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24. LEGENDARY 7 ASURA Takrut original Batch By AJ RUANG

24. LEGENDARY 7 ASURA Takrut original Batch By AJ RUANG

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The Legendary 7 Asura Takrut
First & Original Batch by Ajarn Ruang. Many who have been following the amulet community long enough would know that the first and original Asura Takrut was released by Ajarn Ruang in Singapore back in 2013. Upon seeing great success, remakes of it were created.

YES, this is the original batch by Ajarn Ruang, the same batch that was first released had received tons of amazing feedbacks and testimonials and have helped many with their wealth, improved business, career and overall improvements in their life.

About This Takrut

This special Takrut, created by AJ Ruang, holds the essence and names of 7 Legendary and Powerful Asuras from both Hindu and Thai mythology. Asuras are beings that oppose the Devas, competing for power, and are often depicted as highly intelligent and powerful, albeit proud, arrogant, and materialistic. Despite these qualities, they are also respected as many serve Gods and Goddesses, possessing positive attributes and being avatars of powerful deities.

There are many legendary Asuras in Hindu-Buddhist legends that are still highly regarded and worshiped today such as Lord Ravana, King Banasura, Veerabadhra, Phra Toksakan and many more. Despite their title as an "Asura", many are worshiped more then Devas themselves.

In this Takrut, the Mantras/Yantras are made to capture the essence and energy of 7 of the most powerful and highest ranking Asuras. It consists of a copper plate with inscriptions of the main Asura who is the leader (name will be shared upon purchase) alongside the 2nd and 3rd most powerful. The rest are written in Mantras. The main Asura whom we refer to as the "Big Brother" is the mightiest but most compassionate of them all. For those who have seen AJ Ruang in trance before, knows that this "Big Brother" Asura is the one that grants the most wishes despite being the fiercest.

In the past when AJ Ruang visited Singapore, he would occasionally "trance" Big Brother Asura during events and many individuals sought guidance from the "Big Brother" Asura for legal, job, family, and financial issues, experiencing remarkable outcomes through his blessings. Although AJ Ruang no longer visits Singapore, this Takrut acts as a conduit to connect with the Asuras. Wearing this Takrut is believed to attract the attention of the "Big Brother" Asura and his six subordinates, establishing the wearer as a worshiper and providing protection and care.

Additionally, the Takrut is thought to repel spirits, ghosts, jinns, and demons, as they recognize the wearer's association with the Asuras and refrain from approaching. These seven Asuras hold greater power than many devas, deities, lersi, and spirits like Kumantong, Lukok, and Phra ngan. The Takrut includes a cloth inscribed with the main Asura and various Khom Akarat mantras, wrapped around the copper yant.

Properties of Asura Takrut

This Takrut is thought to confer a range of magical and spiritual attributes to its possessor. By concentrating on the desired effect, the Takrut is believed to manifest effects, particularly in terms of wealth and career advancement. It has the potential to enhance business prospects, attract new clients, provide windfalls during financial need, and more.

Since its release by AJ Ruang, numerous accounts have emerged of individuals having their wishes granted, receiving unexpected windfalls, and experiencing significant life improvements. As Asuras are characterized by materialism and arrogance, they openly showcase their abilities and are reputed for gifting substantial wealth to the wearer as a demonstration of their power.

Numerous customers have reported increased confidence, shifts in their aura and appearance, and a notable sense of dominance and respect from others after wearing this Takrut. People also found themselves unexpectedly commanding respect and even inducing fear in others without apparent cause.

This Takrut is associated with a range of benefits and magical attributes that are believed to be obtained simply by wearing it daily. It's particularly effective in attracting wealth, opportunities, and sudden luck. Wearing it seems to invoke the presence and assistance of the Asuras, providing support in various aspects of daily life.

Enhanced with 20 distinct sacred ingredients, each contributing unique properties such as wealth attraction and protection, this Takrut holds significant potential for its wearers.

Empowering & Blessing

Grand Blessing Ceremony for Asura Takrut & Various Other Items

AJ Ruang has described this Takrut as the ultimate supercharger for magical items. Placing it near items like barang, khodam, jinn, and lersi enhances their power, eliminating the need for continuous blessings. With this potent Takrut, all spirit-related amulets are continually empowered, streamlining the need for elaborate offerings.

The Takrut's empowerment involved a special 71-day consecration ceremony, led by AJ Ruang, during which the powerful Asura Toksakan was invoked to grant blessings and permission to energize each individual Takrut.

Notably, this Takrut consists of 100% pure mainstream elements; no occult ingredients were utilized. The 20 sacred ingredients within serve to reinforce and invite the presence of the 7 Mighty Asuras.

Regular sincerity is the only requirement for this Takrut—no special worship or upkeep is needed. It's important to maintain realistic expectations and understand that blessings from Asuras are bestowed upon those who prove worthy, as they don't casually grant their blessings.


This is the ORIGINAL & FIRST BATCH of Asura Takrut by AJ Ruang. Our numerous powerful reviews and testimonials highlight its effectiveness, setting it apart from imitations by scammers. Many customers have experienced negative outcomes with replica versions, such as backfiring luck due to improper consecration or the inclusion of low realm spirits instead of true Asuras.

❗️CAUTION: Beware of fake spiritual shops and self-proclaimed gurus copying our information, testimonials, and selling counterfeit Asura Takruts. We operate online and offer reasonable prices. These fake gurus often create remakes and discredit other sellers. They have been exposed for plagiarizing yantras online and passing them off as original. Paying them means investing in their stories and advertisements, not the item's quality. If unsure, contact us.

Creating a "Black Cloth Asura Takrut" is easy, and many exist in the market. However, we openly display the actual yants and inscriptions within the Takrut. While some parts are obscured to prevent copying, we reveal the takrut's composition to ensure authenticity, as such Takruts are easily counterfeited.

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