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Element Mustika Spiritual

46. Signature Wealth Takrut all rounder Special 3 in 1 Takrut

46. Signature Wealth Takrut all rounder Special 3 in 1 Takrut

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Latest Batch Special 3 in 1 Takrut, consists of 3 of my most best selling and highly reviewed Takruts.

After overwhelming requests from customers who were asking me for a takrut that is simple to carry, dosent require any chanting/offering and can be used for Wealth + Attraction + Love + Career all in one, after consulting with my dukun, he came up with this Takrut.

Note that this takrut is pure yantra/spell based and has no Mustika Stones or other materials inside.

Heres the break down and brief description of the 3 takruts inside and the properties it is believed to bestow.

1. Vashikaran King of Attraction Raja Pelet Takrut (Red Yantra)

Vashikaran, also known as Pelet in Indonesia is known to be one of the most powerful forms of Love Magic. It is a mystical marvel of ancient occult science. With the correct Yantra and Mantra used to create and energize this takrut, it is widely believed to help you attract someone you love and also get a partner of your choice and mend a broken relationship. Vashikaran / Pelet is also believed to attract prosperity and success in the your life as it concentrates the energies of your mind to influence a certain outcome you wanna achieve, be it to attract someone, a client, close a deal, win a negotiation etc.

Other properties includes..

- Be a persuasive communicator and gain more confidence

- Be Well-liked by everyone

- Easily gain popularity and recognition

- Convince and influence others easily through words

- Gain Respect from higher authority

- Improve any sort of relationship

- Higher chance of success in any business proposals


2. Signature Wealth Raja Penglaris Yantra (White Yantra)

The Signature Wealth Azimat inside this takrut is personally handmade and empowered by my master (dukun). The mantras and ilmu used for creating this takrut is known as Lord Kubera, the Hindu God of Wealth & Fortune. In Javanese Occult, he is known as Dewa Kuwera. The mantra (ayat) inscribed onto the azimat are powerful Kubera Yantra known for Attracting Money & Material Gains.

This Takrut is believed to Increase your Wealth Luck. Made and empowered using ancient Javanese formula which are believed to be the source of attaining material desires, financial comforts and fulfilling of wishes.

Yes, this Takrut is believed to be able to help grant wishes and fulfill one's desires anything related to material and financial be it for success in business, career progressions, opening the road to new opportunities and potentially unexpected windfalls if one is fated for it.

It is believed that wearing this Takrut on the daily basis brings about great benefits to the owner. One can diversify it as a mean for acquiring wealth that manifests once it is obtained, meaning opening new roads of opportunities and be showered upon by unexpected wealth through windfall.

This takrut may also be used for game of chance, risk-taking, investments, tradings etc. The Yantra used on this takrut is popular among gamblers, combined with King Centipede Pearl which is believed to be the most powerful mustika stone for gamblers to carry.

3 . Takrut Salika (Golden Tongue) that is made by AJ Ruang. Note that this Takrut is not made by my Indonesian Dukun but with permission, I am able to add this into the takrut

Believed for Convincing Power, Persuading Power and Power of Speech.

believed to make the wearer appear charming and attractive, making him/her influence anyone easily using the magic of Salika Lin Tong (Golden Tongue).

It bestows the wearer with great convincing power of speech and increase one's confidence when interacting with others.

This will greatly help the wearer during business negotiations, sales, job interviews, presentations, business proposals or simply to convince anyone to gain benefits out of it.

The term Salika Lin Tong

Often in Thai spiritual practices and blessing, there is a common form of magic called the “Salika Lin Thong” ('Lin' = Tongue, 'Thong' = Gold).

Salika are also known as Magpie bird.

This is based on the fact that the salika has an enchanting voice when it sings, and thus whoever blessed will have the same enchanting “tongue” for attracting people.

In Thai language context, the proverb, "having a salika tongue" is used to refer to a person who sweet-talk excessively and can easily influence or convince others.
Salika Lin Tong magic is every sales person best friend.


This Takrut is Simple to carry. Dosent require any chanting or praying or offering. Suitable for anyone. Dont have any Khodam/Jinn/Spirit/Asura

Highly recommended for those who focus more on career, business and sales as this takrut covers all aspects in terms of Wealth Fetching, Luck, Attraction and many more.
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