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68. Powerful Love Nail Magnetism & Sexual Attraction Pelet Takrut

68. Powerful Love Nail Magnetism & Sexual Attraction Pelet Takrut

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Latest Batch Love Takrut by my Guru. Also known as Pelet or “Vashikaran”

‼️Powerful Love Nail Magnetism & Sexual Attraction Pelet Takrut (known for Love Charm, Relationship & Sexual Attraction)

Made more powerful with added sacred materials and ritual components. What makes this different from previous batch, this time round the actual Vashikaran Takrut is wrapped onto a special Paku Asmah Benteng Nail that was buried at a sacred keramat (shrine) for 41 days at Mount Gunong Ledang and went through further empowerment.

Other ingredients such as Air Maya Duyong, Mani Gajah, Thao Wahn Long Extract and 108 extract from Charm Herbs (Akar Asli) were also added into the Takrut.

Compared to our previous batch, this is basically a Vashikaran Love Takrut on steroids. We always inspire and innovate, to ensure that our clients gets only the best of the best without increasing our prices. We focus on quality, not variety. Even with only a few product, we have thousands of positive reviews here and hundreds more testimonials on our website, that is enough to be said :)

As the previous batch focuses more on interpersonal and love relationship, this Takrut can also be simply carried around as it is known to bestow extreme MAHA Saneh / Pelet Takrut for Strong Magnetism and Sexual Attraction, personal Charm & Charisma.

It is also mainly Believed for Helping with Relationship Issues, Salvaging Broken Relationships, Calling back ex and even career enhancement and general attraction towards people and opposite sex.

Many successful Testimonials from clients who have tried and seen huge improvements with their love life after getting this Takrut can be seen in my profile openly.

Made by my guru using ancient Javanese / Vedic formula, yantra and blessed with mantras.

Each takrut takes at least 41 days to bless / isi / empower.

Vashikaran, also known as “Pelet” in Indonesia is known to be one of the most powerful form of Love Ilmu. It is a mystical marvel of ancient occult science. This takrut is widely believed to help you attract someone you love and also get the partner of your choice and could potentially mend a broken relationship.

This takrut is also believed to help its wearer gain more popularity, fame, recognition and compassion from others easily.

A special mantra will be taught upon purchase as per told by its maker, it is believed to bring a beloved person under influence, good or beneficial intentions such as promoting harmony and chemistry between partners.

The Effects & Benefits this Takrut is believed to bring..

- Vashikaran / Pelet is also believed to attract prosperity and success in the your life as it concentrates the energies of your mind to influence a certain outcome you wanna achieve, be it to attract someone, a client, close a deal, win a negotiation etc.

My guru advice that one should not use this Takrut for any bad intentions.

This Takrut should not be used for negative purposes or ill intentions.

**This special Takrut is made specially as an alternative to doing rituals as rituals could cost a lot of money without any guarantee. While spiritual items do not guarantee anything in general (those who can guarantee, stay away from them) , based on the MANY (900+) Positive reviews and tons of Love / Windfall / Luck / Relationship testimonials i receive from the SAME guru who has been making my items, we are confident in this product.

Only limited pc were made. Please PM us if you are interested. Method of usage and mantra will be taught upon purchase.

- This Takrut is also believed to help a person in terms of career and work by attracting compassion and loving kindness from everyone around including superiors, bosses etc.

- This takrut is also believed to help its owner be able to persuade and convince others easily especially in negotiations, doing sales etc

- This takrut is also believed to improve the person’s luck, aura and charisma ensuring smooth sailing all rounder.

Many more..

The special mantra / ayat written on this Takrut is one of my Guru’s most powerful Pelet Spell that he have kept for many years, passed down through his lineage.

Long ago when my guru’s client who sees him request to perform such binding / love stuff, he would simply make this very same talisman and empower it for his clients and it helped them even without needing to perform any rituals (as my guru do not charge any money for rituals) so it saved him a lot of time and energy.

For the very first time i have persuaded him to create this takrut and he agreed. Previously the takrut he made was with a different kind of mantra and yantra. This is believed to be the most powerful one.

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