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36. Powerful Intimate Pheromone & Aura Enhancing Love Attraction Oil (Mani Gajah) “Nam Man Chang”

36. Powerful Intimate Pheromone & Aura Enhancing Love Attraction Oil (Mani Gajah) “Nam Man Chang”

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Mani Gajah (Nam Man Chang) combined with our famed Raja Pengasih Cenuai Root aka King of Charm Herb, made into a very powerful Attraction Oil.

This is the most latest batch made by our Guru using various occult ingredients from India, Thailand and Indonesia combined together,


Unlike our other Minyak Pengasih that uses rare ingredients and empowerment through Doa, this oil is known to operate purely on a natural basis, let us explain why..

The main ingredient for this oil is known as MANI GAJAH (fossil like substance in bottle). Mani Gajah is believed to be one of the most powerful natural Pheromone. What is Pheromone? Pheromone is a type of chemical that stimulate one's sexual hormones, desires, and sex drive.

It is said that our body produces natural pheromone when we perspire however, we cannot be perspiring when we are right next to someone of interest on a date, thus people tend to use "synthetic pheromones" which doesn't work most of the time.

As Mani Gajah is a natural substance, it is said to posses the strongest and most powerful pheromones. In Indonesia, it is often mixed into "Atar Oil" as a Minyak Pengasih (Charm Oil) by Dukuns and given to their followers or clients without further explanation as to what it contains. When used, it can become so noticeably powerful that the user thinks that the person who made the oil must possess high level supernatural power but in reality, its from the Mani Gajah.

Of course as always, All our oils are strongly empowered and went through rituals aside from just the ingredients, giving it an extra boost. Thus the reason why we have thousands of positive reviews.

For this oil, is usually applied on the pulse points of the body similar to how one would apply roll on perfume so that the pheromone may circulate throughout the body and be released upon contact with body heat.

In this way when the user is close to a person of the opposite gender, he/she is believed to be aroused and feel attracted to the user without knowing the reason why.

Spiritually however, Mani Gajah is believed to bestow the user with great charismatic power, bring pure enchantment and dominion against those whom the wearer wish to attract and strong magnetism.

When applied on the eye brow, the user is believed to appear more charismatic, attractive and possess a great aura of authority.

This pure enchanted Mani Gajah is added together with our Guru's own empowered Minyak Pengasih Bulan that is made from various extracts from many types of rare herbs and flowers with a little touch of scented perfume.

Rajah Pengasih Cenuai is also added to further amplify its Attraction & Magnetism properties.

Aside from just opposite sex attraction, this oil may also be used for business dealings, sales negotiations and for everyday purposes as Mani Gajah is said to bestow its user with great charismatic power of authority and posses an amazing aura of dominance, such as an Alpha Male.
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