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72. LOVE Calling POWDER Phong Saneh Ya Faed Love Attraction Powder By AJ Ruang

72. LOVE Calling POWDER Phong Saneh Ya Faed Love Attraction Powder By AJ Ruang

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Phong Saneh Ya Faed (calling back love one), Powerful Love & Manifestation Powder

LOVE Calling POWDER Phong Saneh Ya Faed Love Attraction Powder By AJ Ruang, believed for opposite sex love attraction, sexual attraction, charm magnet, authority and many more reflective qualities. #thai amulet, takrut, powder, love tantra

Phong Saneh Ya Faed is considered to be the oldest type of Love Magic in Thai Mystical culture. It is believed to be used to attract a desired person through consumption and it is known to make the targeted person start developing feelings of love and attachment towards the user.

What makes this type of Wicca so strong, is because unlike using oils or performing rituals where the metaphysical energies starts from the outside, this is willingly consumed and enters the person directly, invading any kind of "protection" the user has.

This is one of our "Secret Product" that we introduce by AJ Ruang, renowned maker well known for his Maha Saneh items like our Playboy Takrut and Khun Paen amulets.

This powder is made using 100% natural and holy ingredients. It is made using Bua Faed (Twin Lotus Powder), Wahn Dot Thong (Golden Flower of Love), Wahn Saneh (Love Herb), Wahn Sao Long (Herb of Intimacy).

We have also given AJ Ruang some Bulu Perindu which he made into powder form as well as holy ashes from Mount Sinai Moses Mountain from our guru, which we use for our Bulu Perindu & Attraction Oils, to further amplify and enhance its magical attraction energies.


This powder believed to used to attracted a desired person or call back a ex lover by enchanting their heart and mind.

- It is believed to help make a person devalope strong sensation of Love, Fondness and be drawn towards you.

- It is believed to make an angry or evasive partner be softer and more receptive towards you

- It is believed to help make your partner listen to you and do whatever you say

- It is believed to help change the person's heart and mind during period of conflict, or if after they have lost feelings or "spark" towards you..

Many more..


According to AJ Ruang, to effectively use this powder one should simply apply a very tiny potion into the drink or food of the target.

- If this powder is mixed with your saliva from underneath your tongue and fed to the desired subject, it is believed that person will only talk to you and be interested to converse with you, thus not having the interested to talk to someone else.

- By mixing this powder with dead skin from ear or "ear wax" and fed to the targeted person, it is believed that person will only listen to you and you will have the powder to influence the mind through talking itself.

- To enchant the mind of the desired person to make him/her keep thinking of you and feel eager to meet you all the time, simply mix a little bit of this powder with dead skin or sweat from the forehead and feed it to the desired person.

- To enchant and influence the desired person and be in command, use the dead skin from underneath your feet and mix with this Yafaed powder and feed it to the person by mixing it in the food. The effected person is believed to always listen and do as you say.

Note that the instructions are based on what the maker have taught.

Many more can be taught upon purchase. However, we only advice that one should not misuse this powder for the wrong purposes and only use it on someone whom you truely love or wish for long term relationship.

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