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29. Love Root Attraction Perfume Bulu Perindu Pheromone (Love Root of Longing) Mesmerising & Unforgettable scented Magical Perfume Spray

29. Love Root Attraction Perfume Bulu Perindu Pheromone (Love Root of Longing) Mesmerising & Unforgettable scented Magical Perfume Spray

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Mesmerising & Unforgettable scented Magical Bulu Perindu Perfume Spray for Strong Attraction, Pheromone, Sexual Attraction & Charm


Bulu Perindu Maharaj Love Attraction & Pheromone Perfume

As many have already know, our Popular Minyak Pengasih Bulu Perindu (Love Oil) have proven to be highly efficacious and successful in terms of Love Attraction.

This Attraction Love Root Perfume is believed to enhance one's attraction properties and magnetism in the eye of those the wearer has met, making them to be more "drawn" towards you. This perfume could be used for Courtship as well as in a professional setting. 

About Bulu Perindu

Bulu Perindu aka “Root of Longing” or “Love Root” refers to a mystical root that is known to be one of the most powerful Attraction Tool that originates from Indonesia. It is believed to possess immense Attraction energy due to its ability to draw itself towards each other and entwine, thus it is widely believed to possess high elemental energies of Attraction, Magnetism & Fascination.

When Bulu Perindu is made into a Minyak Pengasih (Attraction Oil) with proper empowerment and when applied onto the eyebrows, it is believed that whoever glance upon the user will instantly get attracted and mesmerized. But thats not the end of it, the affected person may also end up thinking about you over and over again or miss you. Hence this is the reason why our Bulu Perindu is often used for courtships.

How Bulu Perindu Perfume Works

As for this Perfume, it works the same say except through scent. When the perfume is used, it is believed to greatly awaken your Sexual Appeal and enhances your Magnetism as well as ability to attract the Opposite Sex in a natural yet powerful way. It is believed that The affected person may also end up longing for you and eager to see you again. Hence the name "Love Root of Longing"

Bulu Perindu is widely believed to create a long lasting and unforgettable presence towards those who interacts with you, especially someone of the opposite sex. The term “Perindu” translates to “To Miss” in Malay, hence the reason why Bulu Perindu is widely used for Love & Courtship. Bulu Perindu is believed to makes a person of interest keep thinking of you, eager to be with you and also help create a loving chemistry and develop a sense of love and faithfulness.

Aside from just Bulu Perindu, many other powerful ingredients were also added.


Powerful Natural Pheromone

One of the highlighted ingredient is Mani Gajah, which is known to be one of the most powerful natural material that contains high level of Pheromone. Pheromone are chemicals that when activated through scent and body heat, is said to naturally arouse the other person and increase their sexual desires. In the metaphysical POV, Mani Gajah is also known to greatly enhance one's aura of dominance and charismatic power.

Another Ingredient is oil extract from a very powerful Thai Magical Herb known as Thao Wahn Long which is believed to possesses a very strong hypnotizing effect when one is affected.  It is said that the affected person would feel an overwhelming sense of love and affection towards the wearer in such a hypnotic way that they cannot control. Not in a “zombie” way but more or a absent state of mind without knowing why yet feeling a natural sense of chemistry and fondness.

Many "Pheromone perfumes" marketed out there mostly uses synthetic pheromone that often do not work or worst case does not contain anything as there is no way to prove there is indeed Pheromones. Mani Gajah however is visible that is very distinctive.

Note that Authentic Bulu Perindu Maharaj are used to create this perfume. We have received feedback from customers claiming to purchase Bulu Perindu Perfume but theres no Bulu Perindu inside or "Look Alikes", only some random herbs and roots that has no spiritual significance.

We have also noticed an influx of fake “Bulu Perindu” oils/perfume being sold that are manufactured by laymen sellers themselves and have not gone through any empowerment and advertised with misleading informations. This resulted in a higher demand for our products as customers would prefer one that is genuine, made and blessed by a real qualified shaman.  

This oil would be highly beneficial for many purposes depending on how you choose to use it. Whether it is for courtship, business negotiations, dating, partying etc.

If one intends to use it mainly for salvaging their broken relationship, you may consider the Oil version instead as it works differently and there are methods that could help with reconciliation.

Overall, this Perfume is strongly believed to bestow the user with these following properties and virtues,

• Amazingly powerful enchanting presence.
• Strong Attraction towards the Opposite Sex
• Increase your Charm, Magnetism & Attractiveness
• Create a lasting unforgettable experience in the minds of those who you interact with and make your targeted person miss your presence.
• Improves  Relationship / Marriage , dissolve disharmoy, strengthen bond, promotes higher love chemistry and make your partner more faithful towards you.
• Possess a high level of charming aura and popularity among others.
• Remote Attraction through chanting mantra
• Able to be well liked and admired by everyone easily
• Gain a high level of popularity & fame
• Easily gain favors and sympathy from others
• Loving Kindness & Sweet Talking
• Able to influence others through sympathy and making their heart soft towards you
• Make others listen to you and do as you say
• Winning in any Negotiations
• Able to attract customers/clients and easily close deals
• Possess a strong sense of self-confident and high in self-esteem
• Be Able to achieve higher social standing and recognition
Many more.

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