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33. Mystical Love Root Bulu Perindu for making Minyak Pengasih / Love Oil

33. Mystical Love Root Bulu Perindu for making Minyak Pengasih / Love Oil

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Video demonstrating what is believed to be the strong attraction and magnetism properties / energies of Bulu Perindu aka Love Root of Longing.

Take a look at some of our amazing testimonials shared and you will know how powerful our oils are 👇

Minyak Pengasih (Attraction Oil) that contains Bulu Perindu as one of the main ingredient. Note that all my Minyak Pengasih also consists of several powerful ingredients that are widely known for their strong Attraction & Magnetism properties.

Video above illustrates how a Male and Female Bulu Perindu Love Root naturally draws itself towards eachother and entwine around one another when placed near smoke.

It is believed that due to its strong "Love" Attraction Energies, this phenomenon occurs, hence the reason why Bulu Perindu is widely used by shamans in the Malay community to create Love Oils as it is said to be very powerful.

Testimonials from those who have used my Minyak Pengasih Bulu Perindu

This is the reason why Buluh Perindu is very popular among shamans to create Minyak Pengasih (Attraction Oil) as it believed to be one of the most powerful attraction tool because it is believed to signifies strong attraction, magnetism power and love binding energy.

Bulu Perindu only grows in the deep mountains of Kalimantan. They don’t exist in Thailand or Malaysia but can be found in certain parts of India. Making it very rare

According to my Dukun, there is a special Way of extracting Bulu Perindu using a certain animal because Bulu Perindu will automatically loses its “life” or energy if a human hand plugs it.

Beware of a lot of fake Bulu Perindu in the market. They are not actual root from the Bamboo Perindu but a look like similar one that grows on a different tree. The video is one of the way to test Bulu Perindu authenticity.

This oil is believed to widely known to improve one's love life, mend broken relationships and for career, sales and known to boost overall charm.
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