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23. King Of Charm Rajah Pengasih Cenuai 7 Mystical Wood , King of Charm & Attraction Love Oil

23. King Of Charm Rajah Pengasih Cenuai 7 Mystical Wood , King of Charm & Attraction Love Oil

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Minyak Rajah Pengasih Cenuai Maharaj
Exclusively by Element Mustika

Made using 7 Cenuai, 7 Mustic Woods & Many other Powerful Ingredients.

A latest addition to our Minyak Pengasih / Love Attraction Oil, Introducing one of the most powerful Oil renowned in South East Asia for being extremely potent. Last batch we had was sold in 2019. It took our guru 3 years to source each ingredients for this batch.

Rajah Pengasih Cenuai, also known as the "King of Charm Herb" is widely known for its strong energies associated with Charm, Attraction, Magnetism & Hypnotic gaze power.

When it comes to Minyak Pengasih / Love Attraction Oil, our products are without doubt the best. We don’t say it, we show it. Take a look in the link below for all our testimonials on top of our thousands of reviews here.


For those who dont know about this Oil, kindly read the information below.

Akar Cenuai or Ceduai root is known to be by far the most powerful attraction ingredient used to make enchantment oil that can make anyone fall madly in love with the wearer. The most powerful Cenuai is from Gunong Ledang, in this bottle itself.

Similar to Bulu Perindu, the Cenuai can only be found in the deep jungles and mountains. However, Certain types of cenuai used can only be found deep underground and it’s believed to be of the bunion realm and can only be obtained through ritual "Tarikan". Its raw ingredient will feel extremely cold, that’s because the energy of pengasih is very overwhelming.

This is believed to be a very powerful enchantment oil, and is available for sale, exclusively at Element Mustika.

The root is first soaked in specially blended oil with 108 different flowers extract which will then be empowered during various ceremonies by our guru.

This oil contains 7 DIFFERENT TYPES OF CENUAI, which is Akar Cenuai, Cenuai Laut, Cenuai Bumi, Bunga Ceduai, Cenuai Gunong Ledang, Cenuai Burong (from Bird Nest) and Cenuai Bunian. Each Cenuai are known to possess high elemental energies associated with Attraction, Magnetism & Love.

The Cenuai Root has been used throughout centuries by shamans or bomoh, to create potent love spells because the root is believed to bring immense charm, loving-kindness, and attractiveness to the user.

The Cenuai Root is said to be as powerful and potent as "Minyak D**U* and as possesses the same magnetism as SUSUK, but this oil is made entirely of natural ingredients with none of the bad side effects or "pantang larang".

One of the main qualities of Cenuai is that it helps the user attract the opposite gender with its strong magnetism energy and has the ability to enchant the heart of someone whom the user is trying to attract.

It is as simple as applying the oil on the eyebrow and be face to face with the desired person and the magical effect is known to naturally do its work!

Even without applying the oil, just by simply carrying it, the user is believed to still possess such immense charm that could trigger the feeling of "falling in love" with anyone the user come across.

This oil is also known to bestow its user with "Pemanis" or "Maha Niyom in Thai". It simply means the wearer will always be treated with compassion from everyone even if its a complete stranger. The user will possess a strong charm that could easily melt the heart of others, making it very easy for the user to ask for favors or to avoid any form of conflict with others. This is also very good for career progression, social climbing, and for those doing sales and business.

What makes this oil unique is special aside from just Charm & Attraction, it may also be used to increase one's luck, clarity of mind, confidence, aura, healing and spiritual cultivation.

7 Different types of wood are also intentionally added on top of the cenuai (right below the roller) so that the oil absorbs the energy & essence of the 7 mystical woods and when the user wants to apply the oil, the oil will pass through the wood and transferring its strong energy onto the oil to be applied. (More information below). The type of woods are,
- Teras Bertam (Known for dispelling negative energies and spirits)
- Rajah Kayu (Known for its powerful enchanting aura & increase luck)
- Teras Kelor (Known for its strong protective qualities)
- Teras Gemungal (Known for its strong energy for attraction)
- Kayu Malam (Known for strong protection against bodily harm)
- Kayu Menang (Know to increase luck & chance of winning in entertainment games)
- Kemuning Hitam (Known for mind clarity, meditation etc)

When applied onto the 3rd eye chakra (between both eyebrows), this is known to help people with lack of clarity, inability to have a vision, feeling stuck without being able to see the whole picture. It could also be used to increase focus, concentration and when facing complex issue, promotes mental clarity to overcome it.

As the Third Eye chakra develops during the meditation the best way to balance and strengthen it is to focus and concentrate during the meditation. Which most of the time is challenging.

Applying on the forehead is said to keep your mind focused and to make correct decisions.

For meditation, it could be a great tool for keeping focus and concentration. It further helps to connect with the higher levels of the mind and consciousness, the ones that bring clarity to understanding in one's life/

Applying it daily is believed to activate , balance, and strengthen the chakras.

This oil can also be used for many different purposes

- To increase charm and charisma. One of the main qualities of this Cenuai Oil is that it is believed to help the user attract the opposite gender with its strong magnetism and ability to enchant the heart of someone who the user is trying to attract. Its as simple as applying the oil on the eye brow and just be face to face with the desired person for it to work. Even without applying the oil and just simply carry it, the user is known to still possess such immense charm that could trigger the feeling of fondness to anyone the user comes across as well as create Long lasting mesmerizing impression towards anyone you interact with.

- Cenuai is also believed to help with intimacy, improving the user’s sex appeal and magnetism as well as known for making the other party feel more sexually attracted and aroused by the user. Note that one should not abuse this ability as the law of karma is inevitable.

- The wearer is believed to be able to win the heart of someone they love. This is the most well known quality of Cenuai. .

If you are keen please do PM us,

💯Our Reviews and Testimonials SCREAMS “POWERFUL” , “JALAN” , “EFFECTIVENESS”, hence there will always be copy-cat attempts from famous scammers.💯

**❗️BEWARE** of self-proclaimed guru and fake spiritual shop who copy our information and selling their fake Attraction oils at a very high price. We operate online, therefore we can afford to sell at a reasonable price :) More often than not, those fake spiritual gurus selling their own self-proclaim Minyak Pengasih often degrade other sellers as they are desperate nobody buys from them after getting exposed countless times for selling fake products. With high overheads and no customers, they are desperate to sell at a high price today and make up to 70% discount the next day. The same fake master who has been exposed countless times for cheating customers and selling cheap $2-$3 stones purchased from Lazada/Shoppee, claiming it has Khodam and selling for $800 above. When you pay a lot of money on such a fake spiritual master, you are actually paying for their storytelling and advertisement fee, not the quality of the item. If in doubt, please contact us :)

If you are interested to read more on how to differentiate a real authentic minyak pengasih vs fake, check the link below.

Note that my guru uses the best and most powerful ingredients and most importantly, he is a real DUKUN unlike those “pretending” to be a guru. Our testimonials and feedback speak for themselves.
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