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62. Extreme Playboy Attraction KHUN Paen Thao Wahn Long AJ Ruang

62. Extreme Playboy Attraction KHUN Paen Thao Wahn Long AJ Ruang

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Phra Khun Paen Thao Wahn Long

Introducing one of the most powerful and very special Love Hardcore Attraction Maha Saneh Amulet every sold by us. Made using the combination of 2 of our most best-selling Maha Saneh items by AJ Ruang.

This amulet is known as Khun Paen Thao Wahn Long Ratchadam.

Made using a very powerful rare herb known as "Thao Wahn Long" and Phong 108 Ratchadam that AJ Ruang uses to create the Playboy Takrut.

Brief Introduction on this Khun Paen Amulet..

- This Phra Khun Paen amulet is believed to greatly improve one's personal charisma, charm and bring great popularity to the possessor. Its strong Maha Saneh properties from all the powerful ingredients used combined with AJ Ruang's Consecration, is known to make you appear very charming and make people of the opposite sex fall for you easily. It is believed that the wearer will also possess great Maha Niyom (Loving Kindness), meaning able to gain compassion from everyone. This is highly beneficial in both Love/Courtship as well as professional environment as it is known to help you receive more recognition, increase social status and success in any business/sales dealing.

- According to AJ Ruang, this Amulet should be worn daily for the person to really experience its great benefits. Khun Paen Amulets are very popular in Thailand among many business owners, sales professional who are required to meet new clients all the time as well as those who wish to significantly improve their love life and courtship towards the opposite sex, thus it is highly recommended for those hoping to succeed in their love life or to attract their desired soul mates.

- Wearing this Amulet alone is known to bestow its user with strong MAHA SANEH properties meaning Attraction & Charm. When wearing, others would find the wearer to be more appealing and attractive.

WARNING : It is widely known and widely accepted that a really powerful Khun Paen amulet could easily make any woman go crazy over the wearer if used correctly. However, such really powerful Khun Paens are often made using "Barang" or "Yin" Materials. For this Khun Paen, it contains NO Yin Materials and is purely MAINSTREAM, yet extremely powerful. Thus one does not risk getting any "Backfire"

(Remote Attraction for Salvaging Broken Relationships)
- This Amulet can also be used to REMOTELY ATTRACT a specific person from far without meeting. A special Mantra and instructions will be shared. This method is believed to make the target person keep thinking of you, miss you, feel eager to meet you and strong desire to communicate with you. However, Ajahn warned that one should not misuse this spell as it can cause serious inconveniences.


What makes this particular Khun Paen so unique, special and most importantly very powerful?

Many have already know that AJ Ruang is most renowned for his Takrut Maha KHUN Paen aka Playboy Takrut since 2011. Two versions were made Inc the master batch “Ratchadam” version using a special black powder. Those who have bought it can attest to how powerful its attraction properties are.

Subsequently we introduced a new Attraction Amulet known as “Thao Wahn Loong”, a very rare and powerful herb believed to be one of the most powerful attraction ingredient.

We then requested AJ Ruang to create an amulet solely for attraction, using his renowned Wiccha of KHUN Paen combined with the powerful ingredient Thao Wahn Long, hence AJ Ruang created this special batch.

Basically, it is a KHUN Paen Amulet, empowered using the same wiccha AJ Ruang used for his Playboy Takrut, made using Phong Ratchadam the special ingredient used to make the Master Batch Playboy Takrut combined with the legendary Thao Wahn Long. A mini version of Takrut KHUN Paen Playboy is also embedded at the back. Consider this like a ALL IN ONE EXTREME MAHA SANEH AMULET lol.

This special batch of Phra KHUN Paen amulet is hand pump personally by AJ Ruang. The ingredients used are

1) Phong Puttamang Holy Powder. This is the same powder used to add inside the “enhanced” version of Playboy Takrut back in 2012. He kept plenty of it still. What is Phong Puttamang? It is a type of holy powder made from various plants and herbs. During ceremonies and events, monks and ajarns would exchange phong Puttamang with each other as a customary form of respect. Each person have their own unique ways of making them and this powder, AJ collected from many different masters and monks for more than 20 years.

2) Thao Wahn Long, an extremely rare and “dangerous” herb that is said to originate high up in the mountains. It is believed to possess strong hypnotic charming effects that if one stumbles upon it in the wild, they are said to be in a hypnotic state and get lost in the forest, keep walking round and round and keep coming back to the same place until someone comes to rescue. This ingredient is believed to be extremely powerful for charming a person. More information about it can be found in this link below.

3) Embedded with a miniature Playboy Takrut at the back. This is AJ Ruang signature Yant Maha KHUN Paen, except the mini version only consisting of the main heart spell of KHUN Paen

This Khun Paen amulet has been consecrated by AJ Ruang, just like any KP would. However, AJ Ruang has a very unique and special way of empowering KHUN Paen, the same Wicca that he used to create the Playboy Takrut. Every different maker have their own Wicca that is passed down to them, thus no two KHUN Paen are the same.

This amulet according to AJ Ruang is also suitable for ladies.

This is believed to be one of the most powerful KHUN Paen amulet due to the ingredients and the way it’s made, especially the rare Thao Wahn Long.

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