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Element Mustika Spiritual

56. Rare Powerful Lightning Stone - Mustika Batu Petir

56. Rare Powerful Lightning Stone - Mustika Batu Petir

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100% Natural Lightning Stone “Batu Petir” with Khodam (Divine Guardian)
❗️Already “isi” & Empowered


Lightning Stone, also known as Mustika Petir is a very rare fossil believed to come from a lightning strike and it often be found on ricefields where the lightning strikes the ground. The stone itself is naturally energised with the pure elemental power of nature, which is lightning. In Indo occult, it is believed to possess strong healing and deflective energies as well as bringing a very powerful aura to its wearer.

Indonesians and Indian Tantric believe that Batu Petir is a the gemstone of the God Arjuna and those who are lucky to own it is believed to be bestowed with all the qualities and power of Arjuna Deva himself. Arjuna is a Sanskrit character of Mahabharata who is also the spiritual son of Lord Indra who is known to be the god of lightning and god of war. Arjuna is widely worshipped with its Ilmu being practised in certain sects of Indonesia mainly for Attraction , Protection and Authority.

In Thailand, Batu Petir is a form of “Leklai” that is believed to confer spiritual powers to its owner.

Batu Petir - Lightning stone is believed to bring a strong and electrifying aura to its wearer. It is said that this stone is highly beneficial for those who are “lemah semangat” or Low in energy, always have a feeling of fear, anxiety and always falling sick easily or get spiritually disturbed easily.

These stones are extremely rare. When found, prayers are rituals are normally conducted to further amplify its protective properties.

Rumours has it that during the olden days, martial artist and bandits would carry Batu Petir as a ring as a "weapon" to knock out an opponent or cause serious internal injuries when striking due to its strong energies.

Wearing this stone may also help to boost the users aura and confers power of authority. Meaning when the wearer speaks, others will listen. This is known as “penunduk” meaning the wearer can have the ability to command others easily.

It is said that the Chi energy in lightning stones are extremely high hence can also promote internal healing and make one’s body feel strong and energised. This is highly suitable for those who are experiencing pain from past injuries, body always feeling weak and tired, Low in Chi energy etc.

It is also believed that those who wears Lightning Stone will not fall sick easily. Natural elemental energies of the Stone can also help to deflect away negative energies and bad luck. This Stone can also protect the wearer from evil spirits, black magic, jinns and psychic attacks.

Lightning Stone is one of the most energized element directly from Mother Nature itself. It is rare hence, highly sought after by many occult collectors.

Here are some intriguing benefits that Batu Petir is believed to bring to the wearer..

- Automatically clears any form of negative energies and bad vibes within one’s aura which in turn will naturally boost the wearer’s luck and charisma.
- Dispel bad luck, spirits, black magic and evil influences.

- Be able to foresee outcomes of events, strong sixth sense and increased intuition. Also be able to see clearly in pitch darkness.

- Sharp and quick thinking mind. Be able to make correct decisions in split seconds, think faster than any ordinary person.

- Possess a strong magnetic aura, full of positive energy and authority.

- Internal healing, Strong Chi Energy (Tenaga Dalam) Always feel energetic and strong, don’t feel tired or lethargic easily.

- Increase potency during intimacy
Many more.

All stones are ready made into pendant or ring. Will personally deliver to you.
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