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9. Destiny & Luck Changing 9 Planets Takrut (Navagraha Takrut)

9. Destiny & Luck Changing 9 Planets Takrut (Navagraha Takrut)

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Latest 2022 Batch.

9 Planetary Astrological Takrut, Believed for Bringing Abundance, Wealth, Health, Fortune & Changing of one's luck / bad timing to good.

This batch of Takrut is strongly consecrated and blessed by a highly respectable Hindu Priest during yearly Navagraha Pooja Ritual.

This Takrut is highly recommended for those who are facing problems or going through a unpleasant period due to unfavourable planetary alignments within their life chart (Kundali) according to Hindu beliefs.

This is also suitable for people who are going through "bad" Ba Zi Period.

According to the maker, this takrut can also be kept near an inauspicious sector of the house that is negatively affected by bad Vashtu/Fengshui and could block negative energies caused by "poison arrow" , "inauspicious roads" or directions of certain parts of the house.

Kundali, similar to "Ba Zi" is a unique chart based on an individual’s Date & Time of Birth along with their Zodiac, Ruling Planet etc. According to the Planetary alignments / retrogations and movements, your Kundali could be used to interpreted your current, past and future life situations.

Why is this Takrut believed to be very beneficial for those who are going through bad period? Read more to find out.

What is luck?
Luck is not a person. Luck is not an energy (aura) , Luck is not an object although there are some that is believed to "ENHANCE" luck such as amulets and charms.

Perhaps “Luck” is actually one’s TIMING. Think of it logically, everyone have ups and downs in life. Certain period / TIME , our luck, career, health etc is very good while certain period / TIME is not so good. Sometimes we win, sometimes we loose. Sometimes we are lucky, sometimes we are not. So is it logical to think that “luck” is actually a timing within our life? (Not forgetting our own karma and merits)

Hindus believe in Astrology, which uses planetary alignments based on your Kundali to determine your good or bad luck period. Similarly, Chinese Ba Zi also uses the same concept (10 year luck cycle, elemtns etc)

The only problem is, we cannot change time. We cannot change planetary movements. An Astrologer / Ba Zi master merely INTERPRETS your time according to your life chart based on their own understanding. They do not change it.

Those who are smart and with the advice of a good astrologer can use that knowledge to be aware of “good” timing to perform important task such as marriage, moving house, starting a business, trade / invest. These are known as “auspicious time” which are each unique to the individual.

However with such knowledge relating to our personal life, we can only make good use of it to either ENHANCE or SUBDUE. While BA ZI practice will incorporate Feng Shui to enhance / reduce their good or bad time,

Similar to Astrologers, Hindus would often perform Pooja to appease the 9 planetary deities so that their good TIME could be abundant while their bad TIME that they are destined to go through would be more smooth sailing.

Apart from Pooja, some would wear astrological remedies such as gemstones or YANTRA / TAKRUT like this.

This Takrut is made using ancient sanskrit remedies specially designed to bless the wearer so that they do not get affect by any negative planetary influences OR if the wearer is going through a good time, it is believed to ENHANCE and make it better.

According to Hinduism and other religion, it is believed that when a person's luck is very good (for example when win windfall) , getting promoted, good things happens, at that very TIME PERIOD, the person's planetary alignments are in perfect favour of the person. Hence whatever he/she does, it potentially ensures success.

It is strongly believed that planetary alignments could influence a person's luck, health and overall life in both positive and negative ways.

For example when someone's planet is not in their favour, then the person will experience series of bad luck, sudden illness, unexpected financial losses, relationship issues, accidents or potentially death.

Hence these problems could potentially be avoided if one is knowledgeable enough to source for its remedy by performing prayers or to keep certain things.

This Takrut is specially designed to not only appease the 9 Planets according to the wearer's Kundali but also to make sure that the wearer can enjoy the positive benefits as well.

When the planets are in favour of the wearer, he or she is believed to always be blessed with good luck, fortune and positive results in anything they do.

This special takrut is empowered with the Mantras and essences of the 9 astrological bodies.

Each holy objects added inside is unique to correspond to the 9 different planets such as Surya, Rahu, Ketu, Mangal, Shani and so on.

This takrut can either be worn on oneself or be placed on the altar to offer incense daily (not necessary)

It may also be kept in a place of business, safe box, bag etc.

Special batch of Wealth + Astrological (9 Celestial Planets) Takrut

Limited Pc only made once a year. For my regulars and supporters who have been following me for many years have seen this takrut come up only for a short period every year.

This special takrut can only be made and consecrated once a year on the 1st Day of the 8 Lunar Month. Today was the final consecration.

This special takrut is made by a reputable Thai master AJ Ruang who inscribed the yantra according to Sanskrit / Khmer text followed by a full Navagraha (9 Planet) Consecration ceremony by a Hindu Priest today.

*Note that this is not the only item that is blessed in this very auspicious day. More will be posted later*

- This takrut is believed to bring wealth and abundance to the wearer

- This takrut is believed to change ones luck / timing / period from bad to good

- This takrut is believed to ensure that all the 9 Planets can positively influence the wearer

- This takrut is believed to attract unexpected / sudden windfall of wealth

- This takrut is believed to protect the wearer from bad luck and bad period

Many more.

More info coming soon.

But I got a strong feeling this will be sold out even before I have time to post full details, like always for my Ho liaos.

Priced reasonably at $168.

Note that during the consecration I had to sit Infront of a hot fire pit (for 9 planet Omam) for 3 hour plus for this 😆

Yant is HAND DRAWN on a solid copper foil which will then be rolled into a takrut to wear. Not stamped / printed

This takrut can only be made / blessed on an auspicious day. Not any day.
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