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18. Hardcore Wealth Takrut 5 Legendary Mustika Pearls / 5 Wealth Blessings (Wu Tu) Known as 5 Poisons

18. Hardcore Wealth Takrut 5 Legendary Mustika Pearls / 5 Wealth Blessings (Wu Tu) Known as 5 Poisons

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Legendary 5 Mystical Pearl Takrut

Combination of 5 Most Powerful & Sought After Mustika Pearls, each possessing very strong metaphysical properties mainly for Attracting Wealth & Luck.


After much consideration and advice from my Indonesian Master and a Taoist Wicca Practitioner, We are proud to introduce for the first time a very special and unique Takrut that is believed to be one of the most powerful amulet we have ever posted - The 5 Legendary Mystic Pearl, aka 5-Poison Takrut.

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The Centipede Pearls and other Mustika Pearls are widely recognized in the spiritual community for their potency in Wealth, Luck, and Windfall attraction. Our customers have also reported positive experiences with them.

This Takrut stands out due to its uniqueness and power, as it comprises five distinct types of Mustika Pearls. These five Mystic Pearls are considered exceptionally potent and are deemed the most powerful Pearls within the Asian shamanic community. Obtaining some of these pearls can be quite challenging due to their rarity.

In Taoist Occult, this is simply known as the "5 Poisons" or "Wu Tu" for short, known to be extremely powerful for creating Charms, Talismans & Consecration of Warrior Effigies.

The 5 Mystic Pearls that this Takrut contains are :
1. Geliga Lipan Bara (Fiery Red Centipede Pearl)
2. Geliga Ibu Ular (Cobra Pearl)
3. Geliga Semut Bara (Fire Ant Pearl)
4. Geliga Pelanduk (Hornet Pearl)
5. Geliga Kala Jengking (Scorpion Pearl)


The 5 Pearls hold a significant meaning as they represent 5 Poisonous Creatures, which, in Taoist Occult, symbolize distinct types of power and blessings. In Taoist Mao Shan practices, these 5 Poisonous Live Creatures, known as "Wu Tu," are frequently employed to create potent charms. Historically, Wu Tu were placed within effigies or statues of deities, symbolizing Supreme Life Force, Soul, and blessings from five different directions. Charms containing Wu Tu are believed to be highly effective and powerful, known for delivering rapid results.

While we do not use live creatures, similarly, the same can be incorporated with the 5 Mustika Pearls used. Each Pearls have its own unique qualities and beliefs and when placed together, they are the most powerful combination.

This Takrut consists of the 5 of our most powerful and sought-after Mustika Pearl that are legendary and widely known for attracting Immense Luck & Wealth Fetching.

  • King Centipede Pearl : Most Highest & Powerful Grad, most powerful Mystic Pearl for Money Luck, Wealth Enhancing & Gambling/Lottery Windfall Luck.
  • Cobra Pearl (Nagamani) : Believed to bestow it’s owner with immense luck, wealth fetching, luck with business & sales, power of authority, spiritual awakening, protection & many more..
  • Geliga Semut Bara (Fire Ant Pearl) : Believed to bestow strong luck with trading, investments, sales, benefactor luck, attract unexpected windfall and it is also said that when you are in trouble, people will come and help you out of nowhere. Many more.
  • Geliga Pelanduk (Hornet Pearl) : Believed to bestow its wearer with strong protection against negative energies, black magic, evil eyes, “Xiao Ren” and believed to bestow great authority and command respect from people around
  • Geliga Kala Jengking (Scorpion Pearl) : Believed to bestow its wearer with immense wealth luck, strong charisma, authority, benefactors luck (Kui Ren), be admired and easily get help from people around, business/sales luck, and career progression


In addition to pearls, this combination features a selection of Charms & Attraction Ingredients:

Bulu Perindu Love Root of Longing: Known for its potent properties in attraction, magnetism, and charisma.

Akar Cenuai Emas (King of Charm Root): Recognized for its strong attraction and love charm capabilities.

Mani Gajah Fossil: Believed to grant dominance, authority, respect, and intense sexual attraction.

Tiny drop of Air Mata Duyong Magical Mermaid Tears: Revered for its ability to bring captivating charm and affection

This Takrut is suitable for anyone without any restrictions at all. Regardless of Ba Zi , Religion etc. In fact, This takrut is known to be beneficial for people who lack certain elements as it consists of all 5 elements.

This takrut is also very good for deflecting negative energies that are caused by evil eyes, jealousy and envy from others that could negatively affect your luck, especially if you are someone who is doing well.


Wearing this takrut is believed to bring various benefits, including:

  • Fulfilling desires and achieving goals quickly
  • Ensuring a smooth journey in life, career, and social advancement
  • Protection from negative influences like Evil Eyes and jealousy, redirecting negative thoughts/actions back to their source
  • Eliminating obstacles and problems, enhancing confidence, determination, and strength
  • Customers have reported increased confidence, assertiveness, and enthusiasm, enabling them to overcome challenges more easily, in addition to the numerous windfall testimonials.


Please note that the appearance of the pearl may vary from the one pictured, as mustika pearls have unique features, but their power remains consistent.


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