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Element Mustika Spiritual

39. EXTREME Attraction Tambang Liring Dewa Pelet ⭐7 Bidadari🌟(Javanese Kejawen God of Love) Takrut Amulet

39. EXTREME Attraction Tambang Liring Dewa Pelet ⭐7 Bidadari🌟(Javanese Kejawen God of Love) Takrut Amulet

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Tambang Lereng DEWA PELET Pemikat Sukma 7 Bidadari (7 Maidens)

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Javanese Kejawen Hardcore Playboy Casanova Love Takrut. Comes with special Charm Oil to use together for double power ;) Minyak Pengasih SUKMA

A very special and powerful Tambang Lereng Takrut/Azimat known for Strong Opposite Sex Attraction and LOVE Attraction. Highly recommended for Single Man and Casanova who wants to have a higher chance of attracting anyone of the opposite sex. This Takrut can be used by both male and female.

This Tambang Lereng has a mixture of many different Pengasih & Pelet Mantras/Spells around it. Combined together, it is known to be extremely powerful.

The image depicts a man surrounded by 7 Bidadari or Maidens. This is akin to the Thai version of Khun Paen. This symbolizes Strong Opposite Sex Attraction and Magnetism. It is believed to make the user be sexually irresistible towards the opposite sex.

This Yantra also symbolizes Dominance, Charisma and Power over opposite sex. Having Charisma to be attractive is one thing but having the respect where your woman obeys you and serve you is another thing. This is called Dominance. Just like the 7 Bidadari serving their man, it is believed that woman will always listen to the wearer and do as they are told.

Note that this is a very powerful Love Takrut, NOT TO BE MISUSED

Hand drawn and empowered personally by our Guru (Dukun). This is one of this signature Tambang Lereng Takrut that he only makes for selected people, especially those who are having problems with finding love, getting into a relationship or self-esteem or confidence issues when it comes to courtship. This was also originally made for Male Night-life workers.

This Takrut is strongly believed to be very powerful when it comes to Opposite Sex Attraction & Love Relationship. Tambang Lereng is an ancient form of Javanese Magic that originates from the Kejawen a type of sub-religion in Java that is a mixture of Hindu and Muslim. During olden day Java/Indonesia, it was a Hindu Nation under the Majapahit Empire. The Kejawen people are renowned for their power sorcery/magic that is mainly of Hindu/Sanskrit Origin but with a fusion of Islamic as well. Kejawen / Javanese People are most renowned for their Ilmu Pelet (Love Magic) and this Yantra is made by our Guru with the sole purpose of helping one with their relationships.

Creating one of this Tambang Lereng is a very elaborate, long and tedious process that requires chanting for every specific images/yantra/mantra that is being inscribed. Even the ink used to draw/write is not just any ordinary ink. Of course for practical reason, marker is used but the marker itself has to be ritualized/empowered in a certain way and the ink is consistently dipped into a special oil when drawing or writing , which is a mixture of various empowerment oil such as Misik, Zaffron and others that we strictly cannot disclose (because if the mixture is wrong, NO POWER). As a result, the Tambang Liring will emit a very mysterious, enchanting and very nice scent that one would definitely appreciate and be mesmerized by.

The Takrut is then rolled up and encased with many holy ingredients inside such as Bulu Perindu, Holy Soil from Mount Sinai, Raja Cenuai, Mani Gajah, Sacred Woods and many other ingredients that we cant name which are known for their strong attraction and magnetism properties.

According to our Guru, if one can find the (hair) or (nail) of the person whom they wish to attract, they can even place it in the takrut along with their hair or nail and seal it. This is believed to work as a love-binding and reconciliation spell that is believed to make the other party more loyal, faithful and only have feelings for the user.

Priced reasonably at 228. Please note that we will not sell it for a very low price because we witness how difficult and so many hours spent just to draw one yantra and bless each mantras written on it. Besides, we are the only one selling real authentic KEJAWEN Spiritual Items and this is one of Javanese oldest and most powerful Maha Saneh Wicca that not many people know about.
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