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Element Mustika Spiritual

32. MINYAK PEMAISURI Malam (Queen of the night) Hardcore Powerful Love & Seduction Oil

32. MINYAK PEMAISURI Malam (Queen of the night) Hardcore Powerful Love & Seduction Oil

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Dear Brothers & Sisters, we are proud to introduce after long waited persuasion to my Guru, it has finally arrived.

Minyak Pengasih Pemaisuri Malam Nyi Roro Kidul (Queen Of the Night & Princess of the Seas) Hardcore Attraction Oil

The Ilmu of Nyi Roro Kidul has always been a closely guarded secret for many decades amongst the elite of Shamans and Dukuns. Many have tried to cultivate her "Ilmu" (powers) while many have failed too because Nyi Roro Kidul is believed to be one of the most powerful Goddesses in Java. She bestows knowledge and wisdom to anything related to Pengasih (Attraction) and Wealth.

This is the ORIGINAL Minyak Pemaisuri Malam that have been sold by us since 2015. BEWARE OF FAKE / COPIED Versions from self-proclaim Gurus.

Minyak Pemaisuri Malam literally refers to the Oil of the Queen of the Night. The reason for this name is because the ritual involved for empowering this batch requires the invocation of Nyi Roro Kidul. This ritual was done by my Dukun accompanied by 3 other respectable spiritual practitioners as well.

This oil contains the essence of the Charming Power, Opposite Sex Attraction, and Bewitching abilities of Nyi Roro Kidul.

The oil itself is made using a secret blend of 7 different oil natural oil extract which are kept secret. Inside the bottle are empowered jasmine flowers that have been energized and offered during the ritual.

A special handwritten Wafaq Cloth with Mantras is also used to tie around the bottle to maintain its energy and power for as long as the owner keeps it.

Note: This oil comes with a special box to store the oil and magic cloth that comes with it.

This oil is believed to be a very powerful and effective charming oil that when applied, bewitches those who gaze upon the user, making others be easily influenced, be irresistibly attracted, and do whatever one asks

Similar to how the legend goes, the oil has a way of giving the user an unforgettable enchanting presence which will sway the opposite sex to be easily influenced by the user, just like the legendary queen.

This oil can be used by both males and females.

This batch of oil has been through various consecration rituals at Keramats, Makams (holy graves of princesses) and Mountains in East Java, Kalimantan.

Contrary to some fake copycat guru with zero Islamic occult knowledge claim of empowering in the cemetery, such a holy oil like this that is meant to bestow positive aura to a user cannot be empowered at a cemetery otherwise according to my guru, it would bestow negative aura to the user.

Warning : This oil is extremely potent and should only be used responsibly.

It is believed to help the user achieve immense charm, attraction power, and dominance against the desired person but one should not use this oil to break up a relationship or attract someone else spouse.


- This powerful love oil comes with a special ayat or mantra which is believed to give the user the ability to cause their target to fall in love with them. Simply chant the ayat, apply the oil and meet the person and usaha. If possible, you may also smear the oil onto the targeted person

- This is believed to make the targeted person go head over hells for you, go crazy over you and will not be able to think of anyone else except you

- Applying this oil is also believed to raise your attraction power to an extraordinary level and appear radiant and enchanting towards the opposite sex

- All you need to do is recite the short mantra before applying the oil on your eyebrow and forehead..

- The oil is also believed to create a long-lasting impression of the user on the minds of the people they meet and interact with.

- Make friends easily, attract your ideal partner and effortlessly influence people, colleagues or peers around you.

- This oil is also ideal for business owners and sales executives who attend business meetings, conferences and carry out sales work
whose roles can benefit from having this additional attraction and influential power.

The item is very easy to use, there are no rituals to conduct, only a short mantra to recite when applying the oil.

Magical Properties
• Amazingly powerful enchanting presence.
• Influence People around you with ease
• Attract Luck and Prosperity with an Enhanced Aura
• Improve Business Meetings and conduct Successful Business Deals!
• Create a lasting unforgettable experience in the minds of those who you interact with
• Attract the opposite sex easily

This oil is also believed to bestow them with Wealth, Fortune, Increase business, attract customers, Opportunities and Protection from dangers both Spiritually and Physically.

Those who own this oil believed to naturally develop a strong sixth sense and clear intuition.

This oil help the user increases charisma, attraction, and sex appeal many times over,

The Minyak Permaisuri Malam Oil also has great power to be used over great distances to attract a soul-mate, gain new friends, or gain influence over a specific person.

Unlike other magical love oils or love charms that require you to touch your heart's desired one to gain his or her affection -
this oil works remotely simply reciting a mantra over the person you desire without ever coming into physical contact with them.
But you will need to have at least met the person once.

Beware of Fake/Duplicate versions created by a self-proclaim guru/shop who has a history of selling fakes and getting exposed.

We let our dear brothers and sisters take a look at our customer's review and testimonials to decide :)



❗️❗️ Beware of Copy-Cats! 💯Our Reviews and Testimonials SCREAMS "POWERFUL" , "JALAN" , "EFFECTIVENESS". It Sells Like Hot Cake, hence there will always be copy-paste scholars and charlatans who copy our description and try to re-create/imitate our product!

❗️ All our Attraction Oils are custom made specially for us only by our own Dukun. Our oils are unique to us only, no where else have the same. The copyrighted information above uniquely describes our product/oil only. All our Reviews/Testimonials are unique to our own product only.

❗️ All our Minyak Pengasih are 100% Authentic, from the ingredients used to the way it is made and empowered. The authenticity and power of the oil greatly depend on the knowledge and capabilities of the person who makes it. There are no questions about the effectiveness of our Attraction Oils as can be seen from all our testimonials, as it is done by a REAL Dukun who is adept in Islamic/Javanese Occult.

❗️ Are there Fake Minyak Pengasih Oils? Yes. A Fake Attraction Oil is one that is made by someone who is a charlatan or who has no knowledge or capabilities or from a non-existent "master". Anyone can simply put some ingredients into a bottle and call it attraction oil, but it doesn't make it real.

❗️ All our Oils are made using 100% Natural Ingredients that are hand-picked, making sure they are the highest grade and most potent. Some are extremely rare and known to be very powerful. It does not contain any "Yin" Materials.

❗️If you are interested to read more on how to differentiate a real authentic minyak pengasih vs fake, check the link below.

The proper method of usage will be taught upon purchase.
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