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20. High Level Love Attraction 7 Bidadari Javanese Pelet Oil

20. High Level Love Attraction 7 Bidadari Javanese Pelet Oil

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Introducing, the one and only batch ever going to be sold, custom made by our very own Tambang Liring Maker, Minyak Pemikat Dewa Pelet (Kamadeva) Love & Attraction Oil.

❤️In the link below, are some amazing successful Testimonials shared by our customers who tried our Minyak Pengasih (Love Attraction Oils).

Hundreds more are openly written, embedded within our 1500+ Positive Feedback on our Profile. The reason why we are sharing the link is because when it comes to Attraction Oils, We are simply the best. The reason is that every single oil we sell is CUSTOM MADE, Hand Made, INDIVIDUALLY EMPOWERED (not mass chanted 50/50 fast game like others), and most importantly, done by a highly knowledgeable and REAL Pawang.

Dewa Pelet is named after the Hindu God of Love, Lust & Affection known as Kamadeva, which means Kamasutra Dewa. As we know, Ancient Javanese Kejawen spiritual practices are inter connected with Hindu Animist Practices.

This oil is empowered using the same Ilmu, Methods and Ritual that our guru uses to make the Tambang Liring version that have shown to be very powerful but due to limited time, he could only make a few bottles.

Highly recommended for those who are..
- Feeling Low in Self-Esteem
- Not Feeling Attractive Enough
- Not Confident Enough to Face Someone you Love or Feel like You Are Lacking Attention From Opposite Sex
- Couldn't Get Along Well With Others & People Around
- Wish to Salvage A Broken Relationship

This oil is made using a combination of Ingredients that are widely known to be very powerful and extremely potent when it comes to Pelet Birahi. Some of it includes..

- BAMBOO PERINDU (Bulu Perindu from Bamboo) that can only be found in the high mountains of Kalimantan and obtained by an animal. They are very thin compared to normal Bulu Perindu and they are extremely rare. Bulu Perindu is known as the "Love Root of Longing" and its believed to be one of the most powerful Attraction Charm. Perindu means "To Miss" and its often used to Enchantment oil as its believed to allow whoever comes across the user to keep "thinking and missing" them.

- Mani Gajah Alpha Male : Believed to be a very powerful Ingredient known for Strong Sexual Attraction, Dominance, Aura of Authority and said to possess strong natural pheromone that is known to increase one's sex drive and sexually arouse the opposite gender when coming in close contact.

- Holy Ashes from Mt Sinai (Moses Mountain) - An extremely rare and powerful material that is highly sought after by Dukuns. Prophet Moses (Nabi Musa) is said to be the most handsome and charming prophet who possessed immense charm that could make anyone fall in love, even god himself. Mt Sinai is where Nabi Musa is said to receive the 10 commandments from God himself. Only certain people knows where is the EXACT AREA, and the ashes if fated, can be found there and during pilgrimage, Holy people would collect the ash for their own use (Mix in oil, eyeliner or face powder)

There are many more ingredients that we cannot name but rest assured if we do decide to share, they are unheard of or for those who know, will know that they are known to be very, very powerful.

The term "Pelet" literally means "To Charm" or "To Enchant". The maker is one of the most respected Dalang in Kalimantan and those who are into Spirituality or Paranormal, knows that Minyak Pelet from Kalimantan are known to be the most POTENT in the world.

The different between “Minyak Pelet” and “Minyak Pengasih” is.. Pengasih means “personal charm” whereas “Pelet” means targetted attraction.

The Ilmu Pelet used to create this Oil is one of the oldest formulas that the maker uses, passed down from generations. In Kalimantan, he only makes for selected people, especially those who are having problems with finding love, getting into a relationship, or self-esteem or confidence issues when it comes to courtship and attracting people. In picture no (3) in this listing, is the original way our Guru makes it, in a tiny bottle, this is quite standard in Kalimantan for Minyak Pelet. However, only for us, we requested for a 5ML Bottle so that our clients can use more and keep for longer period.

We are unable to sell at 10ml or larger because the oil is extremely hard to get. According to the maker, the main oil he uses is said to be obtained through "Tarikan" ritual. It is then mixed with other herb oil (only a little) and then empowered during a Wayang Kulit Performance on Full Moon. It is said that during the Wayang Kulit performance whereby rituals and offerings are required to summon the deities/devas/entities of the characters (Rawanah, Arjuna, Semar etc) similar to Kuda Kepang or Spiritual Silat, the oil of the Minyak Pelet is known to be energised at the highest level by itself. It is also believed that during a full moon if one place this oil in front of the moonlight, it could re-fill on its own (though we have yet to try but some of our customer who bought similar oils claim that no matter how much they use, it won't run out) so please take this information at your own discretion :)

This oil has 7 Different Charm Ingredients inside representing the 7 Bidadari and a special Azimat inside along with a few other ingredients we are not allowed to name to prevent copy-cats. As this oil is only made for us.

This oil is believed to bring strong immense charm and attraction properties to the wearer. One could use this powerful oil for many purposes mainly believed for Love Attraction, Enchanting a Desired Person, Increase Charm, Sex Appeal, Magnetism and many more.

This oil is also known to possess very strong PELET BIHARI properties meaning if a person has low sex drive or their partner has low sexual feelings towards the user, this oil is believed to help increase one's drive and magnetism.

Since the first release of our Tambang Liring Dewa Pelet 7 Bidadari, many who have tried and experienced its JALAN-ness requested an oil version to go along so here it is after many months of waiting.

This oil is made using some of the most powerful natural ingredients that are known to possess strong attraction properties along with our guru's own ingredient that he normally use for his Minyak Pelet that we strictly cannot share. It is said that one drop of this oil, it is believed to make a person go crazy, thus the name Extreme Pelet.

A very special and powerful Oil known for Strong Opposite Sex Attraction and LOVE Attraction. According to the maker/dalang, there is a method known to charm a specific person Remotely/from afar (Pelet Jarak Jauh) which we will teach upon purchase. But if you are only getting this oil just for this method alone then you are wasting your money because this oil is known for many other benefits as well if you know how to fully Utilise and take the initiative (usaha) and can also be carried around as a charm/talisman for the same known purposes.

According to the maker, this Oil is also known to assist its wearer when it comes to business, negotiations, and overall interpersonal relationships with people around. We will share a special mantra that the user can recite before meeting a person of interest.

Only limited pieces are available. Wont be available again once all sold.

💯Our Reviews and Testimonials SCREAMS “POWERFUL” , “JALAN” , “EFFECTIVENESS”, hence there will always be copy-cat attempts from famous scammers.💯

**❗️BEWARE** of self-proclaimed guru and fake spiritual shop who copy our information and selling their fake Attraction oils at a very high price. We operate online, therefore we can afford to sell at a reasonable price :) More often than not, those fake spiritual gurus selling their own self-proclaim Minyak Pengasih often degrade other sellers as they are desperate nobody buys from them after getting exposed countless times for selling fake products. With high overheads and no customers, they are desperate to sell at a high price today and make up to 70% discount the next day. The same fake master who has been exposed countless times for cheating customers and selling cheap $2-$3 stones purchased from Lazada/Shoppee, claiming it has Khodam and selling for $800 above. When you pay a lot of money on such a fake spiritual master, you are actually paying for their storytelling and advertisement fee, not the quality of the item. If in doubt, please contact us :)

If you are interested to read more on how to differentiate a real authentic minyak pengasih vs fake, check the link below.

Note that my guru uses the best and most powerful ingredients and most importantly, he is a real DUKUN unlike those “pretending” to be a guru. Our testimonials and feedback speak for themselves.
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