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Element Mustika Spiritual

44. Signature Wealth Centipede Pearl Signature Wealth Takrut

44. Signature Wealth Centipede Pearl Signature Wealth Takrut

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Signature Wealth & Windfall Attraction Takrut

Combined with King Centipede Pearl (Geliga Lipan)

Over the years, we have received many positive reviews and testimonials sent after being blessed with unexpected windfalls after inviting my King Centipede Pearl alone.

Mustika Lipan is believed and known to be one of the most powerful Mustika Pearl for Wealth Fetching & Luck. Take a look at some of my customer's testimonials in the link below.

❗️How to tell the difference between Authentic vs Fake Centipede Pearl

The Signature Wealth Azimat inside this takrut is personally handmade and empowered by my master (dukun). The mantras and ilmu used for creating this takrut is known as Lord Kubera, the Hindu God of Wealth & Fortune. In Javanese Occult, he is known as Dewa Kuwera. The mantra (ayat) inscribed onto the azimat are powerful Kubera Yantra known for Attracting Money & Material Gains.

This Takrut is believed to Increase your Wealth Luck. Made and empowered using ancient Javanese formula which are believed to be the source of attaining material desires, financial comforts and fulfilling of wishes.

Yes, this Takrut is believed to be able to help grant wishes and fulfill one's desires anything related to material and financial be it for success in business, career progressions, opening the road to new opportunities and potentially unexpected windfalls if one is fated for it.

This batch of Takrut has been blessed for 149 days in a row. The cosmic energy and blessings from this Wealth Takrut is known to bring about material wealth, peace, happiness, power, authority and success to its wearer.

The formula used for making this Takrut is the same that has been used throughout centuries by Sultans, Leaders and Traders during ancient times for attaining financial success.

It is believed that wearing this Takrut on the daily basis brings about great benefits to the owner. One can diversify it as a mean for acquiring wealth that manifests once it is obtained, meaning opening new roads of opportunities and be showered upon by unexpected wealth through windfall.

This takrut may also be used for game of chance, risk-taking, investments, tradings etc. The Yantra used on this takrut is popular among gamblers, combined with King Centipede Pearl which is believed to be the most powerful mustika stone for gamblers to carry.

It is highly recommended to be work daily. One should not neglect hard work and proper decision-making

Note: My King Centipede Pearl alone is $168-188. In actuality, you are only paying for the Pearl alone, the animal is considered priceless :)

Brief Information on Centipede Pearls.

Brief Information..
Centipede Pearls are known to be one of the most highly treasured and mysterious object that is believed to possess great magical and spiritual powers mainly for extreme luck with risk-taking, attracting wealth / sudden windfall, and increasing one’s luck to win in-game of chance, bestows upon strong instinct and success with risky investments throughout centuries in the spiritual community.

Centipede Pearls are exceptionally prized commodities especially among gamblers, businessmen, and laymen for their intriguing beliefs and power for bringing great luck and fortune, thus making it one of the most sought-after lucky mystical objects in many cultures among those who believe in spiritual stones or amulets.

Centipede Pearls are known to bestow many powerful attributes owner as well as similar traits as the pearl’s host. It is said that centipede is a symbol of wealth because they are fast-moving creature and clever hunters that can easily catch preys that are way larger hence those who own its pearl is believed to be able to catch good fortune and opportunities easily as well as accomplish goals easily and progress higher in life more quickly.

Overall, This takrut is believed for

⭐️ Attracts SIDE WEALTH and unexpected windfall
⭐️ Wealth Attraction, Business & Career
⭐️ Instincts / Strong Intuition
⭐️ Enhance Positive Aura & Improve Appearance
⭐️ Improves Relationship. Promotes loving kindness and be able to gain sympathy from others
⭐️ Attracts good opportunities & benefactors
⭐️ improves Mental clarity, sharp mind and alertness.
⭐️ Helps with high risk investments
⭐️ Strong Protection against danger, spirits and jinns.
- Greatly boost your LUCK
- Attracts wealth and fortune
- Attracts side wealth and unexpected windfall
- Brings good business and fame
- Success with any risk taking investment
- Be able to make right decisions
- Promotes mental clarity and sharp mind
- Enhance your body energy
- Dispel negative energies and evil eyes
- Protect from black magic

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