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27. Love Pelet Ritual Love Binding TANTRA Kejawen Ritual (Javanese Love Binding Pelet Ritual) Done by our Guru (Dukun)

27. Love Pelet Ritual Love Binding TANTRA Kejawen Ritual (Javanese Love Binding Pelet Ritual) Done by our Guru (Dukun)

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Listing video is a short clip of a long process. Longer Video with couple pictures will only be given to our clients.

This short video is part of a long ritual done by our Guru believed for Love Binding, Reconciliation, Love Attraction (Pelet), Binding of Heart, Mind and Soul (Batin) of two parties.

In the video example as part of the ritual, the pictures of two parties are being ritualized using Mantras & Tantras, then tied with a holy black cloth and placed into a special vial. The vial will then be blessed/empowered for 7 days before being buried at a place where 3 road meets or seaside. Various holy & sacred objects such as Buluh Perindu, Customized Azimat Pelet (Love Talismans), Holy Nails, Feathers from a male+female rooster, water from a male+female coconut, and many more that we strictly can’t disclose are added into the vial.

The objects used are merely symbolic and signify a specific intent or purpose, strictly no spirits/jinn/sihir involved. This process is known as “Kunci”, which means “Lock or Binding” and when buried, the spell cannot be broken unless it is dug out and destroyed. This is how powerful it is hence not to be misused. Strict no Black Magic / Witchcraft Involved

How does it work?

This Love Ritual TANTRA process is believed to bind two people together and is believed to make the other target feel impossible to leave the person. It is also believed to call back an ex-lover or to fully secure or “KUNCI or LOCK” a heart, mind, and love towards the client. One of our Guru’s specialties is to help estranged couples and broken relationships.

For reconciliation purpose, based on many customer's experience and according to our guru, here are some of the possible outcome that that this ritual is believed to bring and one may experience,

> The target may start to miss you deeply and long for you all of a sudden, sometimes even have dreams of you continuously for several nights (This is the most common feedback)

> The target may start to regret their actions that led to the separation

> The target may stop loosing interest to find someone new as they will only think of the
good times they had with you and others wont be able to give them the same happiness

> The target may choose "No Contact" against you or even block you, but deep down they
still long for your attention and just a matter of time may give in and reach out

> In an existing relationship or marriage, the target may start having the same feelings which they had during the initial stage and start appreciating you even more

> Target will have no desire or interest towards other person except for you

and many more possibilities that it is believed to bring..
What we provide?

This Pelet/Love Binding Ritual is something we offer. Videos will be sent to our client as proof of ritual being done. As this is a common service being advertised recently, it is our obligation to ensure that our clients get what they paid for as there are many scammers/charlatan who advertise such service, take payment and do nothing or worst pretend to perform ritual when they don’t have the capabilities to do so.

Who may consider engaging in Love Ritual?

Love Rituals Like This is strongly believed to be a very powerful and effective method for those who are

- Having problems with your marriage or love life
- Having Frequent Quarrels, Disagreement or general disharmony with your partner
- Just went through a break-up and having tried every means to salvage your relationship but nothing seem to work
- Or simply for those who are having trouble finding a connection or "chemistry" with someone whom you've always yearned for or admire
General Information of our Love Rituals,

Throughout ages in various cultures, individuals who perform such rituals only have one objective in mind - to either make their partner remain faithful and loyal, to call back someone who have parted ways or simply to make a desired person fall in-love and to bind the heart and mind of a person towards you to prevent any third-party involvements.

This Love Binding Ritual is believed to possibly enchant the heart and mind of someone you love to its maximum potential for a long-lasting and happy relationship. This ritual is also believed to be able to call back an ex-lover, especially after a breakup.

Words of advice based on countless feedback and many years of experience,

If you are eager to save your relationship and have tried every possible means, don't lose hope.

Will we certainly do not tell our clients that rituals "will guarantee work", most importantly we can assure you that you get what you paid for, which is a real professional to do it for you.

Over the years we have seen many charlatans who pretend to perform rituals. While on video it may look cool with smokes, candles and flames but in reality none of it plays any significant role spiritually.

It is important that when you engage Love Rituals from middle-men and not directly from the master, that you receive real videos and photos of YOUR ritual being done. We have received many complaints from people who have done "spells" only to receive generic videos that do not show any pictures of them and their partner and that same video was sent to plenty of other buyer who fell for it. How do you know it was done for you?

