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Element Mustika Spiritual

80. Powerful King Centipede Pearl Takrut for Money, Luck & Sixth Sense – Feng Shui Wealth Amulet

80. Powerful King Centipede Pearl Takrut for Money, Luck & Sixth Sense – Feng Shui Wealth Amulet

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边财 LUCK King Centipede Pearl Money Attraction & Prosperity King Centipede Pearl Takrut (Buntat Lipan) Believed To Attract Money, Windfall, Luck & Sixth Sense Takrut Amulet Stone Crystal Gemstone Pearl fengshui wealth rezeki khodam


100% Authentic King Centipede Pearl
Geliga Lipan / Satpadi Mani

Known to be the Most Powerful Mustika stone for Luck & Wealth Fetching

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Centipede Pearls are strongly believed to bestow its owner with these magical virtues and properties..

⭐️ Attracts SIDE WEALTH and unexpected windfall
⭐️ Wealth Attraction, Business & Career
⭐️ Instincts / Strong Intuition
⭐️ Enhance Positive Aura & Improve Appearance
⭐️ Improves Relationship. Promotes loving kindness and be able to gain sympathy from others
⭐️ Attracts good opportunities & benefactors
⭐️ improves Mental clarity, sharp mind and alertness.
⭐️ Helps with high risk investments
⭐️ Strong Protection against danger, spirits and jinns.
- Greatly boost your LUCK
- Attracts wealth and fortune
- Attracts side wealth and unexpected windfall
- Brings good business and fame
- Success with any risk taking investment
- Be able to make right decisions
- Promotes mental clarity and sharp mind
- Enhance your body energy
- Dispel negative energies and evil eyes
- Protect from black magic and evil spirits

More Information on Centipede Pearls

Centipede Pearls are known to be one of the most highly treasured and mysterious object that possess great magical and spiritual powers mainly for extreme luck with risk taking, attracting wealth and increasing one’s luck to win in game of chance, bestows upon strong instinct and success with risky investments throughout centuries in the spiritual community.

Centipede Pearls are exceptionally prized commodities especially among gamblers, businessman and laymen for its intriguing beliefs and power for bringing great luck and fortune, thus making it one of the most sought after lucky mystical object in many cultures among those who believes in spiritual stones or amulets.

Centipede Pearls are very rare. It can only be obtained during certain months and it requires special prayers and offerings to acquire by a highly skilled shaman otherwise it will be powerless if taken by force. These pearls are then energised following proper procedures and stored together with padi grains or special leaves to maintain its energy.

Centipede Pearls are known to bestow many powerful attributes owner as well as similar traits as the pearl’s host. It is said that centipede is a symbol of wealth because they are fast moving creature and clever hunters that can easily catch preys that are way larger hence those who owns its pearl is believed to be able to catch good fortune and opportunities easily as well as accomplish goals easily and progress higher in life more quickly.

❗️ All my Pearls are 100% Asli, sourced directly from East Java & Kalimantan. Method to TEST will be taught upon purchase. There are many distinct features to look out for such as bite marks, veins etc which most people tend to overlook when differentiating between real vs fake. More will be taught when dealing.

❗️All my Geliga Lipan are properly extracted and blessed following proper rituals meant to infuse the pearl with aura and energy. This process is known as “Isi” in Malay. They are not driven by any spirit or jin. Any object from nature will have its own elemental energy or “khodam” attached to it which bestows its wearer with certain blessings and abilities.

❗️ It is known the REAL Genuine Geliga Lipan can bring about great luck to its owner, help to clear negative blockage and potentially change one’s life. However, without proper method of obtaining and empowering the pearls, it will have no benefit. Hence it is rather important to take a look at testimonials as pictures speaks louder than words 😇. Take a look at some solid testimonials from my customers who have seen their money luck become very good after inviting my pearl and decide.

How to differentiate between Real vs Fake Centipede Pearls

Take a look at some amazing testimonials shared by my customers. Even though they are mostly windfall related, I do not encourage people to invite it with the mindset of getting miracle overnight. These are items that has valued based on its rarity and beliefs, not value base on miracle. I always say that these are just items that are suppose to enhance your luck. Spiritual items or amulets are not obligated to help you and they don’t look for you. You look for them because you lack certain aspect of life in terms of luck or charm. Therefor, only invite it if you have faith and respect for it. Remember, Real wealth is good health and money don’t drop from the sky. Negative thinking begets negative results. Positive aura attracts luck! Before you expect more we look alth, you must first be contented and grateful for what you already have 👍

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Geliga Lipan
Centipede pearl
Wealth Amulet
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Ajahn Thuad tuad silvali khun paen phayong phayon yon lersi amulet pae koon mian oor KP KMT kumantong Kuman Guman somdej pidta butterfly KK kruba salika yant nang mae rahu pern barang metta pasoot pa aj ler kasem surasak ck wat moon somchai ngan pakong prakong bucha sangkachai sangkajai cher biagae tiger wealth nangkwak pern surasak wetsuwan wessuwan wesuwan taowesuwan ganesha pikanet biagae ngern wrk rakang takrut amulet hoonpayon hoon phayon payong KMY gumanthong maharangap leua nak tim thar barang puvon wealth lp pinak Asura deva wealth Windfall

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