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10. EXTREME Attraction MAHA SANEH “Na Long Lai” Amulet made using powerful “Thao Wahn Long” Material By Aj Ruang

10. EXTREME Attraction MAHA SANEH “Na Long Lai” Amulet made using powerful “Thao Wahn Long” Material By Aj Ruang

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Thao Wahn Lhong Amulet


Introducing AJ Ruang's most potent Maha Saneh Love Attraction Amulet made using one of the most Powerful Occult Ingredient known as ("Thao Wahn Long")

This is a very special Maha Saneh Love Attraction Charming Amulet made personally by AJ Ruang.

One of the main ingredient that makes this oil extremely powerful, is a rare and sacred vine known as “Thao Wahn Long”

What is Thao Wahn Long?

Thao Wahn Long is a rare vine known mainly to forest monks and ajarns due to its presence in the deep Thai jungles. Obtaining it is challenging and perilous, and only those deeply connected to the forest, like forest masters, are familiar with it. Thao Wahn Long is revered for its supernatural abilities and was historically used by shamans to craft potent attraction charms.

Ancient Thais recognize the vine's potent hypnotic properties; when encountered, it can create an overwhelming presence. Those mentally unprepared for its effects might become lost and disoriented in the forest, unable to find their way out. Affected individuals reportedly move in circles, retracing their steps repeatedly until rescued.

AJ Ruang uses this material because it's renowned for a specific purpose. When the amulet is worn to attract the opposite sex, courtship, or love, the targeted person is believed to become intensely drawn to the wearer. This attraction is akin to being mesmerized and aroused, even though the reason remains unknown.

Applying this oil is straightforward – it's put on the eyebrow or transferred through touch to a specific person. The wearer is thought to acquire a strong "saneh" (attraction) that causes others to feel captivated and deeply attracted. The affected individual experiences a profound sense of love and affection towards the wearer in a hypnotic manner that they can't control. This state isn't "zombie-like" but rather an absent-minded feeling, characterized by a natural chemistry and fondness.

Magical Properties of Thao Wahn Long

Much like someone stumbling upon the jungle vine and repeatedly returning to the same spot, it's believed that anyone influenced by this "oil" will consistently feel drawn back to the wearer, regardless of circumstances such as dates, relationships, or even in business dealings with clients.

Regarding matters of love, even if the affected person has other options like dates or flings, they tend to gravitate back to the wearer without comprehending the reason. When apart, the affected individual experiences persistent thoughts and longing for the wearer, and they naturally attempt to reconnect – in this case, it's as simple as sending a text or making a phone call.

Similarly, just as encountering the jungle vine leads to an absent state of mind, those who encounter the wearer are believed to become highly receptive, attentive, and willing to follow instructions. When it comes to matters of love, they might even fall deeply in love with the wearer without any logical explanation.

Properties of Thao Wahn Long

This oil is thought to significantly enhance the wearer's sex appeal, making them more attractive to the opposite sex. It includes a special chant that can be utilized to remotely draw an affected person's attention; the oil can be applied to their photo or through direct touch.

Thao Wahn Long, an ancient and rare vine, was historically used by shamans to create love charms. It's not commonly known among regular spiritual practitioners today due to its difficulty in obtaining and its associated dangers. Its supernatural powers are held in high regard, and possessing it is believed to bring immense luck.

There's no scientific explanation for its effects; ancient Thais attribute supernatural qualities to the vine. It's believed that having this vine is fortunate and brings luck, and it's thought to attract customers if placed in a shop or business. Carrying it is also believed to attract wealth from all directions and significantly boost the wearer's luck.

Use in Career & Business

This oil offers substantial advantages for individuals engaged in business, sales, negotiations, and persuasion. Its hypnotic power is believed to influence others during conversations, making them easily persuaded and agreeable without understanding why. It's also recognized as a potent Salika tool.

During disputes, the amulet wearer tends to gain the upper hand, easily subduing opponents. People generally become more receptive and cooperative towards the wearer, willingly offering help or favors.

However, it's strongly advised not to misuse the amulet for immoral or ill-intentioned purposes. While its primary focus is on opposite-sex attraction and love, its benefits extend to various other aspects of life, depending on the user's intentions.

Obtaining Thao Wahn Long

Thao Wahn Long, a rare vine, holds ancient significance, and obtaining it is an old magical practice. Aj Ruang dedicated four years to collect enough of this vine for the amulets. He conducted ceremonies and prayers to gain permission and protection from the deities and angels associated with the vine.

Since 2013, Aj Ruang's MAHA Saneh amulets have gained popularity due to their exceptional effects and success stories within the amulet community. This particular batch was blessed by Aj Ruang during a significant ceremony attended by Lersi and respected ajarns from the province. However, the main empowerment and creation of the amulet were conducted by Aj Ruang himself.

❗️Note : This amulet is not in any way harmful or dangerous to its wearer otherwise it wouldn’t be made into an amulet in the first place as AJ Ruang made it by hand 😆


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