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40. RARE Giant Centipede Pearl ( Geliga Maharaja Lipan ) 6.5-7mm EXTREMELY RARE

40. RARE Giant Centipede Pearl ( Geliga Maharaja Lipan ) 6.5-7mm EXTREMELY RARE

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King Centipede Pearl | Geliga Lipan


Rare Giant Centipede Pearl. Most Powerful Mustika stone for Luck, Wealth Fetching & Gambling.

Extremely Rare Centipede Pearl that is larger compared to normal ones, around 6.5-7mm. This is very hard to obtain and it is said that each pearl have its own guardian or protector.

If you look closely, marks and veins are clearly visible on the pearl. This is how to tell the difference apart from fakes which looks glossy and shiny like glass.

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What is Provided?
As seen in the picture, It comes ready encased with various holy materials added inside along with a clip for hanging in pocket and a special oil to re-charge the pearl's energy.

About Centipede Pearl | Mustika Lipan | Satpadi Mani

Centipede Pearls hold immense value as a highly coveted and enigmatic item with potent magical and spiritual abilities. These pearls are renowned for enhancing luck in ventures involving risk, such as gambling, and for drawing wealth towards their possessor. They have a history of empowering individuals with intuition and favorable outcomes in daring investments, making them a cherished asset in spiritual circles across many centuries.

The centipede pearl is a revered mystical object valued for its belief in bestowing significant luck and prosperity. It holds great importance in various cultures, particularly among gamblers, businessmen, and believers in spiritual stones and amulets.

Centipede Pearls are exceptionally scarce, obtainable only in specific months through specialized prayers and offerings. After acquisition, they undergo a proper energizing process and are stored alongside padi grains or special leaves to preserve their energy. Over time, these pearls are believed to increase in size. People who are spiritually attuned might experience sensations like tingling or crawling when holding the pearl due to its energy.

Natural bezoar stones and gems possess unique elemental energies akin to crystals and semi-precious stones. Mustika pearls, however, grant qualities reminiscent of their host creatures. For instance, centipedes symbolize wealth due to their agility and adept hunting, capturing much larger prey. Accordingly, owning a centipede pearl is thought to enable the acquisition of fortune, opportunities, and swift achievement of goals, facilitating rapid life progress.

Centipede Pearls can be acquired through destiny or proper channels. In India, they are considered potent tantric items and among the 9 mystical objects for luck. In Indonesia, they are revered as powerful Batu mustika stones.

Centipede Pearls are believed to grant a range of magical qualities to their owners, including:

  • Enhanced Gambling Luck: Attracts windfalls and luck in speculative endeavors.
  • Wealth Attraction: Draws wealth and enhances business and career prospects.
  • Intuition and Instincts: Strengthens intuition and instincts.
  • Positive Aura: Improves appearance and aura.
  • Relationship Improvement: Promotes loving kindness and empathy, fostering better relationships.
  • Opportunity Attraction: Attracts beneficial opportunities and supporters.
  • Mental Clarity: Improves mental clarity and alertness.
  • High-Risk Investments: Aids in successful risky investments.
  • Protection: Provides strong protection against danger, spirits, and negative forces.
  • Overall Luck Boost: Significantly boosts luck.
  • Business and Fame: Attracts good business and fame.
  • Decision-Making: Assists in making correct decisions.
  • Energy Enhancement: Boosts body energy.
  • Negative Energy Dispelling: Removes negative energies and evil eyes.
  • Protection from Magic: Guards against black magic and evil spirits.

❗️ All of my Pearls are 100% Genuine, directly sourced from East Java & Kalimantan. Each Geliga Lipan is properly extracted, blessed through rituals, and infused with aura and energy, a process called "Isi" in Malay. These pearls hold their own elemental energy that imparts specific blessings and abilities. Authentic Geliga Lipan is renowned for its potential to bring luck, eliminate negative blockages, and catalyze life changes. Proper extraction and empowerment methods are crucial for these benefits. Given the prevalence of fake glass objects masquerading as genuine centipede pearls, the importance of testimonials and visual evidence cannot be understated. Testimonials from satisfied customers attesting to improved money luck after using my pearls can provide solid proof of their effectiveness.

How to Differentiate Between Real vs Fake Centipede Pearls

1) Authentic Geliga Lipan pearls exhibit diverse shapes and sizes, lacking perfect spherical form. Each pearl is distinct, featuring unique characteristics like bite marks, veins, blood clots, and scratches that become visible upon close inspection. Example below

2) Centipede Pearls possess potent elemental energies that can be sensed by spiritually sensitive individuals, causing sensations like throbbing, crawling, heat, or tingling when held. Genuine pearls tend to darken and grow larger over time if well-maintained. Those with spiritual prowess, such as shamans or dukuns, might be capable of scanning the pearl's energies or elemental khodam.

3) Fire & Burn-Test Myth - The biggest misconception about Centipede Pearl is that it can be testing by torch/fire and nothing will happen. In most cases, those so-called "fire test" videos are showing Synthetic Ruby (Pics below) instead of real Geliga Lipan, Although genuine centipede pearl can also be burnt to a certain extent, it is not advisable as it should always be respected as a holy item and burning it will only destroy the energies that it have been infused with through prayers or rituals.

4) Glow Under UV Light Myth

Centipede Pearls do not exhibit fluorescence under UV light. If a pearl glows under UV light, it is not a genuine Centipede Pearl but rather a Synthetic Ruby Ball, as demonstrated below.

Picture example of Synthetic Ruby Ball being sold as "Geliga Lipan"Just by looking at it, there are many differences

Fluorescent light only causes Ruby Stones (both natural and synthetic) to glow. Rubies come in different cuts, including "cabochon cut," resembling small, round Centipede Pearls. Such rubies are uniformly machine-made, appearing identical in pairs. They are frequently used in "Fire/burn Test videos."



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