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35. POWERFUL Datuk Panglima Harimau Takrut Tambang Lereng - ONE OF A KIND

35. POWERFUL Datuk Panglima Harimau Takrut Tambang Lereng - ONE OF A KIND

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Powerful Datuk Panglima Harimau ("Natuk Kong") Takrut

Known for Wish Granting, Wealth Fetching, Increasing Fortune (Rezeki), Protection, Windfall Luck & Many More.

About Datok Kong | Datok Panglima Harimau

Datok Kong or Natuk Kong, also called Earth Spirit or Dewa Bhumi, represents a regional protective spirit in Asian Folklore. The practice of Datok Worship is prevalent in Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia, with the latter using the term Datuk Panglima, where "Panglima" translates to "Commander." These spirits are believed to bestow blessings of wealth, good health, fortune, and protection upon their worshippers.

The unique Tambang Lereng Takrut features the image of Datok Panglima Harimau, the most potent among the Datuk spirits. He is portrayed seated on a tiger, wielding a Keris—a symbol of Islamic origins and protection against malevolent forces. Additionally, he holds gold ingots, representing the bestowal of fortune and wealth upon his devotees.

Sacred Mantras and Yantras are inscribed around the Datok image, each holding distinct meanings like wealth or protection. Through ritual and Tenaga Batin, our Dukun empowers and activates the yantras and Datuk spirit. Inviting the spirit of Datok Panglima requires special rituals, offerings, and an auspicious day, often involving fasting and cleansing to energize and empower the takruts.

What it contains inside?

The takrut comprises numerous sacred elements, including soil from 7 Holy Lands as tribute to Datok, soil from 7 Makan or Holy Shrines, sacred herbs, 7 types of dried flowers, betel nuts and leaves, cigar ashes from 7 Datok Kong Shrines, kemenyan from 7 Datok Kong Shrines, and shavings from 7 types of Holy Woods (Teras Bertam, Raja Kayu, Teras Kelor, Teras Gemungal, Kayu Malam, Kayu Menang, and Kemuning Hitam).

Brief Origins of Datok Kong

In Datuk Kong culture, there are 9 type of Datuk that works like a hierarchy who are the Commander (Panglima) of each directions/locations (North, South, East, West etc)

1) Datuk Panglima Ali (Ali)
2) Datuk Panglima Hitam (Black)
3) Datuk Panglima Harimau (Tiger) **THIS TAKRUT**
4. Datuk Panglima Hijau (Green)
5. Datuk Panglima Putih (White)
6. Datuk Panglima Kuning (Yellow)
7. Datuk Panglima Bisu (Mute)
8. Datuk Panglima Merah (Red)
9. Datuk Panglima Bongsu (Youngest)

Datok Panglima Harimau is said to be the fiercest, most powerful but at the same time, the kindest among all who is known to often fulfill his devotees wishes without hesitation. When mediums invite Datok Panglima Harimau, many would often be scared due to his aggressive and fierce nature. He would often scold devotees for their wrong-doing, but help them at the same time. It is is believed that he is the one who can cure black magic, chase away evil spirits he is known to give accurate lucky number or bless the devotee with wealth in terms of their business and career to be successful.

Magical Properties & Benefits of This Takrut

This takrut is renowned for enhancing luck, wealth accumulation, and fortune in business, sales, and attracting customers. It provides protection against physical danger, accidents, and negative energies, including black magic and evil spirits. Unexpected windfall possibilities are heightened if there's a connection to the takrut, influenced by both fate and the wearer's karma. Wishes can be requested with offerings, but promises must be fulfilled upon wish fulfillment. The yantra alone can be used for worship, placed in a business setting to increase income and customer flow, or at home for protection against negative energies and spirits while promoting harmony and prosperity.

Datok Panglima Harimau is said to be the guardian of all worldly treasures and gold, hence his images/statues are often depicted as sitting on Gold Ingots and giving them which signifies sharing with his devotees. Datok Panglima Harimau is also known to protect the wearer’s WEALTH and FORTUNE, protect it from Competitors. Jealous people and envious people who wish to take it away from you. Your Wealth can also represent your career, position, business and assets. Hence why Businessman loves to pray to Datok Harimau, some even keep a statue of him in their shop. At the same time, this takrut is also believed to bestow great wealth to the wearer, luck, fortune. It is known to attract wealth from 8 directions. It may come through Unexpected Windfall, Investments, Business, Opportunities and Good People. This takrut is known to protect the wearer from XIAO REN/JEALOUS small people who wish to do harm to their career and business.

This takrut is also believed to serve as a guardian to its owner, which may guide the owner to make correct decisions and open new roads to good opportunities and help/protect the wearer along the way if one is sincere enough. Imagine a grandfatherly figure (from a spiritual realm) being your guardian and protector.

There are no restrictions for wearing this takrut
- One should keep with respect
- One should not perform sexual activity while wearing it
- Eating Pork is fine, no restriction on that
- One should always perform good deeds/donation/charity in order to gain more blessings from Datok Panglima

How to Worship Datuk Panglima Harimau?

Unlike other Datok Panglima, Datuk Harimau loves Black Coffee, Mutton, Raw Meat (for his tiger guardian) and Betel Nuts + Leaves. You dont have to do any offering for this Takrut, but if you want its better. Unlike other Datoks who are more calm, but extremely strict with religion, Datuk Panglima is more flexible and does not have any restrictions as long one’s heart is clean and sincere. Hence the reason why he is always worshipped by Chinese businessman, bandits and people in Malaysia and Indonesia.

A common misconception held by most Malaysians is that the Datuk Gong is just another regular Chinese deity. In fact, most Datuks are Malay-Muslim spirits. There are also Chinese, Indian, Siamese and even Orang Asli Datuks present and they are all considered independent from the Chinese pantheon of gods. The function and position of the Datuk varies across communities but his position as the spirit of the land remains the backbone of the belief. In most Chinese temples, the Datuk is almost always outside of the main building, either on a small altar of his own or a small shrine on the ground. Only in temples dedicated solely to the spirit will the idol or tablet be placed at the main altar.



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