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42. Remote Attraction Reconciliation Minyak Pengasih/LOVE OIL Bulu Perindu Hardcore Attraction Oil

42. Remote Attraction Reconciliation Minyak Pengasih/LOVE OIL Bulu Perindu Hardcore Attraction Oil

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Remote Attraction

("Pelet Jarak Jauh)

Special Remote Attraction Method that is designed specifically to be used with our Minyak Pengasih Bulu Perindu Love Attraction Oil.

What Is Remote Attraction?

The technique referred to as "Pelet Jarak Jauh" involves charming someone from a distance. "Pelet" means to charm, and "Jarak Jauh" signifies from afar. Traditionally, people would pay a significant amount to experts or spiritual practitioners to perform such rituals. However, with our Bulu Perindu oil, you can perform this method yourself using simple steps and just the target's photograph. While Minyak Pengasih, or attraction oil, usually works through touch, this remote approach is designed for situations where meeting the target isn't possible due to separation or avoidance.

The method is believed to prompt the targeted person to think about you, feel a longing to be with you, and foster eagerness for your presence. This technique aims to create an opportunity for relationship mending or reconciliation. It's proven to be effective in such scenarios. Importantly, this method should not be used with harmful intentions.

Note : This Method Can Only Be Used With Our Love Oils As It Corresponds With The Components & Empowerment Of Our Oils.

We DO NOT sell the Remote Attraction method as a stand alone (despite many request). The Instruction for Remote Attraction comes with all our Bulu Perindu Oil as in each bottle there is a takrut/talisman added that when activated with a special mantra while rubbing the oil onto the target’s photo, it is believed to tap directly into the target’s subconscious mind.

‼️The mantra given is from our guru and corresponds with how our oils are made. We have received countless of feedback from customers who purchased “Bulu Perindu” from online sources / witches etc and given generic mantras that can be found online only to get backfire / worst outcome.

‼️Extremely High Success Rate

Following the instructions correctly and maintaining appropriate circumstances and intentions are essential for success. The provided feedback represents only a portion of the positive love-related responses received from customers. A majority of these testimonials, out of over 1600 positive reviews on Carousell, are shared openly, while some individuals prefer to keep their personal experiences private. It's important to note that these testimonials are meant for sharing purposes and don't guarantee the same outcomes for everyone.

Information on our Bulu Perindu Love Oil

Introducing our most best-selling and highly successful Minyak Pengasih/Love Attraction Oil - Minyak Bulu Perindu Maharaj Special Batch. This is our signature item that we have been selling for many years with hundreds of successful testimonials.

The item for sale in this listing is our Bulu Perindu Maharaj version. However We do have a few variants of our Attraction Oils, price ranging max from $168-228 depending on the Ingredients/Materials. Feel free to check our profile.

❤️Here are MORE amazing testimonials from my customers who have tried my Minyak Pengasih and have seen great improvements in their relationships, career and love life. ❤️

Love Root Rajah Pengasih Maharaj
King of all Attraction Oil,
“Hardcore” Version

It is known that this particular oil that we sell could also be used to remotely/telepathically attract a desired person through recitation of
Mantra using photograph that we can teach upon purchase. Thus this is also suitable for those who wish to mend their broken relationships. Testimonials have shown to be highly effective.

Overall Properties of Our Love Attraction Bulu Perindu Oil

  • Amazingly powerful enchanting presence.
  • Strong Attraction towards the Opposite Sex
  • Increase your Charm, Magnetism & Attractiveness
  • Create a lasting unforgettable experience in the minds of those who you interact with and make your targeted person miss your presence.
  • Improves Relationship / Marriage , dissolve disharmony, strengthen bond, promotes higher love chemistry and make your partner more faithful towards you.
  • Possess a high level of charming aura and popularity among others.
  • Remote Attraction through chanting mantra
  • Able to be well liked and admired by everyone easily
  • Gain a high level of popularity & fame
  • Easily gain favors and sympathy from others
  • Loving Kindness & Sweet Talking
  • Able to influence others through sympathy and making their heart soft towards you
  • Make others listen to you and do as you say
  • Winning in any Negotiations
  • Able to attract customers/clients and easily close deals
  • Possess a strong sense of self-confident and high in self-esteem
  • Be Able to achieve higher social standing and recognition
  • Prevent Negative Energies from affecting you that are caused by Evil Eyes/Jealousy/Envy Many more.


Bulu Perindu is known to be one of the most powerful Indon shamanic item widely used throughout centuries for strong opposite sex attraction, salvaging broken relationship, attracting a desired person’s feelings towards you, Love Binding (pelet) as well as popularity, enhance attractiveness and improve love life.

This special batch of Buluh Perindu Love Root Minyak Pengasih made together with some of the most sacred and powerful shamanic ingredients combined that are believed to be very potent for love and attraction.

Strongly consecrated and blessed by my master using the highest level of ilmu pengasih for 49 nights at 3 different nature location in Kalimantan, East Java.

Bulu Perindu aka “Root of Longing” or “Love Root” refers to a mystical root that is known to be one of the most powerful Attraction Tool in Indonesia & Malaysia due to its mysterious ability to move on its own when touches water. When Bulu Perindu is placed together as a pair (male + female) it will naturally draws itself and entwine towards each other. Due to this strange phenomenon, Bulu Perindu is widely believed to possess high elemental energies associated with the power of Attraction, Magnetism & Fascination.

Below is a Video demonstrating the magical properties of Bulu Perindu.

This oil combines 7 pairs of Bulu Perindu with rare ingredients, activating their dormant energies when combined with Enchanted Oil. When applied to key facial points, this 100% natural oil enhances Personal Charisma and Opposite Sex Attraction, naturally awakening Sexual Appeal and Magnetism. It can have positive effects on love life, social interactions, and even career pursuits.

Bulu Perindu, meaning "To Miss" in Malay, creates an unforgettable presence, especially with the opposite sex, making it a popular choice for Love & Courtship purposes. It's believed to make someone think of you, be eager to be with you, and foster a loving chemistry and faithfulness.

This oil's power lies in its ability to attract a desired person through touch or handshake, enchanting and potentially fostering feelings or receptivity. A special method is available for Remote Attraction using recitation or a photograph, aiding in reconciling broken relationships or attracting specific individuals even when physically apart.

For general use, frequent application settles the oil's energies into the auric field, enhancing social skills, boosting confidence, and gaining popularity. Bulu Perindu is believed to offer an advantage in business interactions, negotiations, and gaining trust among superiors. Additionally, it's known to strengthen existing relationships and marriages, fostering fidelity and attachment.


💯Our numerous reviews and testimonials strongly highlight the potency, effectiveness, and authenticity of our products. However, there are cautionary notes regarding imitation attempts by fraudulent individuals and shops.

❗️BEWARE of so-called gurus and fake spiritual stores that mimic our information and offer counterfeit Attraction oils at exorbitant prices. Our online operation enables us to offer reasonable prices. Often, these fake gurus disparage other sellers due to their desperation when exposed for selling fake items. These scammers resort to drastic price changes and discounts, trying to attract customers after numerous exposés of their fraudulent practices. Notably, the same fraudulent masters have been repeatedly caught cheating customers, selling inexpensive stones bought from platforms like Lazada/Shoppee, falsely claiming they possess Khodam spirits, and charging inflated prices of $800 and above. Investing in such fakes means paying for their stories and advertising rather than quality items. If uncertain, please feel free to contact us for clarification.


We are the oldest and most established spiritual shop in Singapore. We have more than 1600 positive reviews on SG's No.1 Selling Platform Carousell and we are a Recommended Seller on it. Feel free to check out our Carousell Store.

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