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7. Bulu Perindu Love Attraction Oil | Minyak Pengasih Bulu Perindu Maharaj Love Root of Longing King Attraction Oil

7. Bulu Perindu Love Attraction Oil | Minyak Pengasih Bulu Perindu Maharaj Love Root of Longing King Attraction Oil

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Special Love Attraction Oil that have shown to be very effective with many successful testimonials and feedback over the years, created using a combination of rare and powerful Indonesian Shamanic ingredients that are extremely potent for opposite sex attraction, love binding and even career or business success.

This oil is made and strongly empowered by our own shaman who is a renowned Dukun in Java using the highest level of metaphysical knowledge. Javanese shamans are renowned around the world for creating some of the strongest love charms. Each batch are empowered for 49 nights at 3 different nature locations in Kalimantan.


What is Bulu Perindu ?

Bulu Perindu, also called the Root of Longing or Love Root, is a mystical root that originates from Indonesia, known for its potent attraction abilities. It possesses strong elemental energies and metaphysical properties related to Attraction, Magnetism, and Fascination. It's frequently used as a key ingredient in powerful Love Oils. This is due to its unique trait of moving autonomously in water and the natural attraction between male and female Bulu Perindu Roots, causing them to draw together and intertwine.


Here's an example,

About our Love Attraction Oil & How it Works ?

The term "perindu" translates to "miss" or "longing." It generates a lasting and unforgettable presence, particularly during interactions, like courtship with the opposite sex. This leads to them missing you, continuously thinking of you, and eagerly desiring your company.

The Love Oil, when applied to specific facial points like the eyebrow, aims to boost personal charisma, enhance attractiveness to the opposite sex, awaken sexual appeal, improve beauty, and radiate a positive aura. This could lead others to find you more appealing, offering potential advantages in areas like courtship, love, and career.

The oil can be applied to attract a desired person by touching or shaking hands with them. This is intended to make them think of you constantly and feel a longing for you. Similarly, this method can be used with clients or customers during business interactions to create a positive attitude towards your promotions and proposals.


REMOTE ATTRACTION for Salvaging Broken Relationships & Calling Back Ex Lovers

In a case where you don’t get to physically meet the person you intend to attract, There is also a special method that is believed to remotely / telepathically attract a desired person or ex-lover though recitation / photograph that you may request to be taught upon purchase.

NOTE : This method only works with our oil as the mantras and steps required only corresponds with how our oils are made.

The remote attraction method is known to help with salvaging broken relationship, attract a desired person feeling towards you, win the heart of someone you love and also to reconcile with a ex lover without having a chance to meet.


Our Bulu Perindu Love Oil offers various benefits, including aiding in love attraction and strengthening relationships by fostering fidelity and attachment. It can also enhance special skills, boost confidence, and improve popularity. In business contexts, the oil can provide an advantage by building trust, leaving a positive impression, and making clients more receptive to suggestions. The oil's versatile application involves visualizing desired effects before use. Regular use is recommended to allow the oil's energies to enhance personal magnetism, even when not directly applied, as its effects can persist in one's aura.


Overall Properties of Our Love Attraction Bulu Perindu Oil

  • Amazingly powerful enchanting presence.
  • Strong Attraction towards the Opposite Sex
  • Increase your Charm, Magnetism & Attractiveness
  • Create a lasting unforgettable experience in the minds of those who you interact with and make your targeted person miss your presence.
  • Improves Relationship / Marriage , dissolve disharmony, strengthen bond, promotes higher love chemistry and make your partner more faithful towards you.
  • Possess a high level of charming aura and popularity among others.
  • Remote Attraction through chanting mantra
  • Able to be well liked and admired by everyone easily
  • Gain a high level of popularity & fame
  • Easily gain favors and sympathy from others
  • Loving Kindness & Sweet Talking
  • Able to influence others through sympathy and making their heart soft towards you
  • Make others listen to you and do as you say
  • Winning in any Negotiations
  • Able to attract customers/clients and easily close deals
  • Possess a strong sense of self-confident and high in self-esteem
  • Be Able to achieve higher social standing and recognition • Prevent Negative Energies from affecting you that are caused by Evil Eyes/Jealousy/Envy Many more.

What makes our Attraction Oil so Powerful? Aside from Bulu Perindu, it also contains many other rare and powerful ingredients that are renowned for their Attraction & Magnetism qualities. Here are some of the ingredients used for this oil which I’m allowed to name. Few more are kept secret as to prevent any copycat attempts.

  • 7 Pair of male + female Bulu Perindu Keramat, Dayak Empowered
  • Akar Cenuai King of Charm Roots (Rare)
  • Buluh Chendrawasih (Birds of Paradise Feathers) for strong aura and charisma
  • Holy ash from Moses Mountain (Nabi Musa) Mt. Sinai
  • Sacred Dugong Tears / Air Mata Duyong / Mermaid Tears
  • Rambut Bunian (Elves root obtained through special rituals)
  • 24k Pure Gold Flakes (Serbuk Emas) for vibrant aura and charm
  • Mani Gajah Lampung for charisma, authority & strong pheromone
  • Various Charm & Love Herbs + Oil extract from 7 different flowers and 9 different sacred herbs.
  • Special written Takrut with Javanese pelet mantra to assist with Remote Attraction & Heart Binding


Our Oil is made using 100% natural ingredients, without any spirits or entities involved.

Proper method of usage will be taught upon purchase via WhatsApp or Email.



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