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13. Extreme Wealth Mystical Yantra Tambang Lereng Raja Yantra ( King of All Javanese Wealth Yantra)

13. Extreme Wealth Mystical Yantra Tambang Lereng Raja Yantra ( King of All Javanese Wealth Yantra)

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Tambang Liring Tokoh Lengkap

Powerful Wealth & Protection Mystical Javanese Yantra

❗️CUSTOM MADE. 100% Hand Drawn. Known to be the MOST POWERFUL KEJAWEN Wealth yantra.

What is Tambang Lereng?

Tambang Lereng is an ancient form of Javanese Magic originating from Kejawen, a blend of Hindu and Muslim beliefs. The Kejawen people, known for their powerful sorcery, were a mixture of Hindu and Islamic traditions. Historically, they included warriors and shamans who used Ilmu (knowledge) to become invisible, immune to weapons, and to instantly heal from injuries. Tambang Lereng, a potent talisman, is made from the skin of Rajah Kijang or Raja Macan, adorned with deity, warrior, or animal images, and corresponding mantras. Its power depends on the symbols depicted. Creating Tambang Lereng requires lineage-based knowledge, and unauthorized attempts can lead to curses. Empowerment involves intricate rituals, offerings to symbolic beings, and utilizing Tenaga Dalam (spiritual energy) to imbue the talisman with their essence. The images, mantras, and scriptures are activated, contributing to its potency.

About This Product & Its Magical Properties

The Ancient Javanese Kejawen King of Wealth Yantra is a potent symbol renowned for attracting money, increasing wealth (rezeki), boosting business income, and fulfilling wishes. Hand-drawn on Raja Kijang Skin, each Yantra is personalized through ritualization based on the owner's Name and DOB. These customized Yantras, with their images, yantras, and mantras, activate and work for the owner without the need for constant worship. They serve as a permanent wealth-enhancing spell, operating in the background of the owner's life. The Yantra is believed to consistently attract wealth, unveil new opportunities, attract positive individuals, generate business and side income, all while safeguarding the owner's wealth due to its unique bonding to the owner.

How Tambang Lereng Is Made?

Creating one of this Tambang Lereng is a very elaborate, long and tedious process that requires chanting for every specific images/yantra/mantra that is being inscribed. Even the ink used to draw/write is not just any ordinary ink. Of course for practical reason, marker is used but the marker itself has to be ritualized/empowered in a certain way and the ink is consistently dipped into a special oil when drawing or writing , which is a mixture of various empowerment oil such as Misik, Zaffron and others that we strictly cannot disclose (because if the mixture is wrong, NO POWER). As a result, the Tambang Liring will emit a very mysterious, enchanting and very nice scent that one would definitely appreciate and be mesmerized by.

It is said that whoever owns such Tambang Lereng, is believed to always be successful in anything they do, always progress higher and higher and will always be respected.

The yantra is also made for Peninding (Protection) meaning the owner is always protected especially from negative energies, black Magic, spirits etc permanently as long as the yantra is kept carefully. According to our guru, if anyone tried to send “dirty thing” to the owner, the yantra will absorb it and dispel it, sending it back to the source.

Some of the image also represents everlasting benefactors (kui ren) meaning it is believed that the owner will always receive help from others. Benefactors could also represent clients/customers especially for those who are doing business, signifying potential growth and more opportunities coming or more deals being closed.

This type of Yantras by Kejawen are said to be protected by angels and certain entities.

If one does not want this anymore, all they have to do is return it back to us, we will send our guru to de-activate it and destroy it respectfully. This does not contain or involve any Jinn or “paybacks” so 100% guarantee no backfire. Strictly no Khodam or Khodamic Entity or Jin Genies.




Buying a TAMBANG LERENG that is not from a qualified person will not only be dangerous for the maker, but for the user as well. One of the way you can tell is simply by looking at the image/drawing. If something feels off, imperfect, weird, chances are it is FAKE because as i stated above, if one is not qualified no matter how nice they try to do it, it will always look OFF. We are confident to say that we are the only original seller in SG because we have sold many and all we receive are positive feedbacks



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