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Element Mustika Spiritual

47. SEXUAL ATTRACTION Mani Gajah Attraction & Magnetism

47. SEXUAL ATTRACTION Mani Gajah Attraction & Magnetism

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100% Authentic from Java. Natural
Already “isi” empowered

Extremely rare version that is believed to possess strong charismatic and magnetism power from the most dominant (alpha) male Elephant. Known to bestow very powerful aura of dominance and attraction.

Comes in Ring & Pendant Version. Best to be worn touching the body as it is believed to greatly enhance their sex appeal, increase performance, attraction towards opposite sex, improve charisma and aura as well as gain authority and dominance opposite gender.

🔥🔥Each Pendant/Ring Comes with a small bottle of PURE 100% ORIGINAL Mani Gajah Asli from Alpha Male Elephant (2nd pic) This is real hardcore occult stuff right here. Extremely powerful for increasing one's sex appeal. This is a natural strongest pheromone. You can rub it on the ring/pendant to increase its power or you can pour it into a bottle of fragrance oil and use it as a perfume. FREE :) 🔥🔥

Mani Gajah is one of the rarest yet highly sought after among spiritual / stone collectors especially among men as it is believed to be one of the most powerful Occult treasure for Attraction, Seduction, Magnetism, Opposite Sex Attraction.

Mani Gajah is known to comes in two forms - Liquid and Fossil. The Fossil version is known to be extremely rare and dangerous to obtain. According to beliefs, It is said that the ground where Mani Gajah is found is usually protected by the dominant alpha male elephant of that territory and if anyone attempts obtain it, the male elephant will peruse that person to the very end. When found, mani gajah raw form size of a palm, they are then cut into smaller pieces to be worn as a ring or pendant.

Mani Gajah are highly sought after and an exceptionally prized commodity especially among men who are interested in love as it is believed to possess strong natural Aura that are known to impart great charm, sexual magnetism, charm, charisma and luck to its wearer.

It is believed that those who wears Mani Gajah could possess great charismatic power and bring pure enchantment and pure dominance against the opposite sex or whoever the wearer to attract with strong magnetism and charm. Hence this is suitable for people who has Low self esteem, Low Sex drive, and Low confidence when it comes to love, courtship or intimacy.

However, despite the spiritual beliefs of Mani Gajah,
There is also a scientific theory behind its Attraction Propertied. Mani Gajah is actually one of the strongest natural “pheromone”, a type of chemical scent that activates the sex hormone and arouse a person when in close contact, triggering a person sexually towards the wearer - hence the reason why Mani Gajah is worn on a ring or pendant close to the body as the pheromone will naturally circulate around the body heat so that if the wearer is in close contact with someone of the opposite gender, it will naturally arouse the person.

Spiritually, the strong powerful aura of Mani Gajah is believed to greatly boost the wearer’s aura of attractiveness and enhance the wearer’s sexual appeal and its even said to boost performance during intimacy.

👍👍Take a look at my video below which demonstrates the strong attraction and magnetism power of Mani Gajah. This is how real original Mani Gajah fossil will react when place on limau water, it will move on its own and draws itself towards each other . This is the one and only method of testing authenticity. Video for confidence and assurance 👍

Overall Benefits & Properties Mani Gajah is believed to bestow..

☑️ Possess a strong charisma of charm, attractiveness and sexual magnetism
☑️ Charismatic power of authority, confidence and dominance
☑️ Increase performance and libido
☑️ Possess great charm & charisma
☑️ Luck with Business, Sales & Negotiations
☑️ Increased intuition and sixth sense
☑️ Luck with Attracting Wealth & Opportunities
☑️ Ward off black magic, evil eyes and spirits
Many more..

All my Mani Gajah stones Have been blessed through rituals and chanted over with various Pengasih mantras, infusing all the “doa” of love and charisma into the Stone.

Take a look at the video(s) below made by me demonstrating the strong attraction and magnetism properties of Mani Gajah as well as the ONE AND ONLY original method to test the authenticity of Mani Gajah as there are many fake dark yellow agate stones being passed off as genuine Mani Gajah

When Real Mani Gajah is placed on pure lime water, it will naturally move by its own and draws itself towards one another, signifying it’s strong magnetism and attraction sure. This is a strange phenomenon that only occurs for Mani Gajah hence this method has been used by spiritual collectors to test.

Real Mani Gajah is extremely rare and difficult to obtain. It is one of the rarest yet sought after occult treasure, hence it is my natural obligation to make these two video for assurance and confidence 👍👌

**Beware of fake spiritual shops/FB advertising their $2 shoppee/lazada yellow agate stone and passing it off as Mani Gajah. Refer to second photo.

Ready made in pendant and ring form.
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