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Element Mustika Spiritual

61. Yant 108 Kamasutra Hardcore Sexual Attraction Amulet

61. Yant 108 Kamasutra Hardcore Sexual Attraction Amulet

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Powerful 108 Kamasutra Sex Drive Amulet + Powerful Attraction Oil

Made and strongly blessed by AJ James, one of the most masters in Chiang Mai and also our main Ajarn for performing Love Binding Rituals whom we have worked with for many years.

This amulet consists of a Yantra Cloth featuring 108 different Yant Kamasoot, a type of "Krueng Lang" or Animist Maha Saneh Magic which represents 108 different Kamasutra position, hence this amulet is full of spinning sexual kama sutra energy that the wearer is known to possess when wearing it.

👉 Yant Kamasutra is also said to be good for granting wishes in terms of love. It is believed that the user can ask for wish to attract or convince a intended lover. Just by wearing it, the user charm and sex appeal is known to become very strong, making those of the opposite sex (or same sex, depending on the user's interest) be very attracted and drawn towards the user. This Locket can also be placed under the bed or pillow during intimacy.

👉 Second, a small vial of powerful oil component that has been added into this Takrut is a special Nam Man 108 Kamasoot that is made by the revered Por Noi Tun, along with few other Kruba Ajarn (Refer to 4th Pictures Onwards). The oil is made using a blend of 108 real charming oil extract, See Pheung Beeswax, Nam Man Chang (Elephant Sp**rm) and many more. It is then boiled and mixed together while being chanted and blessed by Por Noi Tun and 3 other masters. The oil is then added into the Takrut for extreme attraction effect.

One of the powder used to mix in the oil is known as "Phong Saw Sam Moo Ban Kin Nam" meaning "Ladies of 3 Village Drinking Water from same well", which implies the ability to attract and capture as many lover at the same time. This is a very ancient Love Wicca that was taught by Por Noi Tun, a very powerful attraction charm with ultra high Maha Saneh magic made using a thousand years old formulae found in Khmer grimoire of spells.

Overall, This powerful Phayant Kama Sutra for attraction is known to bestows the wearer with extreme Maha Saneh and ability to attract the opposite sex easily.

This kind of amulet is specially for those who wish to get lucky with intimacy and love. Also recommended for those with weak sex drive and low sexual prowess or "energy" while making love. This locket can also boost confidence and sex appeal when trying to seduce the opposite gender.

Magical properties as mentioned

•Strong attraction towards opposite sex
•Boost sex drive / sexual energy
•Long lasting in intimacy and easily satisfy your partner
•Strong seduction power
•Increase sex appeal
•Dominance over your partner
•Make your partner be more faithful and wont leave you easily
•Make your partner addicted to having intimacy with you

many more can be said.. just try to find out yourself

We only advice that one should not misuse this type of amulet because its very powerful and can be used for the wrong purpose such as attracting someone else's souse or break a relationship. However, we are not held responsible.

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