It is also very important to consider who you are engaging. Any tom dick & harry can put on a black or white robe and pretend to be a master and have candles infront of them and perform some moves but are they really spiritually capable? We have received many feedback from customers who engaged "spells" and "rituals" from online witches or so called "ajarns" at $100-$200 only to realize that nothing worked and ended up spending even more to get it done properly. When you are paying for a service, you are actually paying for the time and effort worth. If one's time and effort is only worth $100-200 but yet promising miracle, then it is very questionable. You get what you pay for.

Note: We do not ask for “Repeat payment” or “Additional Payments” like others. This is a one time payment that includes all the elaborate offerings, the master’s time and effort, and his helper’s time to take pictures and videos for you.

You are not required to do anything apart from waiting for it. We do not ask you to chant long tedious mantras like others knowing it’s impossible and blaming you if the ritual don’t work. You totally don’t have to do anything. .

We will guide you along the way and advice you on certain things if needed.

Based on experience, it is very important to recognize who you are engaged to perform such services as there are many who do not do it and will keep asking for more and more.

There are also those who charge super high prices for such rituals and do not actually show proof of what they had done. Photo Proof Of Ritual Will Always Be Shown To Our Customers.

This is for those who are truly serious and genuine.

How fast / How Long varies according to the individual depending on their character, mental/ spiritual strength /karma and destiny. Success is encouraged if one is sincere and truly genuine with his or her intentions.

Mahar is set based on the time and effort required to work on it. No additional no matter what.
More information on Indonesian Love Rituals,

Love rituals / Love Binding Tantras like this, also known as “Pelet Gambar” or “Pelet Jarak Jauh” (Remote Attraction) is an ancient, traditional & Tantric ritual that is well known among every shamanic community.

However, Indonesian/Javanese ones are widely known to be the most powerful among all due to their history, culture, and spiritual practices. There is no doubt about the knowledge and capability of our Guru as many can already be seen in our thousands of reviews for all our Wealth Items, Attraction Oils etc.

Many already know that we work with a few different gurus/spiritual masters from varying religious backgrounds and occult practices all around the world. We work with Kejawen Javanese Shamans, Orang Asli/Orang Dayak from Kalimantan as well as an Islamic Guru from Bandung who is highly respected and has his own Padepokan/Pesantren (Religious Organization) in Indonesia as well as Masters from India and Thailand. Each has its own strength and specialty.

This is a service that we have been providing for many years that have shown to be highly successful. However, this service comes with a condition that the person has no ill intention towards the other party or intends to misuse our abilities. Any ill-intent to exploit our guru’s ability to indulge in anything immoral will automatically disqualify a person from this service.

Our Guru is very well versed in ILMU KEBATINAN KEJAWEN (Hindu/Buddhist) Occult Practices of Javanese Mysticism as well as the Islamic Spiritual Practices of AL HIKMAH. That explains why we have items that are Islamic by nature and some are mixtures of different cultures or
religions. As a spiritual guru, he uses his knowledge and expertise where he deems fit and necessary to help our clients. Our guru has helped many customers regardless of their religious backgrounds. He is an expert and master in spiritual practices as well and has helped many of our customers who seek his expertise in career, business, and personal matters as well such as improving one’s aura, luck, wealth, and opportunities.

High Success Rate & Improvements based on many reviews/experiences within days.

Note that our Guru doesn’t stick to the same method for every ritual. While the purpose is the same, Each unique case requires a different style/method depending on the circumstances, for example, break-up reconciliation, marriage related, courtship, 3rd party involvement etc. Depending on each client’s scenario, our guru will choose the best and most effective way as our guru specializes in various Pelet/Love-Binding methods. Our guru takes into consideration each client’s objective and every love ritual is personalized based on the client’s needs. No two rituals are the same. Therefore, the video proof that we send may be unique and different to each client.


❗️You may also consider our Love Attraction Oils/Minyak Pengasih in our profile as a cheaper alternative as they could also be used for Remote Attraction (Using Photo) and we have hundreds of Successful Salvage Broken Relationship testimonials for them. Rituals like this involve a lot of time, effort, and materials, thus the price. Only for those who are serious or have tried every means.
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