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66. Wealth & Aura Coconut Pearl Ring - Cincin Buntat Kelapa - Crystal Feng Shui Jade Ring Stone

66. Wealth & Aura Coconut Pearl Ring - Cincin Buntat Kelapa - Crystal Feng Shui Jade Ring Stone

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Beautiful Coconut Pearl Ring (Male / Female Version)

Wealth & Aura Coconut Pearl Ring - Cincin Buntat Kelapa - Crystal Feng Shui Jade Ring Stone

Ring size is adjustable.

Coconut Pearl, also known as Buntat Kelapa or Sripala Moti is a rare botanical gem that is considered to be one of the most sought after Mustika pearl in Indonesia and India.

Coconut Pearl is known for many benefits, mainly for fulfilling of wishes, desires, wealth fetching, and opportunity luck. It also has a very cooling/calming energy similar to jade and is believed to have many health benefits as well. Read on to find out.

In India Tantra beliefs, the one eye coconut is said to be a favorite of all gods, and its pearl is said to be an emblem of the universal Mother Maha Maya who represents the material world.

Maha Maya means "Great Illusion", which refers to all the materialistic possession hence whoever carries Coconut Pearl is believed to be blessed with Immense Wealth, Rise in Business, Good Health, Healing Energies as well as achieve any Maya (material gain) of the world within their own capabilities.

In the Indonesian Mustika community, the Coconut Pearl also has the same beliefs in bringing great luck and fortune. In particular, luck with the business, trading, risk-taking, and investments as well as opening doors to opportunities and attracting good people or benefactors.

Indonesian Mustika collectors believe that Buntat Kelapa can open up the wearer's positive aura and bring about positive energy into the wearer's auric field. This is known to naturally dispel bad luck, evil eyes, and negative energies that are created through negative thoughts or emotions from others towards the wearer.

These are the properties that Buntat Kelapa is widely believed to bestow its owner..

- Brings Wealth and Fortune to the wearer
- Help to achieve material comfort
- Brings good business and attracts good opportunities
- Cooling / Healing Energy
- enhance a positive aura
- Improve interpersonal relationships with others
- success in all kinds of investments and ventures
Many more

There are many known ways to test the authenticity of the Coconut Pearl, one of the most well known methods is is to burn a strand of hair while it’s touching the pearl and the hair will not get burnt because of the cooling/healing energy of the pearl, it will prevent the hair from burning

Below are the general virtues Coconut Pearl is known for..

- Improves the quality of the aura; Abundance; attracts luck; improves business; charisma

-Attracts luck, helps in business, Spirituality, purity, wealth, humility, cunning, healing, and granting of wishes. Lowers fevers

While the virtues of the Coconut Pearl may seem contradictory, the Hindu shamans knew that the power of these gems lay in the motivation of their owner/host.

The owner of a Coconut Pearl who sacrifices ego out of respect for higher powers will possess the qualities associated with good karma—spirituality, purity of mind and behavior, and wealth that comes from spiritual sources. In other words, the gem produces for its owner the granting of wishes, but the shamans warn that wishes that do not come from purity, though granted, will result in bad karma.

The very fact that the coconut is one of the oldest surviving plants on Earth is significant in itself and for millennia, shamans, priests and priestesses of various ethnicity around the world have understood the value and power of the plant and its fruit. The highly prized Coconut Pearl when possessed transfers its energy and powers onto the owner.
For those drawn to the beauty and luster of the Coconut Pearl, once they possess the gem, new posers of spiritual perception occur along with peaceful life.

They may develop new abilities such as healing and finding wealth in unexpected places. By recognizing the spiritual source of this power, the owner of the pearl receives karma through respect for the magical properties of the talisman.

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