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Takrut Maha Khun Paen, The Legendary Playboy Takrut


Presenting the renowned Takrut Yant Maha Khun Paen 108 "Ratchadam," an incredibly potent Maha Saneh (Opposite Sex Attraction) amulet. This version, often referred to as the SUPER ENHANCED variant of the Legendary Playboy Takrut by AJ Ruang, has gained immense fame.

Recognized within the amulet community since 2011, this Takrut is celebrated for its exceptional effectiveness in inducing extreme love and attraction. Testimonials from individuals who personally met AJ Ruang in Singapore and acquired the amulet during 2011-2013 are available in the provided link.

About Takrut Maha Khun Paen

The "Playboy Takrut" is a title given to this extremely powerful Maha Saneh ("Love Attraction") Takrut by many devotees who have invited this Takrut when AJ Ruang was in singapore. Note : This can also be worn by woman regardless of the name given by devotees.

The special Takrut represents a heightened version of AJ Ruang's original Yant Maha Khun Paen, recognized as the Signature Playboy Takrut. It involves enveloping the Yant Khun Paen with a unique powder called Phong 108 Ratchadam, exclusive to AJ's amulet creations.

Phong 108 Ratchadam is inherently potent, composed of 108 diverse powders derived from herbs, plants, and roots renowned for their intense Attraction and Magnetism energies. Notable ingredients include 108 Wahn Saneh Love Herb Powder, Phong Puttamang 108 Holy Powder, Phong Ittijay, Phong Saneh Ya Faed, and aged Powder from Khun Paen Amulets spanning centuries. Essentially, it encapsulates the most powerful Saneh Yantra by combining these elements into a single amulet.


History of Takrut Maha Khun Paen

The Takrut Maha Khun Paen, famously referred to as the "Legendary Playboy Takrut" in the amulet community, was introduced by AJ Ruang in 2011 during a Singapore event. This special Yant Maha Khun Paen holds significance as one of AJ Ruang's closely guarded mystical teachings, inherited from his Gurus. Originally crafted for his Luksit and devoted followers, it later gained prominence in the amulet market. AJ Ruang, an adept kalawat with extensive knowledge of Wicca and exceptional sak yant skills, conceived this Yant Maha Khun Paen, recognized by those who knew him during his visit to Singapore.

Many devotees who have invited this takrut back then have reported significant improvements in their Love Life, Courtship & Romantic Relationship. There are many others who simply use this takrut to "play around" and those who did, experienced how powerful this Takrut is and named it "Playboy Takrut"

Note : Neither we nor AJ Ruang named this Playboy Takrut. It was given by customers.

Properties & Benefits :

The Takrut features the signature Yant Maha Khun Paen, a mystical design associated with the legendary figure Phra Khun Paen, a renowned General and warlock from the Ayutthaya era. This Yant is believed to have been used by Khun Paen for seduction and attraction purposes. AJ Ruang affirms that the same Yant inscribed on this Takrut was employed by Khun Paen to enchant women into becoming his partners, as per legend. Originally created for AJ Ruang's Thai followers and luksit, this Takrut aims to aid single men in their love lives and quest for soulmates.

The Takrut serves to enhance the wearer's attractiveness and allure to the opposite sex. AJ Ruang's belief is that it augments the wearer's sex appeal and magnetism towards women. The embedded Wicca is tailored to assist single men in attracting romantic partners, guided by a special katha provided by AJ Ruang. This katha empowers the wearer to chant it before meeting the desired woman, aiming to captivate her heart and evoke feelings of love.

The Takrut is also known to offers the ability to remotely attract a specific person without physical interaction. It involves a special Mantra and instructions that, when followed, are thought to make the targeted individual think of, miss, desire to meet, and communicate with the wearer. However, AJ Ruang cautions against misuse of this spell due to potential serious consequences.

This takrut is also known to help with career, interpersonal relationship, popularity and business as well. It all depends on your intentions.

One famous story from AJ Ruang was during one of AJ Ruang Wai Kru Ceremony, one of AJ Ruang’s disciple who was very fat and ugly come to visit his teacher AJ Ruang with a very beautiful thai girlfriend who looks like a model. He was wearing AJ Ruang’s Playboy Takrut and all his disciple / followers there had a good laugh about it. This is true story.

Noteworthy Story of Playboy Takrut

During one of AJ Ruang Wai Kru Ceremony somewhere in 2010 , a disciple who was initially considered fat and unattractive surprised everyone by arriving with a beautiful Thai girlfriend. This disciple wore AJ Ruang's Playboy Takrut, leading to amusement among the attendees. The amulet gained fame due to its exceptional power in attracting the opposite sex, prompting its informal nickname "Playboy Takrut." Its Yantra was based on the enchanting magic of Phra Khun Paen, a historical figure known for his captivating abilities during the Ayutthaya Era.

The amulet later became contentious when AJ Ruang ceased visiting Singapore, resulting in its scarcity. However, it was secured by a close associate and made available through the speaker's exclusive channel. The speaker's friend, an amulet dealer, managed to acquire a batch of these Takruts directly from AJ Ruang.

It's noteworthy that this specific Takrut is exclusively sold by us, Element Mustika. AJ Ruang has chosen not to distribute this Takrut to any other seller apart from us.



The Takrut Yant Maha Khun Paen, also known as the Playboy Takrut in the amulet community, is famed for its potent Maha Saneh (Opposite Sex Attraction) attributes. It was initially introduced by AJ Ruang during his visit to Singapore in 2011. Limited in production, those fortunate enough to acquire it shared highly positive reviews regarding its powerful Maha Saneh and magnetism effects. Demand surged, but its popularity waned when AJ Ruang faced issues and returned to Thailand, rendering the Takrut legendary.

Nonetheless, the seller's strong connections in Thailand allowed them to personally approach AJ Ruang and gain his trust. Despite his initial reluctance due to past experiences, a deal was struck, and AJ Ruang agreed to exclusively supply items to the seller. As a result, the seller became the sole authorized vendor for AJ Ruang's items, with any other claims of selling his items deemed entirely fake.




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