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58. Wealth Lucky Note Ibu Duit Mother of Money WEALTH ATTRACTION NOTE

58. Wealth Lucky Note Ibu Duit Mother of Money WEALTH ATTRACTION NOTE

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Introducing what is believed to be one of the most popular and powerful “Azimat” for Wealth , famously known as the “Ibu Duit” or so Mother of Money.

❗️Note that REAL Ibu Duit ORIGINALLY refers to the old Sukarno Currency. Not fake printed specimens with printed yantra calling themselves “Ibu Duit”. Original Ibu Duit when placed on the palm could bend by itself.

Video demonstrating the power and efficacious energies of Ibu Duit below. Watch how it magically folds. There are many similar videos on YouTube too. This is one of the ways to test Ibu Duit.

‼️ Another video demonstrating the power of Ibu Duit attracting money like a magnet.

This Holy Wealth Note has mantras / Yantras known for Pelaris (Wealth Fetching) , Securing / Growing Wealth and Is believed to attract wealth and fortune from all 8 directions. It has been blessed intensively for a period of 79 days before handing over to me.

Kindly read the full info and history of this Ibu Duit to truly appreciate it.

More information of Ibu Duit Sukarno

Azimat Ibu Duit Sukarno Berwafaq, also known as "Money of Money" is one of the most traditional and highly sought after wealth charm in the Malay peninsular.

There are many versions of what people would call "Ibu Duit" The term Ibu Duit means "Mother of Money". The basic characteristic of a mother is to reproduce and protect. Hence it is believed that when kept in a wallet or together with money, it "reproduces" and "protects" the owner's wealth.

Most people would call a normal currency/money "ibu duit" if its blessed or prayed over by a shaman or guru. However, the ORIGINAL "Ibu Duit" that most people know about and refer to as very powerful are the currencies of SUKARNO era. This is the original "Ibu Duit" in Indonesia. This currency is no longer in production since very long ago hence becoming a very rare and sought after commodity not only among antique collectors but spiritual believers as well. Normal currency that are "blessed" calling itself Ibu Duit are not actual "Ibu Duit". There are also many fake Sukarno Ibu Duit that are duplicated with printed mantras commonly sold at a very cheap price.

The original Ibu Duit are ones that are produced during the Sukarno Era. Even though it is believed to possess its own magical properties, some shamans would inscribe their own wealth mantras/yantras on it to further amplify its power. Just like the one i am selling.

History and spiritual significance of Ibu Duit Sukarno

Ibu Duit Sukarno is an old unpublished Indonesian currency that bares the imagine of ex leader Soekarno. There are many variants of this currency however it did not became an official currency due to political issues. It is said that these notes were produced on TOP of a boat at a holy and auspicious location and time. Soekarno is known to be a believer and practitioner of Ilmu Ghoib (Occult). It is said that Sukarno money is believed to possess great magical and spiritual powers attributing to wealth and prosperity. It is said that there are certain holy verses of Solomon (Sulaiman) printed on the note in invisible / ultra violet ink as well as various holy inscription for attracting wealth from 8 directions “penjuru” to its owner. Rumours among the spiritual community also said that Soekarno possess lots of wealth, gold and treasures from the Bunian Realm that is still hidden until today and those who believed in him or owns any of his charm could potentially acquire some of those wealth which may materialise in the owner’s life through various different means based on their karma or rezeki "merits"

One of the most intriguing characteristic of Ibu Duit Sukarno is its ability to bend / fold by itself when holding onto the palm. This phenomenon is demonstrated through many videos online from those who tried. It is believed that how much the note bends depends on the owner's aura and energy, If it bends all the way, it signifies that the owner has money luck. If it bends a little or barely at all, it signifies blockage in the person's luck, hence the note is believed to help clear those blockage and when the time is right, the note will bend. Video demonstrating below.

Azimat Ibu Duit is believed to bestow great magical and spiritual properties to its owner for attracting wealth, fortune and luck.

It is believed to bless its owner with abundance, attract riches and help to bring in more money where its kept, in most cases the wallet since that is where money is kept. However, it may also be placed in a place where treasured belongings are kept as well. This is believed to make sure that the owner will never go empty by having unnecessary expenditures and loss of income.

As we know, wealth is subjective. What may be big amount for some may not be big amount of others and vice versa. So depending on each individual life, one will always have enough within their means and capacity.

Ibu duit is also known to attract luck and bring prosperity to wherever its kept especially in a home or place of business as it makes sure that the people in it never lack financial comfort, generate more income in sales, attract more customers and dispel negative energies from competitors.

Ibu Duit brings about abundance and financial stability. That is what its strongly believed for. It helps to create financial harmony at home and prevent losses.

One of the more common beliefs of Ibu Duit is that it could potentially help its owner clear debts or recover bad debts owed by others as well as foresee hidden wealth and attracting unexpected fortune such as windfalls and side income.

Ibu Duit is also believed to bring luck with risk taking, investments, trading, punting and bestow its owner with financial comfort and stability.

Do note that i do not get to choose the notes and they come in random designs with different yantras / mantras inscribed on it. Not all is the same. Each are unique in its own ways. Each note have been strongly blessed and empowered by my master.

Take a look at some amazing testimonials shared by my customers. Even though they are mostly windfall related, I do not encourage people to invite it with the mindset of getting miracle overnight. These are items that has valued based on its rarity and beliefs, not value base on miracle. I always say that these are just items that are suppose to enhance your luck. Spiritual items or amulets are not obligated to help you and they don’t look for you. You look for them because you lack certain aspect of life in terms of luck or charm. Therefor, only invite it if you have faith and respect for it. Remember, Real wealth is good health and money don’t drop from the sky. Negative thinking begets negative results. Positive aura attracts luck! Before you expect more wealth, you must first be contented and grateful for what you already have 👍
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