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60. Extreme Love SEX DRIVE TAKRUT & Fulfil Love Desire (Mang Wan Come) Maha Saneh Takrut AJ Apichai, AJ James, Por Noi Tun

60. Extreme Love SEX DRIVE TAKRUT & Fulfil Love Desire (Mang Wan Come) Maha Saneh Takrut AJ Apichai, AJ James, Por Noi Tun

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Takrut Mang Wan Come (Fulfill Love Desire & Sex Drive Takrut)

Introducing to you one of the most powerful Sexual Attraction & Maha Saneh Takrut ever created by AJ Apichai, in colaboration with Ajarn James and a few other top masters including the famous Por Noi Tun.

🔥Takrut Riak Nang Mang Wan Come - Fulfill Love Desire & Strong Sex Drive Takrut

🚨Warning🚨 : Viewer discretion is advised.In the image above and below is the actual empowerment method done for the Takrut!

👉This special Love Attraction Maha Saneh Takrut is made using many powerful ingredients combined. The Yant Mang Wan Come itself is personally inscribed by AJ Apichai on a lead foil and further empowered by him. For those who don't know, AJ Apichai is one of the most famous Ajarn in Chiang Mai Province, dubbed as the "Khun Paen of Chiang Mai" not only because of his charm and the fact that he has many girlfriends, but because his Maha Saneh wiccha is so powerful.

👉 Second powerful oil component that has been added into this Takrut (The takrut is first soaked into the oil) is a special Nam Man 108 Kamasoot that is made by the revered Por Noi Tun, along with few other Kruba Ajarn (Refer to 5th Pictures Onwards). The oil is made using a blend of 108 real charming oil extract, See Pheung Beeswax, Nam Man Chang (Elephant Sp**rm) and many more. It is then boiled and mixed together while being chanted and blessed by Por Noi Tun and 3 other masters. The oil is then added into the Takrut for extreme attraction effect.

One of the powder used to mix in the oil is known as "Phong Saw Sam Moo Ban Kin Nam" meaning "Ladies of 3 Village Drinking Water from same well", which implies the ability to attract and capture as many lover at the same time. This is a very ancient Love Wicca that was taught by Por Noi Tun, a very powerful attraction charm with ultra high Maha Saneh magic made using a thousand years old formulae found in Khmer grimoire of spells.

Magical Properties of this Takrut

🔥 This Takrut is known to greatly boost one's magnetism towards the opposite sex and increase sexual desires. It is believed that whoever comes close to the wearer of this Takrut will automatically feel aroused and drawn towards the wearer in an intimate way. This is highly suitable for those who frequent night life, or those who like to go on dates and hoping for a happy ending.

🔥 This Takrut is believed to greatly enhance the wearer's sex appeal, making him/her irresistable towards the opposite gender and It can also be worn during intimacy to boost affection, attachment and sexual prowess.

🔥 One of the method taught by AJ Apichai, is that this takrut can be stirred into a drink and given to the targeted person whom you are trying to court. Once the person drink it, he/she is said to fall deeply in love and feel sexually attraction to the user.

🔥 Aside from all the hanky panky benefits stated above, this Takrut is also known to help promote a long lasting, healthy and happy relationship for both parties.

According to AJ Apichai’s own words and based on my customers experience, this takrut can be worn normally or placed under the bed or wear it during intimacy to greatly boost sex drive, hence the name. AJ Apichai would create this takrut for his devotees who are suffering from sexual problems and always get cheated by their partner. AJ Apichai also mentioned that whenever this takrut is worn during intimacy, it will automatically recharge its power and make it even stronger.

This Takrut is suitable and could potentially help those who feel a lack of dominance towards their spouse or partner, lack interesting intimacy, low self-esteem, sexual anxiety which could lead to "your weapon not functioning" (subject to your own testosterone health, fitness and medical condition of course) and nervousness / performance anxiety during intimate moments.

When we released this takrut many years back, many of our customers who tried feedback to us that after wearing, they feel extremely confident and "strong" with their significant other. However, as this is a spiritual amulet and not a medical product, effects are subjected to individual's own condition.

But when it comes to Attraction in general, we can assure that many would experience increased confidence when interaction with the opposite gender, getting more attention, easily build chemistry and emotional attachment.

Only limited pieces avaialable


This Takrut is only sold by us and unique to us as we have our own agreement with AJ Apichai and AJ James. This takrut is made unique to us only.

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