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73. Thai Pelet Love Magic Oil - Wahn Dork Thong, Wahn Sao Long (Minyak Pelet Siam) Hardcore Love Attraction, Maha Saneh, Relationship & Charm Oil

73. Thai Pelet Love Magic Oil - Wahn Dork Thong, Wahn Sao Long (Minyak Pelet Siam) Hardcore Love Attraction, Maha Saneh, Relationship & Charm Oil

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Minyak Pelet Siam - 100 year old batch. Back by popular demand by my master. Many solid feedbacks on the first batch so I requested for a new batch and it took my master almost a year to make.

Thai Pelet Love Magic Oil - Wahn Dork Thong, Wahn Sao Long (Minyak Pelet Siam) Hardcore Love Attraction, Maha Saneh, Relationship & Charm Oil 

Latest batch Nam Man Saneh “Minyak Pelet Siam”
Thai Love Attraction Oil.

Made using oil extract from holy herbs and sacred ingredients that are kept for more than 100 years that has been passed down to my master from his lineage. These ingredients are extremely rare and known to be very potent for creating love oils.

Saneh literally mean Great Charm or Attractiveness in Thai

Pelet literally means “to charm” or “love binding” in Indo.

Love Attraction Oils have always fascinate many who believe in its power and abilities especially in Thai and Indonesian Culture. Throughout centuries, the spiritual community has always been debating on which culture makes the most powerful live oil. But the truth is, both are equally good depending on who makes it. It is always the total opposite in opinion as the Indonesians will say that the Thai charm oils are more powerful while Thais will day that Indonesian Bomoh one’s are more powerful.. so it’s a never ending cycle.

If you are looking for the most powerful, fast effect oil to greatly boost your charm and beauty then this is what I recommend.

This is an authentic Attraction Oil from Thailand. Made using ingredients that are renowned throughout Thai mystical culture for their Attraction & Magnetism magic.

This oil is empowered for the purpose of opposite sex attraction, empowering the user with a youthful appearance, attracting ones soul mate, and increasing popularity & fame amongst your social affairs.

It can also be used for improving interpersonal relationship with others as well as between love ones.

The ingredient used for making this oil is very rare and powerful. It contains certain type of herbs and plants that can only be found in the deep mountains of Cambodia. The oil itself is made using 90% pure 108 magical herb extract (meaning the master collected 108 different type of herbs and plant and squeeze the oil out) and 20% base oil to mix for quantity. The combination of ingredients used for this oil are known to possess high elemental energy associated with the power of attraction and fascination.

This oil can be applied onto the eyebrow for the purpose of attracting the opposite gender, empowering the user with a youthful appearance, possess a high level of magnetism, attracting ones soul mate, and increasing popularity & fame amongst your social affairs. That way, It may also help to improve domestic affairs; increase your personal magnetism in your love life as well as good Interpersonal relationship with people around depending on how you use it.

Apart from just personal use, this oil is also believed to help with mending broken relationships, make your partner more faithful and improve intimacy.

Magical Properties of the Oil :

• Amazingly powerful enchanting presence.
• Strong Attraction towards the Opposite Sex
• Increase your Charm, Magnetism & Attractiveness
• Create a lasting unforgettable experience in the minds of those who you interact with and make your targeted person miss your presence.
• Improves Relationship / Marriage , dissolve disharmoy, strengthen bond, promotes higher love chemistry and make your partner more faithful towards you.
• Possess a high level of charming aura and popularity among others.
• Remote Attraction through chanting mantra
• Able to be well liked and admired by everyone easily
• Gain a high level of popularity & fame
• Easily gain favors and sympathy from others
• Loving Kindness & Sweet Talking
• Able to influence others through sympathy and making their heart soft towards you
• Make others listen to you and do as you say
• Winning in any Negotiations
• Able to attract customers/clients and easily close deals
• Possess a strong sense of self-confident and high in self-esteem
• Be Able to achieve higher social standing and recognition
Many more

There are many intriguing stories surrounding Nam Man Saneh or attraction oils from Thailand. Getting a real one is very difficult as most are mass chanted / mass produced and worst of all, Dosent even contain any ingredient inside to justify its power. Mostly are just a bottle filled with normal fragrance oil and “chanted” to become a attraction oil. A real powerful attraction contains important ingredients that give the oil it’s true power and potential, not just normal ingredients but those which are extremely rare and has been used throughout centuries.

Here are some brief usage of this oil as it is believed to do..

- Apply on eyebrow to enhance your charisma and attractiveness. Improves your sex appeal and magnetism . You will become a magnet for attention especially by the opposite gender

- Apply below lips for strong convincing power and able to make others believe anything you say. This can also be used to make a person do what you ask. This Magic is known as Salika Lin Tong or Golden Tongue.

- Smear onto a desired person to make him / her fall Have a strong feeling of desire towards you

This oil can also be used to attract a desired person simply by smearing the oil onto the desire person whom the user wish to attract. By doing this, the targeted subject will fall deeply in love and be under the user's control and influence. This magic is known as "Majit Mad Jai" or "Enchant the heart" or "Control the mind"

This Powerful Nam Man Prai potion is great for seeking love, client, calling a ex lover back or simply to attract a desired loved one.


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