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Element Mustika Spiritual

1. (Wealth Kriya) Maha Ravanah Wealth, Success & Victory Ravana TAKRUT Tambang Liring "Maha Rawanah" Javanese Kejawen Martial Art and Protection Azimat

1. (Wealth Kriya) Maha Ravanah Wealth, Success & Victory Ravana TAKRUT Tambang Liring "Maha Rawanah" Javanese Kejawen Martial Art and Protection Azimat

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Legendary Maha Rawanah (Ravana) Wealth Fetching Kriya Takrut

Hand drawn, Strongly Empowered & Blessed. Material : Tambang Liring Kijang Skin

Maha Rawanah Wealth Fetching Kriya Takrut

This takrut can be (a) worn just like an amulet, or (b) perform kriya (DYI Ritual) that involves reciting mantras daily believed to bestow great wealth and abundance to its wearer, many have tried and achieved great results in a short period of time especially for those who are going through bad period or blockage/obstacles in their life.

Introducing to all brothers and sisters, a Takrut of one of the most powerful ASURA known as Maha Ravana. This is the Kejawen (Javanese) Depiction, also known as Maha Rawanah, 100% Hand Drawn with ancient sanskrit mantras/yantras.

Note that Rawanah is also worshipped as a deity by the Kejawen people in Java, Indonesia and is a prolific character in Wayang Kulit.

This Takrut when worn, is believed to bring good luck and wealth to its wearer. It is also known to be very powerful for Martial Art, Protection & Victory over all enemies and overcoming obstacles.

(WEALTH KRIYA / Amalan untuk menarik rezeki)
For those who are experiencing a bad period, blockage in their luck or financial income as well as many obstacles, there is a Kriya that involves reciting Mantras on a daily basis to worship Lord Ravana that is known to help overcome obstacles and remove all kinds of bad luck in the wearers life. As such, those who are willing and dedicated will be rewarded with the blessings. Nothing good comes for free but all is required is your time and effort to do something very simple.

A Kriya (in sanskrit) translates to the term "Amalan" in Bahasa, which is a type of siddhi that involves reciting a specific mantra daily for a specific period of time to achieve something.

The purpose of this Kriya is believed to please Lord Rawanah through sincerity and devotion when chanting the mantra daily. Once Lord Rawanah is pleased, He is believed to bless the devotee with riches, wealth, fortune, and auspiciousness. For the person who does this Kriya with full dedication and sincerity, all of his/her problems (financially, debts, work, career etc etc) are believed to be resolved speedily. This Kriya is known to create more opportunities and sudden windfall is believed to come unexpectedly.

There are NO restrictions to follow when one undertakes this Kriya. We will teach the mantra/prayer or "Amalan" upon purchase.

Brief Information of Lord Ravana / Maha Rawanah

(Read the history and you will understand how this Takrut could benefit)

According to ancient Hindu religious text, Lord Ravanah is one of the most powerful Asura who is extremely arrogant and overwhelmed with power and ego. None of the Devas/Gods is able to stop him because he got all his powers directly from Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva personally grands Lord Ravana the boon of becoming very powerful because he has helped Lord Shiva. Despite being portrayed as evil, Lord Ravana has many good qualities that that made him a deity and worshiped by millions till today. This signifies that no matter how good or bad a the wearer's character may be, if one has good intentions, nothing can stop them in their tracks to achieve their goals of success with the grace of Lord Ravana.

Lord Ravanan is the patron deity of Sri Lankah and Ancient Java during the Mahajaphit Empire, he is known as Lankapathi Ravanan.

Lord Ravanan is also a master at arts and scholars, in particular, ancient and mystical arts and magics. Hence, Lord Ravanan is regarded by the Kejawen as the lord of all spiritual practices, magic, and the occult. For those who are into spirituality, mysticism, and occult, this takrut is known to help with spiritual awakening, awareness and strength.

Lord Ravanan is ranked one of the most powerful Asura. He is depicted with 10 heads, not technically because he has 10 physical heads, but a reflection of light due to his knowledge, wisdom and power. According to legend, the 10 heads of Ravana represent ten negative emotions, a human life owns- ego or ahankara; attachment or moha; regret or paschyataap; anger or krodha; hatred or ghrina; fear or bhaya; jealousy or irshya; greed or lobha; lust or kama and inertia/insensitivity or jaddata. Thus it is said that worshiping Ravanan or wearing this takrut is believed to help remove all those 10 negative emotions from one's life.

This Yantra being Kejawen, has their own depiction based on Wayang Kulit, but rest assured it is the same deity

This Takrut is believed to dedicate Lord Rawanah in the most fearsome form.

Lord Ravanan is also described as a fierce warrior who would do anything for Lord Shiva. All the Gods and Deitites are terrified of Lord Ravanan for the same reason.

It is believed that this particular type of Yantra Tambang Lereng has been adopted by ancient Majapahit Warriors in olden day Java, General and Commanders (Panglima) to wear during battle to give them strength, confidence and make sure that they always remain victorious.

In today's modern times, the Battles we face daily are work, career, competitors and against jealous evil eyed "xiao rens" (small people) who wish to bring us down at any opportunity they could, just to benefit their greed. The battle we face are also people who wish to do harm to u be it physically or spiritually.

Rest assured if you wear this Takrut sincerely, none of those will be of your concern.

This Takrut is highly recommended for people who are in business and facing competitor and jealousy from others, and wish to succeed and prosper in their business.

This Takrut is highly recommended for people who are career-oriented, who wish to progress and climb up higher in the corporate ladder while facing many "xiao rens" who wish to stop you on your tracks.

This Takrut is highly recommended for those who lack confidence, self-esteem and mental/emotional will to overcome problems and obstacles.

This Takrut is also highly recommended for those who are into martial-arts, scholars, spiritual practices etc.

★ The wearer is believed to be blessed with invulnerability against physical harm caused by any kind of weapons or projectiles in times of danger (accident, being attacked etc) the wearer will not get injured seriously. This is known as Kongkrapan or "Kebal".

This Yantra is believed to bestow the wearer with the ability to knock out an opponent with one strike (1 🤜KO) and confers the wearer with spontaneous martial art movement in time of critical danger from being attacked with the grace of Lord Ravanan.

★ The wearer is Believed to develop great courage, confidence and strong charismatic power of authority over enemies. The wearer is Believed to be respected and feared.

★ The wearer Believed to have the ability to paralyze an enemy and make them be unable to react.

★ This can be used against someone who has the intention to cause harm during a confrontation. This magic is known as "Ilmu Kebatinan Penunduk Balas Balik". If a person tries to harm the wearer using spiritual means (black magic, curse, spirits, jinn) it will automatically be sent back + additional, which is the wrath of Lord Ravanan.

★ It is believed Inner Strength, Striking Power and Reflexes will greatly improve over a period of time naturally and that the wearer will also develop strong confidence in times of danger and be able to think sharply.

★It is Believed that the Wearer may be blessed with the ability to avoid dangers and be unseen by people who have bad intentions. Meaning if the wearer is about to get attacked by a group of people, the wearer may be able to escape without being noticed or seen.

★It is believed that the wearer may be blessed with Success in any problems or difficult situations.

★The wearer is Believed to overcome obstacles or conflicts at any given period.

★ This takrut Believed to also help with career and is highly recommended for working professionals for success, victory over business competitors, be respected and looked upon by superiors, get more opportunities to be in high position, increase in social status and career climbing.

This Takrut does not require any offerings or worship. But if you want to pay respect, it is even better. Just wear it with respect daily. No restrictions.

This Takrut is very difficult to make as our guru has to fast for 13 days on a very strict diet to create this Takrut.
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