opportunities, increased in business/sales revenue or even through unexpected windfall.

Nagamani is one of the most highly prized commodities among gemstone collectors due to its diverse use and beliefs of the power it could bestow especially in terms of wealth, success, and progression in life.

Hindus believe that Nagamani is one of the 5 most powerful mystic stones in Tantra Veda that is the most accessible while the other 4 are impossible to find or just pure myth.

Cobra Pearl is believed to be very lucky for businessmen, punters, and risk-takers, especially in trading and for those who are seeking to be in a high level of authority or power, be it in corporate jobs, politics, or government careers.

It is believed that Nagamani can bring a person to great heights in their life. However, there is also a "taboo" that whoever becomes successful after obtaining Nagamani should not reject anyone who is less fortunate that comes and ask for help even if it's an enemy.

Overall Benefits & Qualities that Nagamani is Believed to bring..
• Greatly boost your luck
• Attracts Wealth & Fortune
• Boost your instinct
• Attracts side wealth & Unexpected Windfall
• Business / Sales Luck
• Brings fame and popularity
• Success with any risky investment/betting/ trading
• Be able to make the right decisions and overcome problems
• Promotes mental clarity and sharp mind
• Strong sixth sense and intuition
• Enhance your positive energy and aura
• Dispel negative energies and bad luck
• Protection from evil spirits, Jinns, and black magic.
many more..

- It is said that those who owns Nagamani will be blessed with immense wealth, fortune and be able to acquire hidden wealth through unexpected means such as Windfalls.

- Naga Mani is also believed to attract the hidden wealth and treasure of the Naga Loka realm, which translates to material gain, monetary gain, receiving unexpected windfall and sudden wealth in the owner’s life.

- Businessman are fond of carrying Naga Mani as it is believed to bring them to new heights to achieve great success in their trade. Naga Mani also brings luck, success and wealth stability and attracts money making opportunities in business or sales

- Nagamani is also said to bestow its owner with a high level of authority. Hence, people who are into politics or those that are working in a high position in life are fond of carrying Nagamani as it brings them the power of influence to command others and gain respect wherever they go.

- Cobra Pearl also bestows its wearer with spiritual awakening meaning having the ability to predict outcomes of certain event, be able to read someone else's taught and feelings and influence the mind of others. Cobra Pearl is known to make its wearer have better control of their emotions and be able to make good decisions as well as accurate intuition.

- Nagamani is one of the most powerful object for protecting its wearer from evil spirits, black magic, jinns, demons and even dispel bad luck caused by "Evil Eyes" or "Jealousy"

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